Great Ways To Stretch Your Lower Back to Relieve Pain

Ways to stretch your lower back

/ 10:16 AM December 15, 2021

Would you like to know how to stretch your lower back, so you are not in pain anymore? This may be an issue that you have or had recently. Lower back pain is no fun.

Believe it or not, there are great stretches that you can do to help relieve some of this pain. The stretches can help stop your back pain or at least ease it some.


Lower back pain is something that no one wants. You may have lower back pain and have had it for years, or maybe you just started having lower back pains.

If you have lower back pain, you may wonder how you got it or why you are having these pains. There are many causes of lower back pain.

What causes your lower back to lock up?

What causes your lower back to lock up?

Lower back pain and spasms are debilitating. These pains come and go whenever they want. Sometimes there is no reason why your lower back hurts.

If you have lower back pain, you may have had a trauma in your life that caused a back injury. Even pulling a muscle can cause lower back pain.

Also, obesity, posture, lifestyle, and heavy lifting can cause lower back pain.


When your lower back locks up, this may be caused by a lumbar strain or lumbar spine osteoarthritis. This could be from an injury as well.

If you have lower back pains or spasms, you can do some great stretches to ease your pain.

How do you stretch your lower back?

How do you stretch your lower back?


Only do these stretches if you can, and if you need to get some medical advice before doing so, do not attempt the stretches until you are told that you can.

If you are in physical therapy, do not attempt these either.

When your lower back is hurting, and you are trying everything to stop, maybe next time, try stretching. Stretching can help ease the lower back pain and get you moving.

Here are some stretches to help ease your lower back pain.

What stretches for lower back pain?

What stretches for lower back pain?

Child’s Pose:

This is a stretch used often in yoga. This gently stretches your lower back muscles.

First, begin on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders. Your knees should be under your hips.

Extend your arms in front of you, with your palms flat on the floor. Slowly sit your hips back toward your heels. Drop your head and chest down as the arms extend and reach for the wall in front of you.

If you are uncomfortable with this stretch, put a pillow under your belly to prop up. This will lessen the stretch. Hold the pose for 20-30 seconds.

Cat/Cow Stretch:

First, begin on your hands and knees. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulder and your knees under your hips. This stretch helps ease your soreness.

The spine should be parallel to the ground. Round your back, you are stretching the mid-back between your shoulder blades. Hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat for 30 seconds or longer.

Supine Twist:

This stretch helps your lower back and your gluteus maximus. Begin by lying on your back and making sure that your knees are bent and feet flat on the ground.

Extend your arms out to the side in a “T” position.

Make sure to keep your shoulders on the ground and gently roll both knees to one side.

Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds. Return knees to the center and repeat the other side.

Trunk Rotation:

This stretch helps relieve tension in the lower back. It works with abdominal muscles and muscles near the pelvis.

First, lie on your back and bring your knees up toward your chest. Fully extend arms out to the sides with the palms facing down on the floor.

Your knees should be together, and your hands on the floor gently roll both bent knees over to your right and hold for 15-20 seconds.

Return to the starting position and repeat three times on each side.

Knee to chest stretch:

Knee to chest stretch:

This stretch is hard to do, but it’s in the name. You want to bring your knees to your chest. The knew-to-chest stretch helps soothe your lower back.

Seat Forward Bend:

While you are seated on the floor with legs extended, take a regular towel around the bottom of the heels and use the towel to pull yourself forward. Stretch your hamstring and lower back muscles.

Side Plank:

From a high position, bring your left hand into the center. Put your weight on your left hand, stack your ankles, and lift your hips.

Put your right hand on your hip or extend it up to the ceiling. Hold this pose. Line up your body in a straight line. Look ahead and hold this pose for 30 seconds.

How can I loosen my lower back and hips?

How can I loosen my lower back and hips?

If you are experiencing tightness in your lower back, we have some ways that you can help loosen the muscles in your lower back and hips.

First, bend your right knee up and cross it over the left side of your body. Keep this position held for 20 seconds.

You should be able to feel this stretch in your back and buttocks. Tighten your core muscles and rotate back to the center. You should repeat three times on each side.

Also, if you still need the pain relieved, some of the best massage chairs can help with this. The massage chairs can pinpoint one area or many areas of your body.

These massage chairs may fix you right up if you have bad neck pain. Massage chairs vary in price, depending on the brand and what areas you want to target.

Let’s Review

To sum it all up, when you have lower back pain, you are not very happy. You want the pain to end. We have listed some of the best stretches for lower back pain.

Stretching every day will help decrease your lower back pain and loosen up your muscles. Contact your doctor if these stretches do not help or feel more pain. They may have alternate solutions to your pain.

Disclaimer: This article is the author’s personal opinion, which may differ from the “official” statements or facts.

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