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Best countries to live in

/ 08:16 AM August 30, 2021

Every year we find out where the best country to live in is located. There are a lot of countries in the world that many of us would love to live in.

The Human Development Report is one way that researchers can calculate the best countries to live in. Nine different domains measure how happy someone is where they are living.


This report is a strong determinant of the best countries to live in based on their domains. The countries that have the happiest, healthiest, and stable populations are compared to everyone else.

The Human Development Report is a summary of how people feel about their lives and the planet. The report shows the best countries to live in and who is happy or unhappy.

Based on the report results and other outside research, the best countries to live in are now on a list. These reflect some of the best countries to live in. The list does not mean that there are not other countries that are great too.

This list solely reflects on the top ten best countries to live in.

Top Ten Best Countries to Live in and Why

1. Norway & Finland

Norway & Finland - best countries to live in

For the best country to live in, there is a tie between Norway and Finland.


Norway is listed on several lists as being the best country to live in. This European country has high ratings for almost every domain.

Norway is quite impressive. The people in Norway live to be about 82 years old. The healthcare system in Norway is wonderful. The population of Norway is covered as far as medical attention goes.

Getting any type of treatment is never an issue for the country. Annual checkups are a must, and everyone will get them. When it comes to the health of the population, they are in great shape.


Finland is ranked the happiest country in the world for the fourth year. Finland is ranked this high for many reasons. One reason is due to mutual trust that has aided in saving lives during the pandemic.

5.5 million people reside in Finland, and this country has managed much better than Europe during this rough time. There were only 70,000 cases of COVID-19 and 805 deaths.

2. Switzerland

The life expectancy of the Swiss is higher than Norway’s, at 83. The Swiss have a lack of fatal diseases in their country. Switzerland has one of the highest rates of job security.

Switzerland is a good reflection of how taking care of yourself will be vital in your life. This country also has the top political stability in the world.

3. Australia


Australia is praised for its views on education and its education system in general. This country makes sure everyone knows how important it is to go to school.

The country emphasizes performing well in school and taking pride in your grades. Australians go to school for about twenty years.

If you go to school and do well, you will have a great job when you are finished with your schooling.

4. Ireland

Ireland is one of the safest countries globally, which is why it is ranked as the fourth-best country to live in. Criminal activity in Ireland is at an all-time low.

5. Germany

Germany - best countries to live in

Germany emphasizes education, much like Australia does. This country that values education and its citizens getting an education is one of the top priorities.

Most of the population of Germany has gotten a higher education. Four percent of the population have not gone to college classes or furthered their education otherwise.

6. Iceland

Iceland has a great life expectancy and health care options. People who live in Iceland, on average, live until they are 83 years old.

7. Sweden


Sweden has a strong welfare system. This includes giving their citizens health care, free education, and more. The social model in Sweden focuses on growth, equality, security, and freedom.

Sweden provides good working conditions and a low violent crime rate. The work-life balance in Sweden is one of the best around. Workers get a minimum of five weeks’ vacation.

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a big financial center with a high quality of life. This country has very low taxes and is a great place for the ex-pat community.

Hong Kong has a low crime rate and is a great place to live and work.

9. Singapore

Singapore - best countries to live in

Singapore is one of the best countries to live in for many reasons. They are the sixth-best country for people to call home. They have great healthcare and high life expectancy.

10. The Netherlands

The Netherlands does not have a high wage gap like other countries. They have a better wage rate than the United States.

The United States is number 11 for best countries to live in. The ease of settling in the United States is what attracts many immigrants to live in the U.S.

When it comes to these countries, the quality of life is very important as well. Quality of life helps us live longer and be happy where we are.

The top countries for quality of life are different from the countries to live in.

What country is #1 in quality of life?

What country is #1 in quality of life?

Costa Rica is one of the top countries with the best quality of life. Seventy percent of the population is happy with their jobs. Sixty-nine percent are happy with work-life balance.

Fifty-five percent are happy with the cost of living. Eighty-eight percent of the population are happy with their lives in general.

Canada is another of the top countries with a high quality of life. Canada is a great country for ex-pats, and ex-pat life is generally great for ex-pats living in Canada.

Germany is another country with a high quality of life. They have one of the largest economies in the world as well.

Finland has been named one of the best countries for quality of life.

How can you measure happiness?

How can you measure happiness?

There have been many studies throughout history in regards to this topic. These studies have come up with nine domains or measurements of happiness.

The nine domains are psychological wellbeing, health, education, time use, cultural diversity and resilience, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity and resilience, and living standards.

Looking at the best countries to live in, we believe that those countries are the best because of these domains.

Much of the research about the best countries to live in comes from questions about a specific country. Usually, there is a Gallup poll sent out to residents of a country. Those residents answer the survey, and the results are then available.


To sum it all up, there are many beautiful countries in the world that we would love to visit. Some of us grow so attached to a certain country and want to live there forever.

Before you decide to up and move, research the best countries to live in first. You might be a little bit surprised about some of the results.

If there is anywhere on your list that compares to where you live now, you may want to check it out just in case.

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