Is the possibility of World War 3 near? I Headlines

Is the possibility of World War 3 near?

/ 09:19 AM February 23, 2022

Real conflicts between Ukraine and Russia arise as their interest clashes. The Russian invasion can pull the trigger for World War 3. For the last six months, Russia has started building up forces along their frontiers as Moscow, Kyiv, and Washington have traded points.

Tensions fuel up between the West and its enemies in China and Russia. Anticipations and fears are in place as wars could occur into a worldwide conflict.

A Russian attack on Ukraine could blow up a lot of war possibilities. The US officials warned that Russia’s invasion could build up a huge refugee crisis in Europe. It can also lead to 50,000 civilian deaths. While global analysts are worried with China aiming for its military mark in the next coming years.


Russia is after the Ukrainian acquisition and started by using drones along its borders. Together with a significant increase in Ukrainian military power. Initially, Russia has publicly stated that they want to solve Russia and Ukraine’s issues with NATO. NATO and the United States have not shown a positive response to this. But they also never did assure Ukraine’s security.

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Despite advancements in Ukrainian military forces, things could turn worse if Russia invaded Ukraine. Although some international analysts predicted that Russia would succeed and win their claimed rights along the border. While gaining access to Ukraine’s mainland.

While other countries’ leaders try to persuade Vladimir Putin, the talks are not heading on a positive note. On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russia’s Putin during a five-hour dinner. However, that meeting did not come up with any breakthrough. Macron will meet Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky today. Then he will get back to Putin again via a telephone call.

Macron said, “I don’t believe in spontaneous miracles.” As both parties aim to solidify expectations before the meeting.

Russian Demands

Moscow wants Ukraine to be banned from NATO and eliminate its troops in Eastern Europe. However, NATO has turned down Russia’s demands.

The Western allies are aiming to frighten Putin a bit with sanctions threats. US President Joe Biden even warned that he will end Russia’s eight billion pound energy project if it invades Ukraine.

Last year, former top intelligence officer and Ukrainian minister Yuliia Laputina stated a prediction. The officer told Sky News that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could pave the way for “World War 3.” This is once Putin’s military forces spread throughout other former Soviet nations.

With regards to growing World War 3 fears, the US and Britain had already withdrawn their embassy staff in Ukraine. As a precautionary move, the US also ordered the relatives of their embassy staff to leave Ukraine. It comes with a warning that an invasion is possible “at any time.” All this while British intelligence revealed that Putin planned to place a pro-Kremlin leader in the Ukrainian government.

If worse comes to worst, the Russian military action might pressure the United States to respond in any way. However, there are ways the US can support Kyiv without obvious intervention. The US can implement cyberattacks and economic sanctions against Russia. They can even help Ukraine through sharing of intelligence and transfer of weapons.

However, the use of these strategies could lead to a conflict between Washington and Moscow. Especially if Ukraine will succeed with its allies’ help.

China’s Bout

While it was the Russian-Ukraine conflict that’s all over the news lately, there’s another country that could trigger World War 3. Since last year, China’s threat to Taiwan has been one of the US’s concerns.

M16 chief Richard Moore warned that the Secret Intelligence Service’s single greatest priority is the growth of China. Beijing is working on “conducting large scale espionage operations against the UK and our allies.”

More added, that China is eager to assert its power. Which Moore referred to as “tectonic plates are shifting.”

In his speech last November at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, he cited. That Beijing’s increasing military strength and desire for reunification with Taiwan “pose a serious threat to global peace.” As China is willing to take everything by force if necessary.

For the last 40 years, the United States maintained a steady ambiguity with Taiwan. By doing so, the US grew a strong economic relationship with China.

This “strategic ambiguity” was aimed to take off the incentive for Taiwan. To be able to declare independence while not giving China any reasons for the invasion. However, some in Congress have called for this policy to end.

In short, a war could start in several different ways. China could plan an attack to catch both US and Taiwanese forces off-guard.

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