How To Refund A Game On Steam in These Easy Steps (2022)

How to refund a game on Steam

/ 10:09 AM January 13, 2022

Are you wondering how to refund a game on Steam? As we all know, a steam game is an online store that makes it possible for everyone to access and buy video games, play, and host thousands of games online! It’s a gamer’s paradise where you purchase games. And since it is very much usable on a private computer, it is convenient. Steam offers so many gaming options.

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in situations where we might need to refund a Steam game. Perhaps the particular steam game you downloaded isn’t compatible with your device? Or you just decided you do not want it after playing the game and wondered if it could be refunded?


Adhering to the refund, then maybe you might be able to? Keep reading, and you might just find out how to refund a game on steam.

Here’s How To Refund A Game On Steam in 2022

Here's How To Refund A Game On Steam in 2022

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Steam is one of the best stores you could ever come across for buying a game. It doesn’t only make buying a game easier, rather as a customer, you are eligible to get a refund if you are not satisfied with what you purchased.

Steam services can be compared to or even better than buying a game in a physical store because you do this from the comfort of your own home conveniently.

How to refund a game you bought on steam just before it went on sale, or you decided you don’t like it after a few minutes of play? You are safe! You just need to read this to the end.

It’s so simple and quick to refund a game on steam. First, you must know that your purchase is eligible for a refund. How?
Steam game purchases are refundable within 14days of purchase. That’s rule number one! You are not expected to exceed two weeks before you return a purchase.


Also, make sure they haven’t been played for more than 2 hours. This includes all types of games.

Meanwhile, In-game purchases are to be refunded within 48hours, as long as the item has not been used In-game.

There are some cases where the option to return In-game purchases has been disabled, and this will be made very clear to you at the time of purchase.


The following are easy steps need to be followed for requesting the refund for the game:

  1. First, you Navigate to the steam help page and then log in to your account. Then click “Purchase” from the menu and click the game purchase you would like to return. If it doesn’t appear, it means that it is too old to be refunded.
  2. Then you can select the problem you are having and click “I’d like to request a refund,” and Select how you want to receive the funds from the drop-down. Next, you fill out and submit the refund request form.
  3. Having done that, you will receive a confirmation email for your refund request. It can take as long as a week for the return to be approved, and it lasts another 7 days for you to receive the money. For international payment methods, it might last even longer depending on circumstances. You see, these are the easy steps you need to undergo to file a refund request. However, if your return is denied or you made the purchase more than 14days ago, you can still send another request to have it reviewed by another person.

How Do You Receive The Refund?

How Do You Receive The Refund?

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As steam wallet funds, of course, or through whatever payment method you used to make the purchase.

Does Steam Refund A Game Over 2hours?

The policy of 14 days-2 hours has to be respected. So, exceeding the hours of playtime is incoherent and against the policy.

Can I Refund a Steam Game and Buy It Again?

Can I Refund a Steam Game and Buy It Again?

Maybe you bought a game on steam and decided to refund it, but then, later on, you wanted it again for some reason. Maybe you had a p.c. they didn’t support the game previously, so you refunded, and then you got another p.c. that is compatible and are wondering if it’s still okay to re-purchase the steam game. And you’re wondering if steam offers such policies or if it’s possible to purchase a game you previously bought and refund.

Games on steam are very much refundable within 14 weeks of buying. Yes, you actually can buy a steam game after refunding. But you must know that perhaps buying a refunded steam game multiple times might not be a good idea.

It could lead to your account being flagged for breaching refund policies. So you might need to read the refund policies more than once before indulging yourself in these purchases.

Valve-developed games have their policies, and they must not be breached. Because if they think that you are in any way abusing the refund policies, they have every right to revoke your access from refunds.

Say you used up maybe 2 hours, your hours of playtime when you first purchased the game, and then you refunded. But you decided to purchase the same book again, and you would not be getting back those hours. The time just continues when you last left it off.


Refunding a game on Steam is very much possible, and as you have read above, there are steps too which you have to follow to achieve that. You have to adhere to refund policies, periods to which the refund window is open for, to undergo refunds, and buying a previously refunded game is very much possible on steam.

For the refunds, you get back your money within a matter of days. Maybe to your steam wallet or your mode of payment. It depends. You can refund a game within 2hours if it’s purchased!

Steam has made it quite easy to navigate for whatever reason you wish and is pretty cool for gamers online to use!

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