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Best Nintendo Switch accessories to upgrade your console

/ 08:13 AM January 31, 2022

Nintendo Switch accessories can extend the lifespan of your gadget and enhance your gaming experience. This guide will recommend the six Nintendo switch accessories you absolutely need.

A Nintendo Switch with a broken screen is no fun. Why not protect its screen?


A lagging headphone spoils the gaming experience; I cannot imagine struggling to hear your teammates while pairing from different locations.

Protection and an enhanced gaming experience are enough to purchase the essential accessories. Let’s help you find the best accessories for Nintendo Switch. Thank us later!

What is a Nintendo Switch?

What is a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can cater to the needs of gamers who love to play at home and those who love to take their game devices everywhere. It can serve as a home console and portable gaming device. It is often referred to as the best best of two worlds.

Following the failure of the Wii U in 2012, a home video game console, Nintendo knew they had to get it right or lose their core fanbase.

In 2017, Nintendo came back with a hit product, the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch can work with physical cartridges and digital software from Nintendo eShop. The purchase of the Nintendo Switch comes with a console, a Nintendo Switch dock (for charging and transferring audiovisual data to the television), and detachable Joy-Con controllers (in case you want to share with friends).

However, you can get several must-have accessories to enhance your gaming experience and make the Nintendo switch last longer. An alternative to the Nintendo Switch is the Nintendo switch lite. The Nintendo lite is a cheaper, easier-to-move-around, non-docking handheld version of the original Nintendo switch. The lite version lacks detachable JoyCon controllers.

6 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

Orzly Nintendo Switch Carry Case

Price: 18.87

The way you carry your Nintendo switch when traveling or lodging at a friend’s place for some game time can determine the longevity of your game device. Jam packing your console, joy-cons, headset, and dock can cause wear and tear, or even worse, screen damage. The key to extending your Switch’s life is neatly packing it in an Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case.



  • It does not cost much.
  • Allows you to arrange your console and accessories neatly.
  • Add extra protection with the impenetrable EVA shell.
  • It makes your game device last longer than expected.
  • Prevents wear and tear.


  • The carry case requires extra padding.


Ring Fit Adventure

Price: 78.99

Finding the balance between gaming and exercising can be tough, especially when you’re a game addict. Ring fit adventure is a great choice for fitness fans. Ring first adventure takes you through an interesting journey while making you do exercises such as squatting and sprinting. The ring fit adventure pack comes with a physical copy of ring fit adventure, one ring-con wireless controller, and a leg strap for tracking your leg movement.


  • Track your performance after every workout session.
  • Demands plenty of workout styles from users.
  • It gets you moving while gaming.


  • The pulse reader is not accurate.


Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Price: $9.99

Nothing defaced a Switch’s screen than a tiny scratch that births another. To prevent your Nintendo switch from scratching and breaking, we recommend getting the Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch screen protector. It is the best and one of the most affordable screen guards for the Nintendo switch.

The screen protector pack comes with two panels, offering one spare if the first one breaks due to rough handling. It offers full 9H hardness protection at an affordable price, keeping your screens safe from scratches, scrapes, add bumps. However, it only fits the full Nintendo switch.


  • The application is down-to-earth.
  • Are you tired of sticky fingerprints? The oleophobic coating used in designing this panel prevents fingerprints.
  • Possesses rounded edges.


  • Quite expensive compared to other screen protectors.


The Nyko Charge Block Pro

Price: $20

Charging is never an issue with Nintendo Switch until you order a new pair of pro controllers. The Nyko Charge Block Pro is a saving grace for players who have multiple controllers. It comes with four ports which can cater for eight Joy-Con controllers. Some blocks can charge two Joy-Cons while using a charging port.


  • Know when your controller is fully charged to avoid spoilage due to overcharging.
  • Charge up to 8 controllers at once.
  • It is designed with a patented easy-to-use drop and charges feature.
  • Works with charge blocks from different manufacturers.
  • The block is light and easy to carry.


  • Take more space compared to charging blocks.


HyperDrive 60-watt USB-C hub

Price: $99.99

Like your Switch dock, the HyperDrive 60-watt USB-C hub can charge, dock your Nintendo switch, and has an HDMI output port for phones. But here’s the catch – it’s is more mobile than the conventional switch doc.


  • Serves as a mobile alternative for the switch dock.
  • It can charge gadgets like phones, tablets, and iPads.
  • It has a fast refresh rate and 4k HDR video output.


  • Malfunctions with some TVs.


FastSnail Grips Joy-Con Controller Handles

Price: $14

Don’t let us pretend that Joy-Con brings us the same obsession and stability as the traditional Pro controller. It doesn’t primarily because of its small size, sizeable and restricted configuration. What if we can dictate the Joy-Con Controller to a case that shares semblance with the pro controllers.

FastSnail Grips Joy-Con Controller Handles your best option. The handle brings fairness to the game, enhancing your moves and making it easier to press.


  • It has an ergonomic design eliminating the need for a conventional product controller.
  • Works with L and R Joy-Cons.
  • Adds additional protection to your Joy-Con Controller.
  • Easy to press, hold and pivot.


What cool things can you do with a Nintendo switch?

If Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were real in the 21st century, the Nintendo Switch would be their magic wand. The gaming device is cool in itself, but these are the few cool things you never knew the Nintendo Switch could do.

Pair PSVR with Nintendo Switch

You can switch to virtual reality using ps4 and PSVR. Try staring at the TV while playing your favorite game. Follow the steps below.

  1. Ensure your Nintendo switch is in docking mode. Note that this trick is not attainable on the lite version.
  2. Switch the PS4 HDMI cable with the Nintendo cable.
  3. Connect the PSVR out HDMI cable linked to the television.
  4. Turn on the PS4 and virtual reality gaming headsets.
  5. Turn on the switch and Wear the headset. Then, you are set to explore the Nintendo world in greater visual detail.

Switch on the TV

Nintendo switch console turns on the connected television once you boot up. To boot it up, all you need to do is click the home button on your controller (Joy-Con or Pro controller). It’s possible to change the feature if you don’t want your TV to come up automatically when you boot your Switch. To do so, go to Settings > TV Settings > Match TV Power State.

Find and Play with friends.

While this is a popular feature, some people may not be aware that the Nintendo Switch was more fun when a hated with a friend.
Pairing is made easy by Nintendo’s online service, but many still experience difficulties pairing. With every game posing a unique challenge regarding pairing, the general approach is to talk your friends into sending you their “friend code.”

Your friend code can be found by clicking on your Mii picture (not a typo. It is what it is) in the top left of the home interface and tapping “add friend.” Tap “search with friend code,” then input their code.

Once you’ve already bonded with another Nintendo switch player, you can always get their check for their friend code in the bottom right. Friends who own the same game can easily initiate an online room at will. The online multiplayer feature only works for players with Nintendo Online subscriptions.

Subscribing to the online service helps save your game to cloud storage, gives you complete access to old NES titles with refreshed ePlay, unlocks premium features offered on the free switch digital smartphone software, and gets unlimited special offers.

Engage vocally while playing

Interaction is incomplete without being able to hear the other player. You don’t get to hear the groans when you make a killer move, the sighs when they are let off the hook, and the days when they triumph at a particular stage. It’s all part of the fun.

With the aid of the switch online mobile smartphone application, you can start voice chatting with friends when playing games simultaneously. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. In other Fforest it to work, both players have to enable the app on their ends.

Use Bluetooth Headphone While Gaming

This feature makes you think, “that’s a normal feature for every gadget.” But OG Nintendo Switch users know the Nintendo switch was late to the Bluetooth party even though the feature is quite old on other devices. To pair your Bluetooth headphone with your switch, just go to system settings > Bluetooth audio > pair device.

Use your controller with your phone or laptop.

Lite users miss out on many switch features, which is one of the most painful missouts. Mapping the buttons correctly on Windows can be a headache, but thanks to the JoyToKey app, you can easily set the buttons your way. Whether you own a pair of JoyCon or extra Pro controllers, you can always use it on your tab or personal computer.

You can pair your Nintendo controller with your phone via Bluetooth by holding down the little sync button on the upper part of the L or R controller for a few seconds. You will be notified when the lights come on, signifying that they’re paired. Locate the device on the Bluetooth menu of your device, and you’re all set.

Stay informed about your playing habits.

It’s easy to lose control over your playing time when you’re engrossed. To keep your playing time in check, you ought to be at least aware of it as time flies when a gamer is in the mood. To check how long you’ve been playing, tap your Mii picture in the top right corner of the Nintendo Switch OLED model home screen.

Tap your profile, and you will be shown the correct duration of time you’ve spent on the Nintendo switch. If your friend asked you to help as their human alarm, you need their friend code to keep up with their playing time.

Unlock location-restricted games at will

Location can be a barrier between you and your most-anticipated games. Not anymore. You can change your location by going to settings > system > region.

When a game is exclusively available in another location, you know what to do, but you just cannot wait to play. The simple truth is you don’t have to wait. just play.

Use dark mode on the Nintendo switch.

Like in all devices, the dark mode is the sacred mode, the beast mode, the “don’t touch me” mode. The dark mode is safer than the regular white background because it does not bombard your eyes with too much brightness. You can switch to the dark mode by picking “Basic Black” when you get to settings > Themes.

Final Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch accessories recommended in this guide are all important in no particular order. You need a switch backpack if you wish to enjoy the game outdoors, you need a switch backpack.

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