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Content Promotion – Because Your Material Won’t Sell Itself!

09:54 AM March 25, 2022

It’s easy to assume that a marketing strategy is all you need until you find out that your campaign isn’t working. You’re getting more clicks and visitors yet you still don’t gain more sales. If you’ve been scratching your head about this dilemma, don’t worry.

You can find numerous companies with the same problem, and many of them fixed it with a content promotion strategy. Fortunately, you can do it too. This article will show you all the tips and tricks you need to get started!

Let’s jump right in by going through the common content promotions strategies, such as video marketing. After that, we will talk about why your brand needs to promote its content and how it improves your overall marketing strategy.


Improve your marketing with the following methods:

  1. Share your content on social media.
  2. Ask influencers for help.
  3. Launch an affiliate marketing campaign.
  4. Try turning your old content into videos.
  5. Promote your content to a niche audience.
  6. Blog post and sponsored content.
  7. Spread the word about your brand via email.

#1. Share your content on social media.

This represents social media marketing.

What better way to promote your content by showing it to billions of people around the world? Thanks to social media platforms, even small businesses have a shot at gaining a global audience.

Begin by creating a Facebook and Twitter profile for your brand. These are some of the most famous social media sites, so you’re likely to catch your target demographic in them.

You can significantly boost your content promo strategy by being present on TikTok. After all, it recently beat Google as the most visited website in the world.

However, you will have to make sure that your target audience uses TikTok. It has gained popularity among all age groups, but its user base mostly consists of young people.

If your brand caters to people aged 40 and above, TikTok may not be effective for your content promotion strategy. Choose your social media sites wisely.

#2. Ask influencers for help.

This is an online influencer.

Nowadays, people can post their content for free on the internet. Perhaps they post light-hearted content on TikTok or compelling videos on YouTube.

This allows them to gain numerous followers that only Hollywood stars can gain in the past. That’s great news because these ordinary folks can help with your content promo strategy.

This method is called influencer marketing, and it has been an effective way to gain customers. Followers feel connected to their favorite influencers, so they’re more likely to try products and services that they promote.

What’s more, this helps with your brand image. People may start connecting your company with the charm of these famous online personalities.

Note that this can backfire if your chosen influencer does something to ruin their image. This is why you must select one carefully for your content promotion strategy.

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#3. Launch an affiliate marketing campaign.

These are affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing may not seem like separate strategies. The former involves regular folks who will also promote a brand.

However, affiliate marketing is a lot more accessible for regular folks. Becoming an online influencer takes a lot of time, effort, money, and talent.

People who lack these traits are unlikely to attract a decent following. Meanwhile, affiliate marketing involves convincing people to pay for a product or service using a promo code.

Each purchase with that code lets the affiliate marketer make more money. In turn, you gain more customers and sales. This is one of the promotion strategies that don’t rely on video content.

For example, a blogger could include it in a blog post. That way, its readers are likely to click on the link and try a brand’s offerings. If you want a great example, check out the LeadAdvisors Affiliate Program.

#4. Try turning your existing content into videos.

This is a child watching an online video tutorial.

People prefer videos more than ever, especially when TikTok grew in popularity. This is why they prefer the 15-second format of this platform.

Despite the short duration, you will have to spend a lot of time creating the best ones. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that easy to create content that’s catchy and snappy.

If you pull this off, you will have the makings of an effective promotion strategy. What’s great about having brief content is that it is likely to gain organic traffic.

In other words, there’s a big chance that people will share your quality content. It’s likely to reach online communities that could boost the traffic even more.

What’s more, you can convert your lagging material for this content promotion strategy. Let’s say you have a blog that isn’t doing well. If it’s short, you might want to break it down into a short-form video series.

People may find it easier to sit through that content as a series of short clips. This is one content promotion strategy that repurposes your other promotion strategies!

#5. Promote your content to a niche audience.

Brands want to have the largest customer base possible. That’s why many of them design their digital promotion for a broader audience. Yet, doing the opposite might be more effective.

It might be better if you cater to a niche audience. Serving the needs of a select group of people can make your brand look more authentic than before.

Catering to a niche audience shows your dedication to customer service. When people see what you’re doing, they’re more likely to show interest in your brand.

After all, who wouldn’t want products that make sure they satisfy customers? Data backs this up too. According to a study, 86% of customers prefer businesses that show authenticity.

You don’t have to look far and wide for that specific demographic. You can start by checking the needs of your customers. If you find a percentage that shares needs that are different from the rest, then that might be your niche audience.

Then, you will have to adjust your products and services to serve their needs. Perhaps you can publish a blog or two that can reach that smaller audience group.

Aside from using blogs, you may want to create new content promotion strategies for that niche audience. Try using the ones we discussed such as social media promotion.

#6. Blog post and sponsored content.

This is an online tool for blog posts.

After going through the other sections, you might think that a blog post has no place in a content promo strategy. After all, we previously recommended turning articles into videos.

Publishing blog posts is still an effective way to promote content. They can help drive traffic to your homepage and compel people to purchase your goods and services.

It works because it involves sharing valuable content with people. Each blog should have information that they can use, so they eventually see your brand as a reliable source.

Also, blogs double as a way to promote your brand to a target demographic. The articles could mention your brand as a great example, so it can spark interest among readers.

However, you shouldn’t limit your blog marketing strategy to just your homepage. You might want to reach out to third-party websites that might be interested to publish your blogs as sponsored content.

It would look like the stuff normally found in the third-party platform, but it would credit your brand. As a result, the visitors of that other website are likely to check your content.

#7. Spread the word about your brand via email.

This is a person pointing at an email icon.

Out of all the methods to use as a strategy, why should you use email? It’s easy to dismiss it because it came decades before the other methods to promote content.

Businesses still use this method for several reasons. First, it’s a great way to send personalized advertising messages. Back then, this was impractical because you will have to take time to plan the best email for each type of customer.

Now, it’s much easier because online tools can send messages for you. Set a date and time, and they will automatically forward the emails to your target audience.

It can even send emails in response to certain actions. For example, it could send an email reminder if a customer leaves their items on their shopping cart list.

Email marketing can work as a promo strategy by reaching specific types of customers. Note that you will still have to design each email properly. It won’t work if it only contains lines of text.

Other ways to effectively promote your brand

These are cards that represents other methods of content promotion.

We just went through the best ways of promoting content. However, there are still some that didn’t make this list. You might want to try these other methods for better results:

Post YouTube videos

Nowadays, the well-known video streaming service allows short-form videos ala TikTok. Still, most of its content last 10 minutes or more.

Also, it remains an effective channel for promoting content. After all, you need more time to discuss certain topics. More importantly, you need that time to cover your content properly.

YouTube also has influencers, so you may want to ask for their help in promoting your content. They could dedicate an in-depth video about your goods and services, so people may get to know them better.

Reply to online reviews

The cool thing about social media advertising and similar methods is the connection you can establish with audiences. They could comment on your brand, then you could reply in real-time!

You should try that with your content, whether it received praises or complaints. If it’s a positive review, make sure to reply with gratitude. On the other hand, try to work closely with people who have concerns about your products.

Don’t stop until you satisfy their needs. Both responses prove to others that you are committed to customer service. As a result, more people will likely visit your content.

Keep track of the metrics

These are pencils pointing to the word "ANALYTICS"

The internet is a great way to find relevant content, but did you know it can help monitor your marketing efforts? Even better, you can do it for free!

You could connect your website to Google Analytics for free. It will show the performance of your free and paid media. For example, it could show you how many people entered your website.

Also, social media websites allow you to monitor progress on your business profile pages. Some like TikTok require that you activate their business features, but it still doesn’t cost a dime.

Content marketing strategy vs. content promotion

These are people planning a content promotion strategy.

Marketing content mostly involves using blog posts to advertise goods and services. However, it won’t work if you only use online articles.

Read other Inquirer USA articles, and you’ll learn that it needs a wide range of strategies. That’s because the other techniques should help promote the content.

If you already have a strategy, you’re probably aware of search engine optimization. SEO involves designing your content, so it’s likely to rank high on search engines.

It’s easy to see that SEO content marketing is enough because it could increase the number of visitors to a website. Yet, getting them into your side is just the beginning.

Think about it as if it is a store. You can get people to enter the brick-and-mortar location, but that doesn’t mean they will buy from there.

They might look around and leave without purchasing anything. If you have this problem, this is when a content promotion strategy might help convince people to buy stuff.

Use the examples in this article to persuade people into buying your products and services. Let’s use ads from the Google Display Network as an example,

Those materials could prepare customers into purchasing your products. It would immediately tell them what the brand is about and why people should try it.

Then, the Google Ads could lead to your blogs and further convince people to try your brand. Once they head to your product page, they would likely have their credit cards ready.

You’ll notice that this follows each step of the common sales funnel: Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. You might want to use this as a guide when creating your promotion strategies.

Final thoughts

We just went through a lot of interesting content promotion tips. Yet, there are so many that didn’t make the list, such as social media ads.

Trying all these suggestions will take a long time though. Fortunately, there’s another content strategy that can help called performance marketing.

It involves requesting the assistance of a digital marketing agency. For best results, you should work with the best: LeadAdvisors. See how it can help your marketing campaign by clicking here.

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