Having an Airstream RV - Pros and Cons | Buying Tips and More

Having an Airstream RV – pros and cons

/ 07:08 AM July 30, 2021

Recreational vehicles or RVs are an American icon on the road of any state in the country. One of the most durable and trusted brands for RVs is the Airstream. Have you ever considered an Airstream RV for your next camping or road trip?

The company says their vehicles are made to last for 40 years or more, with proper care, and most have if reviews are to be believed.

Apart from lasting many, many years, Airstream RVs offer different models depending on your needs and budget. Thanks to its durability, it also does not depreciate as fast as other trailer brands or even car brands. Curious about the pros and cons of an Airstream RV? Read down below for more.

Pros and Cons of an Airstream RV

Pros and Cons of an Airstream RV

Photo Credit: Airstream.com

Airstream RVs are popular for a reason. Apart from being around since the 1930s, you also can choose which model is perfect for you.

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Buying second-hand, well-taken care of RV will save you many dollars, and you still get a top-quality vehicle. Listed below are some other pros and cons of buying and owning an Airstream RV.


Airstream RVs have a low center of gravity. This makes the vehicle more stable, and therefore, easier to drive. It is also built to be aerodynamic that helps it become stable despite the rough road winds. The Airstream’s weight distribution is also very even, allowing it to be towed or driven with great balance.

The camper’s materials are also environmentally friendly. Made with aluminum, wood, and steel, these materials are completely recyclable. One of the company’s mottos is, “Silver is green.”



Although having a camper sounds like a good time, its broad width can be bothersome when city driving. This will be no issue if you’re going to the countryside or the beach, though. Climate control can also be an issue because RVs are tough to insulate well because of their size.

Another con to consider is how often you will be using the Airstream travel trailers. Keeping an Airstream in shape can be difficult if you only use it several times every couple of years.

Airstream RV as the optimal vehicle

Airstream RV as the optimal vehicle

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

If you’re already considering purchasing the Airstream recreational vehicle, you might have already done a ton of research.


There are so many models that it seems a new one comes out almost every year. You have the Airstream Classic, Globetrotter, Sprinter van Chassis, Flying Cloud, Caravel, and a dozen more. There might be a few other factors you haven’t considered yet. Check out some of the other features of the Airstream RV.


The Airstream RV’s iconic, aerodynamic silver bullet design will never go out of style. You might not know that it is designed to conserve fuel rather than require more of it.

Its aerodynamic design makes it easier to tow and improves fuel efficiency by as much as 20 percent. The silver bullet design also makes the RV drag less, and pulling it will be a breeze.

Storage and Space

RVs are not ideal for city streets because of their sheer size. However, Airstream offers one of its latest models, the Interstate Nineteen.

It is lighter and with a smaller footprint than the average-sized RVs. The Airstream Nest and Basecamp are also space savers smaller than other campers but no less practical or sleek.

Practicality and Safety

If you’re looking for a house on wheels, you might not be expecting much from its security system apart from the usual locks and alarms. Airstream RVs come with durable safety locks and tough hinges that can withstand a good kick.

You can also upgrade your trailer’s security system by installing other stuff like hitch receiver locks, CCTV cameras, tracking devices, and wheel locks. The RV also has two entry points so you can go in and out easily in case of emergencies.

What is the price range of an Airstream?

What is the price range of an Airstream?

Airstream RVs can be quite pricey if you buy a brand new model. The full-sized Classic that can house up to five people costs a hefty $139,900—the smaller models like the Nest start at around $45,900. You might think this is way too much for a vehicle that can’t even run on its own, but a lot of Airstream owners say the price is more than worth it.

If you’re a person of the great outdoors, campers are an excellent choice for on-the-go traveling without plane tickets or expensive cruises. Road trips are also a fun family activity, so why not take advantage of the good weather and head out for the weekend in your RV?

Of course, the more you will be using the Airstream RV of your choice, the more worth your money spent will be.

Is an Airstream better than a trailer?

Is an Airstream better than a trailer?

Photo Credit: archived.curbed.com

The difference between an RV, a trailer, and a motorhome can often be confusing. That is understandable, considering not everyone is car-savvy.

A recreational vehicle or RV is the broad term for bump-pulled trailers like campers, motorhomes, fifth wheels, touring coaches, and trailer vans. However, RVs can also be motorhomes that can run on their own.

A trailer is typically pulled by a truck or a bigger vehicle. Some people make trailer homes for themselves and not just for traveling. RVs are generally used for road trips, camping, and the like.

The two can be interchangeable, though, depending on your needs for the vehicle. Is one better than the other? That depends entirely on the person who will be using it — namely, you. Keep in mind how often you will be using it, for what purposes, and your budget.


If you’re planning on buying an Airstream RV, you’ve most likely already looked up models, tow vehicles, travel destination, storage and floor space, and many other factors.

Buying a large vehicle such as this is a big investment, especially if you opt for the more luxurious brands like the Mercedes-Benz models.

However, the truth is that the RV lifestyle is not for everyone. Many people might think it’s all fun and good to be traveling all the time, but when they have tried living on the road, it wasn’t for them, and they want to put their RVs up for sale.

If you don’t want to go down this road, try renting a camper or the same model as the Airstream you’ve been eyeing and see if it fits you first before purchasing one for yourself.

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