Moon Water - How To Make It & What To Do With It

Moon Water – how to make it and what to do with it

/ 08:01 AM January 25, 2022

Boost your love life using lunar energy trapped in moon water. This guide will teach you how you can charge your water with lunar energy for general purposes such as positive transformation and magic.

While most of us are not rich enough to afford to go to the moon to fetch lunar water, a body of water droplets found on lunar rocks, we can create this type of water using magical tools accessible here on Mother Earth.


Moon and water are two things whose presence in human life is inevitable. The moon serves both natural and cultural functions. It brightens up our night sky and influences tidal movements. Its cycle also marks the months in so many cultures.

Water is the most abundant substance on the planet. We use it in almost every sphere of our day-to-day activities. They make up an essential part of our daily living.

What is moon water?

What is moon water

The answer to that question seems self-evident. Yet, it could be elusive. Moon water is water infused with lunar energy. That is energy from the moon.

This answer implies two things. One is that the moon radiates energy to transfer into other objects. Secondly, water can receive and hold certain properties from certain sources.

With this understanding in mind, one begins to wonder what energy is gotten from the moon and how it is usefully captured in a substance like water. The moon is a special celestial object revered in many cultures for its spiritual significance.


The start of a lunar cycle, for instance, is welcomed by a set of rituals in some cultures. These rituals vary from place to place and could be anything from lighting ritual lamps to keeping special vigils. But they usually center around the belief that the start of a lunar cycle marks a new beginning.

On the other hand, the full moon is usually associated with moments of reckoning. The seeds of action sown at the start of the new moon have gone full cycle, and the fruits are harvested and accounted for.

Water is not just an essential part of our daily living. It is an essential part of who we are. About 60% of our body mass is made up of water.


Water is also the source of life. All life is said to originate from water.

These and the therapeutic qualities water is known for explaining its ability to trap energies from the moon and transfer them to other bodies.

The mandatory things you will need to create moon water include a jar, water from a clean source, a tag or label to specify the date the moon water was charged. There are some optional magical items you can also purchase to increase the potency and purity of moon water, such as water-safe crystals (for instance, amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz), purifying herbs (like sweetgrass and mugwort, and a bowl and lighter to burn the purifying herbs.

Once you’ve gotten these items, you are ready to charge your water.

How to Make Moon Water

How to Make Moon Water

Contrary to what you might be thinking, making moon water is not difficult at all. The process is straightforward. The following are some of the things you are going to need to make it:

  • Water.
  • A container (could be a glass jar or an earthenware)
  • Intent

Depending on your intent, there are other things you materials – like crystals – that you can use.

Make sure you get your water from a safe source, especially if you plan on drinking it. Ensure also that your container is clean to avoid the water being contaminated. Although it is not compulsory, have an intent in your mind to focus on the activity. Your intent can be anything from healing to spiritual cleansing or rejuvenation.

The following are steps to take when making moon water:

  1. Get your water ready inside the container.
  2. Go outside and find a suitable place to place it under the sky. To protect the water, you might want to cover it with a lid. This does not diminish the effect of the moonlight on the water.
  3. Leave the water outside for the night to get charged.
  4. Retrieve the water at dawn. You have your moon water.

When to Make Moon Water

The traditional time to charge your moon water is under the full moon at night. Human beings become powerfully intuitive when lunar energy is most potent.

The zodiac sign of the moon impacts the function of the moon water. Taurus promotes love; hence Moon water made under A full moon in this zodiac period promotes love and pleasure. Gemini is known for helping people become more vocal; hence moon water made under a full moon of this zodiac period helps you become more vocal.

Be mindful of when you make your moon water. Never make your moon water during an eclipse, as the eclipse energy, which is negative, overshadows the lunar energy.

What are the benefits of moonlight water?

What are the benefits of moonlight water?

Water is known to have numerous healing and spiritual benefits. Now, it becomes even more beneficial when it gets infused with spiritual energy from the moon. Some of its benefits are highlighted below:

  • The use of moon water throws light on hidden spiritual insights and impulses, helping to harness them. It induces revelation. This is thanks to the revealing nature of the moon.
  • It helps get rid of negativity. Negative energy can be detrimental to one’s mental and emotional balance. But the powerful influence of the moon on sea tides means it has unique properties that help even out all forms of negativity.
  • It serves as a link to connect with the spiritual. For many, this is a yearning that never gets satisfied. And a great deal of effort goes into connecting with the spiritual plane. Reports attest to the power of moon water to make this happen.
  • It can help put us in a museful mood. This mood is the best for having deep meditation and offering up prayers.

What does moon water do?

What does moon water do?

Soaking up the spiritual and psychic energy from the moon is the essential function the water performs. Moreover, moon water transmits this energy into other bodies for other functions.

It could be the human body. Also, it could be planted. It could be totemic materials.

The transmission of energy can be in all manners of ways. A few examples to demonstrate this would include:

  • Drinking. A way to get the energy of the moon water into the human body as fast as anything is by drinking the water. Don’t forget to obtain the water from a safe source for drinking and cover it to make sure it doesn’t get contaminated.
  • Watering plants. Plants are living things that are reputed for being capable of spiritual interaction.
  • Baths can be taken with moon water.
  • It can be of use to clean totemic materials like crystals.
  • Moon water can be of use to anoint parts of the body.

Final Thoughts

In short, this type of water can be of use in any way seen fit by anyone under the discretion of their inner person. Whether to enhance your love life, find your voice, or become filled with a positive vibe, the moon water is a potent magical instrument to apply in your day-to-day activities. Creating the moon water is a great way to harness the abundant energy of the moon constantly at our disposal.

Disclaimer: This article is not the official guide to moon water but is based on the author’s research or own personal experience.

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