Best cardio exercises for women | USA

Best cardio exercises for women

/ 09:52 AM September 27, 2021

Losing weight is not an easy task, especially if you are a woman. One of the best ways for women to lose weight is by doing cardio exercises.

Cardio exercises get the blood pumping and the heart going too. When you are a woman who has had children, it seems that there is never enough time to get your cardio exercises done.

We have some great cardio exercises for women that can help you burn calories and get into shape.


These cardio exercises can be done at home, and if you have 20 minutes, you can get your heart rate up and get in shape.

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First, we will discuss which cardio exercises burn the most fat.

Which cardio burns the most fat?

Which cardio burns the most fat?

One of the cardio exercises that burns a lot of fat are mountain climbers, and they are a high impact exercise that gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping.

Start by going into a high plank position. Some call it the push-up position too.

The right leg extended backward and the left leg near the chest with your toes on the ground. Making sure that your wrists are directly under your shoulders.

Drive your right knee toward your chest and bring it back to the plank position.
Repeat this with your left knee. Alternate sides and repeat.


Running is also a great cardio exercise that you can do just about anywhere. If you are not a good runner or cannot start out running, you can always walk your way to health.

If you are unsure and want more resources, different exercises are shared on Pinterest that can give you some exercises.

Some people like to add weights into their exercise routine too.

Should I do cardio or weights first?

Should I do cardio or weights first?

When you start out working out, the question is what to start with, cardio or weights. Research shows that if you want to achieve weight loss, you should start with cardio first.

A low-impact cardio exercise is great, to begin with, because it gets your heart pumping, and low-impact exercises will help you improve your endurance at first.

Low impact cardio also gets your metabolism going, and once you are ready for weight lifting mentally, your body will be ready too.

If you want cardio and weight training in your exercise routine, try having a couple of days a week weight lifting and other days cardio.

If you have a good balance between cardio and weight lifting, you will not get as tired and decrease the likelihood of getting injured.

Getting rid of belly fat will take both cardio and some weight training. However, there are many different exercises you can do to get rid of belly fat fast.

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What exercises get rid of belly fat fast?

What exercises get rid of belly fat fast?

Fat is made when your body takes in more calories than you use. If you eat 3,500 extra calories, this will make one pound of fat stored in your body.

Most of the fat that we have is stored in our bellies.

Visceral fat is the fat that is in between and close to your vital organs, and it is much harder than love handles and not very visible. This fat, however, can cause heart attacks, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

We have several exercises that can assist you in losing belly fat quickly.


This exercise works your core, chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads.

Burpees can be complicated for some, so here are instructions on how to do them, Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart and send your hips back as you lower your body toward the ground in a low squat.

You then place your hands outside of your feet and hop your feet back. Your chest should touch the floor. Push your hands against the floor to lift your body into a plank. Then jump your feet outside of your hands again.

Then jump into the air with your arms above your head.


This is the most effective way to burn stomach fat. Crunches are an easy exercise that can help build up your abs and get rid of belly fat.

Crunches are done by lying down flat on your back, and your knees should be bent and feet on the ground. Lift your hands and put them behind your head. If you would like, you can keep them across your chest, but crossed.

Lifting yourself towards the ceiling, but still, knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Every day set a goal of how many you can do and increase them every day.

Vertical Leg Exercises

These leg raises are good for your abs as well, and they help increase stability, burn belly fat, and build your strength as well.

Vertical leg exercises start with you lying on your back with the palms of your right and left hands placed below your hips.

Then slowly lift your legs to a 90-degree angle. Make sure to keep your knees straight and your feet pointing to the ceiling.

Wait for a few seconds, then lower your legs back down.

Jumping Jacks

Starting position is with your feet hip-width apart and your arms down. Then raise your arms out to the sides, straight in the air when jumping out with feet apart.

Jump back into your starting position and land on the balls of your feet. Make sure you bring your arms back into the body.

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

Squat jumps are a great way to work on many parts of the body, and this is a great cardio workout at home.

Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides. Bend at the knees to squat. From this position, jump in the air and extend your hips until your body is straight.

Land on the balls of your feet, repeat using different arm movements.

Other cardio exercises are good for women as well.

Best Cardio Exercises for Women to Try

Best Cardio Exercises for Women to Try

Some of the best cardio exercises for women include jump rope, high knees, stair climbing, jogging in place, and the screamer lunges.

The screamer lunges have you stand with feet hip-width apart. Extend the right leg back to a lunge position.

Push off with the right foot and lift the right knee and jump in the air when you do this. Return right foot to starting position and repeat ten on each side. Then repeat for your left leg.

High knees are done like this. First, start with standing up with legs straight.

You will then lift your left knee to your chest. Switch your right knee to the chest. Repeat at a running pace.

If you are looking for an exercise that is low impact, try walking. All you do is put your left foot in front of your right foot or vice versa and repeat.

Some people have a hard time because they have issues with their feet at first.

This is a great way to begin your new exercise routine.


To sum it all up, cardio exercises are a great way for women to burn belly fat and get in better shape.

We have the resources for you to get started on your journey for a healthier and longer life.

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