8 Coolest & Most Interesting Star War Lego Sets You Can Buy This Year

Best Star Wars Lego sets to buy

/ 08:18 AM December 05, 2021

What would a Lego Star Wars set collector or aficionado call the best set? From huge display pieces that will take you days to complete, like the Millennium Falcon, or the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) AT-AT, to the sets that may be smaller but have a lot of Minifigures.

We are blessed to be in a golden age of Lego with over 400 sets being released that could be called the best Lego Star Wars set ever, and the good news is that more keep coming.

Some must-haves and favorites have yet to retire. Like the incredible UCS Millennium Falcon, the ultimate dream Lego set for the franchise faithful. The Republic Gunship is a great representation of an iconic prequel trilogy ship for newer fans.

As Disney+ continues to update its catalog of series, adding the soon-to-be-released Book of Boba Fett and Kenobi, there are going to be more amazing sets on offer.

But for right now, there’s still a ton to choose from if you’re looking for the best Lego Star Wars sets.

How many Star Wars Lego sets are there?

How many Star Wars Lego sets are there?

There are about 20 Star Wars Lego sets. These sets are released under the Lego BrickHeadz theme and include characters that cut across all Star Wars movies. Starting from the 7140 X-Wing Starfighter, the first Lego Star Wars set ever released, in 1999, the release of a new Star Wars Lego set seems to come with every new release in the franchise.

What are the most popular Star Wars Lego Sets?

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Imagine owning a Millennium Falcon Lego set that you don’t need space as large as a six-bedroom house to store in. Luckily, it exists, and you can get it.

Following the redesign in 2017 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this new Millennium Falcon design was used again for Rise of Skywalker, giving us an affordable option that looks great.

The Minifigure selection is a bit of a mixed bag – on the one hand, it’s cool to get an older Lando, but on the other, a Millennium Falcon without Han Solo just feels wrong. This set is also due to retire next year, as Disney steps away from the sequel trilogy era, so it may be worth picking this one up.


  • Price: $159.99
  • Model number: 75257
  • Pieces: 1,353
  • Finished item dimensions: 5 x 17 x 12 inches


Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

While the Imperial Star Destroyer accurately replicates one of the most menacing and enormous ships in the entire Star Wars franchise, it sorely disappoints as the spiritual successor to the UCS Millennium Falcon. An incredible feat of engineering, the center mass of the build is an array of beams and bricks that make you feel like you’re building something meant to last rather than a weak display model.

However, the lack of any real interior play features makes it nice to look at, but not much beyond that. If you’re a diehard collector, you’ll want to get your hands on this legendary centerpiece.


  • Price: $699.99
  • Model number: 75252
  • Pieces: 4,784
  • Finished item dimensions: 17 x 43 x 26 inches.


What are Star Wars Sets are worth money?

Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter

One of the most iconic ships in Star Wars history, the Imperial TIE Fighter is a great addition to any collection. A solid build that comes with a cockpit that opens and can fit mini-figures inside, the Imperial TIE Fighter is the ideal setting for someone just getting into Lego Star Wars or for a collector who wants a whole fleet on his shelf.

Although we have seen lots of TIE Fighters over the years, It is a rare opportunity to find a legendary original Star Wars trilogy ship for such a price; so it’s a set it’s hard to find fault with.

There are more advanced versions of the TIE Fighter for more experienced collectors, but get this Imperial TIE Fighter if you want an easy build that can be done in less than a day.


  • Average price: $39.99
  • Model number: 75300
  • Pieces: 432
  • Finished item dimensions: 6.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches


Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

Lego has been doing a really good job recently creating sets for legendary Lego Star Wars ships that won’t dent your pocket. As more and more young viewers get into the franchise, this line of ships under £50 is a great way to collect some of the best designs ever without forking out for the UCS series.

The addition of General Dodonna, R2-D2, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker also makes it a nice way to stack up against your original trilogy main characters collection.

Although it is not very detailed and won’t take up time to build, it makes for a super cool shelf display when put together with the Imperial TIE Fighter model for an almost similar price.


  • Price: $49.99
  • Model number: 75301
  • Pieces: 474
  • Finished item dimensions: 3 x 12.5 x 11 inches.


What are the rarest Lego Star Wars Sets?

Lego Star Wars: Sith Troopers Battle Pack

Are you ready to make a First Order army just like what you saw in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”? This set should give you a boost. The Sith Troopers Battle Pack comes with a First Order Officer, a land speeder, a Sith Trooper, as well as two Sith Jet Trooper Minifigures complete with stud-shooting blasters.

This set has 105 pieces and is recommended for anyone to complete your shelf display of First Order army sets.

As impressive as owning a collection of Lego Star Wars sets is, owning a retired set not only boosts your street cred in the Star Wars Fandom Ranks but it could also fetch you money, should you own one of these pieces:

10123 Cloud City

  • Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Episode V
  • Year: 2003
  • Retail: $99.99
  • Value: $3,202.55
  • Growth: 3102.9%
  • Annual growth: 14.2%

10179 Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

  • Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series
  • Year: 2007
  • Retail: $499.99
  • Value: $3,196.95
  • Growth: 539.4%
  • Annual growth: 11.2%

10143 Death Star II:

  • Theme / Subtheme Star Wars / Ultimate Collector Series
  • Year: 2005
  • Pieces: 3,441
  • Retail: $269.99
  • Value: $2,703.85
  • Growth: 901.5%
  • Annual growth: 11.5%


The Star Wars Lego Sets has been part of many childhoods and would be part of many childhoods to come. As the franchise continues to be a classic, the Lego building sets make a world where the adventures do not end when the end credits roll.


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