What are the most common injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident?

What are the most common injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident?

/ 07:02 AM November 03, 2021

A motor vehicle accident can happen at just about any time, and it is important for everyone to be prepared. Even though you probably put safety at the top of your priority list when you get in a motor vehicle, not everyone does the same thing. Therefore, you need to make sure you protect yourself when you get behind the wheel of a car.

Unfortunately, even a relatively minor motor vehicle accident still has the potential to lead to serious injuries. What are a few examples of injuries you might suffer if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident?


The Houston car accident lawyers at AttorneyGuss.com are known to be aggressive advocates for their clients and have been in the business of helping others since 1999. They know a thing or two about what kind of injuries to look out for after a car accident and provided us with the list below. Always remember to seek medical attention first and then reach out to a car accident lawyer who can help you review your options.

Whiplash Is a Common Injury

Without a doubt, one of the most common injuries that people suffer in a motor vehicle accident is called whiplash. This is the colloquial name given to a sprain of the cervical ligament in the neck.


This is an injury that takes place when the neck moves from side to side quickly during a motor vehicle accident. If you have suffered this injury, you may have a difficult time looking from side to side. This might make it hard for you to drive a car safely.

You may also have a difficult time typing on a computer or sending a text message on a phone. You need to work with a doctor who understands how this injury happens. That way, you can develop a recovery plan that has been of customization to meet your needs.

Some People Suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who suffer a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. Similar to other injuries, a traumatic brain injury can vary significantly in terms of its scope and severity. Some people suffer a concussion, while other people may suffer a skull fracture.

It is also possible for someone to be of the diagnosis with a cerebral contusion or a cerebral hemorrhage. Unlike other parts of the body, the neurons of the brain have a difficult time regenerating following a motor vehicle accident or a traumatic injury.

That is why you need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. It is possible for some people to suffer permanent complications following a traumatic brain injury.

A Herniated Disc Can Happen

You may also suffer a herniated disc in a motor vehicle accident. This happens when the torso is flung forward, causing extensive flexion of the spinal column.

The most common location for a herniated disc is between L3 and L4 or between L4 and L5. This is an injury that usually leads to shooting pains that travel from the back down the legs. It is possible that someone may require surgery to repair a herniated disk suffered in a motor vehicle accident.


A Femur Fracture Can Be Serious

Finally, bone fractures are also common in motor vehicle accidents, with one of the most serious being a fracture of the femur. The femur is one of the largest bones in the body. It is located in the thigh.

If you have suffered a femur fracture, it may require surgical repair. Then, it may require several months of physical therapy. This can have an adverse impact on their quality of life, which is why it is important for you to seek medical care quickly following an accident and to seek legal advice soon after.

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Always Reach Out to a Professional After a Car Accident

These are just a few of the many injuries that someone may sustain if they are in a motor vehicle accident. Even though you may feel like you are fine after being in a car crash, some injuries do not show symptoms right away.

That is why you should always visit a doctor as soon as possible following a motor vehicle accident. Then, make sure you work with a car accident lawyer who can help you review the circumstances of the accident.

You may have extensive medical bills, and you may have to take time off from work. Make sure all of your rights are defended and work with a professional who can help you.

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