Instagram Changes To The User Feed Announced By CEO

Instagram changes to the user feed announced by CEO

/ 11:30 AM January 20, 2022

Around the start of 2022, Instagram announced something big for its users! Soon, their favorite social media app will allow them to view three types of feeds. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri hopes that this feature will provide more control, bringing the app closer to achieving its goal. Some may not see this as a big deal, though.

If this is you, you might want to look at the other trends happening all around. Companies are looking for ways to become digital, and the tech-related ones want to become better. Even Mosseri admitted that his company’s recent goals respond to these quick changes. In response, you might want to look at this as a sign that you must adapt as well.

Learning more about the Instagram changes is a good start, so I’ll discuss those new features first. Then, I’ll discuss the social media app’s overall goals for the year. After that, I will explain all these changes mean for influencers and their newfound role in marketing. Stick around to find new ways to improve your digital marketing campaign!


Instagram will have three feeds

This is the Instagram app.

On December 29, 2021, the current Insta CEO talked about the company’s 2022 goals in a series of Instagram stories. He said it would focus on these four things:

  • Video – In 2022, Mosseri said his company wants to become a photo and video platform by consolidating the latter around Reels. This is in response to other social networks working on this type of content right now.
  • Messaging – The Instagram chief described this as “the primary way people connect online.”
  • Creators – He noted that these people give individuals more power instead of institutions. That’s why Mosseri said Instagram would provide more tools to help them earn money.
  • Transparency – Mosseri also said that the company would share more info about how the app works.

Then on January 6, 2022, he explained the Instagram changes to the user feed. Soon, Instagram users will be able to view theirs in three ways:

  • Home is the one that will keep using the current Instagram algorithms.
  • Following will provide a chronological feed of the things you follow. It follows how the old Instagram feed worked until 2016. Kevin Systrom founded the app sorted posts in reverse chronological order.
  • Favorites will show the latest from the people you prioritize. Mosseri said he uses it to keep tabs on his loved ones.

Messeri said that Instagram is testing this feature in the first half of January 2022. He hopes it could roll out at the latter half of the month.

How Instagram changes with the times

This is the Instagram app.

You might have fun with Instagram, but its CEO takes it seriously. He sees that the competition is getting tougher as there’s more time spent on TikTok nowadays.

That’s because it beat Google as the most visited site in the world. If you notice more short-term videos appearing on other websites, that’s because of TikTok!


People are finding it easier to connect to regular folks and their content. That’s why Mosseri wants more tools to bring in more content creators to Instagram.

Still, TikTok is among the companies people are least likely to trust with their data. Facebook and Twitter join it on the list at second and third place.

This is bad news for the three, as trust is important in drawing in more users. That’s why Instagram’s shift towards creator content is a great move!

This is a graph that shows consumer trust in tech companies.

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How should influencers deal with the Instagram changes?

This is a person using a smartphone.

You must also respond to the Instagram changes if you’re an influencer. Social media is a good way to get more customers, but you’re not alone in using it.

You and your competitors are drawing from the same pool of potential customers. Those people only pay attention to a handful of brands within 24 hours, so make sure they follow yours.

You can start by dropping the word “influencer marketing.” The term is limiting because it brings famous ones like Charli D’Amelio. It doesn’t show that it includes ordinary folks.

Instead, you should replace it with “consumer-to-consumer marketing.” C2C involves letting people discover new products and services from others like them.

As a result, it turns your target demographic into your brand’s more effective marketing channels. How should you adjust your content, though?

You could look to TikTok creator Sarah Galyean for great examples. She demos the face-sculpting magic of the NuFACE, gaining more than 600,000 views in just a week.

In her video, she applied the product on one half of her face so that viewers could see the effects before and after. After watching it, you can learn three things:

  • Your C2C marketer must love the product they want to share with the world. This is an effective social proof that lets more people connect with them and their brands.
  • They are showing the before and after effects let the product promote itself. In turn, it allowed Galyean’s video to be Top Liked.
  • The brand reached out to her. After seeing the video, it commented that it would send Galyean free goodies. This shows that the brand listens to its customers. People watching Galyean’s content will better understand NuFACE.

How should brands respond to the Instagram changes?

This is a person using a smartphone.

This may seem too simple, but business owners should also start using the term C2C marketing. If you have a company, this will remind you of the changes you’ll need.

If you don’t have a social media marketing campaign, now is the time to have one. Otherwise, your competitors will leave your brand in the dust!

If you’re already promoting your brand on Instagram, you might want to try what NuFACE did. Look around the site to see how people think about your brand.

This lets you know how your current marketing is doing. If you find someone raving about your brand, you might want to express your support and send free goodies.

What’s more, you might want to pay everyday users to do it for you. Those people could post photos of your brand or make videos with it. This is called affiliate marketing.

Like Messari’s approach, you might want to add more videos to your Instagram page. After all, people relate better to this type of content to draw in more customers.

This doesn’t mean you must focus only on Instagram. See if you could spread your reach on other social sites or if you should improve in the ones where you’re already present.

Final thoughts

CEO Adam Mosseri showed that he’s willing to adapt by showing his planned Instagram changes. His site was supposed to be for photos, but he’s aware of the trends.

That’s why he is putting more creator tools and video content. Maybe you should see how your brand could improve too. Similar to Instagram, this will involve thinking “outside the box.”

You can only do that by exploring what’s happening outside your company. See what others are doing to find out what they’re doing that you aren’t

That all starts by learning more stuff. It’s a good thing you’re on Inquirer USA then! Read the other articles here to see the latest in business and more.

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