How to cut a pineapple | Different Ways and Methods to Use

How to cut a pineapple

/ 07:19 AM June 05, 2021

Pineapples are one of the most sought-after tropical fruits and are widely marketed everywhere around the world.

Harvested in subtropical countries such as the Philippines, India, China, and Indonesia; this sweet, tangy fruit is the most in season during March through July.


Although its yellow fleshy interior is filled with ripe candied juices, the exterior appears to be a conical scaly, tough layer that may be difficult to open.

For those who may find themselves at crossroads when figuring how to cut open a ripe, juicy pineapple, here is an easy, simple step-by-step guide on how to cut a pineapple.

So, take out your knives, and let us begin.

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What Is the Easiest Way to Cut a Pineapple?

What Is the Easiest Way to Cut a Pineapple?

Step 1: Remove the Crown and Base of the Pineapple

Place the pineapple horizontally on a wooden cutting board. Make sure to secure the fruit with one hand to avoid slippage, and with a sharp chef’s serrated knife, cut out the green leafy crown.

This incision can be made about half to one inch, from the stem of the pineapple, away from the sweet yellow flesh. Now, remove the base of the pineapple with your knife, measuring approximately the same distance away from the end of the fruit.

Step 2: Slice Off the Tough Exterior

Once the fruit ends have been removed, place the pineapple vertically upright on the cutting board. Rest the hand over the slice off the top of the fruit, and peel off the stiff exterior.

Follow the shape of the pineapple and slice downwards from the top of the fruit. To avoid wastage, try to remove the peel as thinly as possible. The outer edge of the pineapple consists of the ripest flesh. Make sure to maintain this area.

Step 3: Extract the Eyes of the Pineapple

The scales present on the outer covering of pineapple are called the ‘Eyes.’ Once the peel has also been removed, the pineapple will look like a conical yellow fleshy fruit with brown circular patterns dispersed throughout the surface.


To remove these brown circular patterns, make oppositely angulated diagonal cuts and scoop out the eyes.

Start from the bottom and work your way up the fruit. Even though a significant amount of fruit is lost during this process, it is much easier to do this instead of carving each eye separately.

Simply use your fingers to pull out the small, sliced area. Alternatively, a spoon or fork can also be used for this purpose.

Step 4: Making the Final Cuts

There are numerous ways to make the final cuts in the pineapple. This depends upon how the fruit is served. There are three ways to help your pineapple:

  • Rounds
  • Rings
  • Chunks


If the pineapple is to be cut in rounds, simply lay the pineapple on its side and cut out 2-to-3-inch slices. Move horizontally cut off the top to the bottom of the fruit. For this method, leave the core in when it is to be served.



To make the rings, follow the same procedure to slice the pineapple in rounds first. Now, use any small-sized circular object. Like a clean bottle cap or a small cookie cutter, and place this in the center of the pineapple. Push downwards on the slice of fruit to remove the core of the pineapple. Place those beautiful pineapple rings and serve.


Carving out chunks in the pineapple is the easiest way to serve this delicious fruit. Just cut lengthwise into the pineapple.
Firstly, slice into two halves.

Then consecutively make further lengthwise cuts in each half to get long strips of fruit. Cut out the core by making quarterly incisions into the pineapple. Now knife down crosswise to get smaller pieces of delicious chunks.

Finally, place your chunks in a large bowl, and grab your forks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tell if a Pineapple is Ripe?

Simply put, avoid fruit that is old-looking or has brown leaves. Do not purchase a pineapple if it looks bruised or has soft spots.
The sense of smell is beneficial in most cases. A ripe pineapple has a relatively strong, sweet, juicy, and slightly tangy note to its scent.

It will be helpful to be wary of such smells when it comes to choosing the right pineapple. Ripe pineapples often also appear to have bright, shiny, flat ‘eyes.’ Observe the overall fruit very closely, make sure there is absolutely no indication of mold.

If pineapple is unripe, can it be left on the counter to ripen?

They are not recommended. Pineapples do not ripen further after harvest action. If left out on the counter, it may become moldier and more acidic.

The fermentation process of the fruit quickens at room temperature, and it may not get any sweeter. It is advised to place the fruit in the fridge immediately.

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy Pineapples?

What is the Best Time of Year to Buy Pineapples?

Although present throughout the year, the juiciest, most fresh pineapples are present from March to July.

How to Store a Pineapple?

The best way to store pineapples is to refrigerate them. Preferably, place them in an airtight container with some juice from the freshly cut pineapple, and place in the fridge.

Pineapples tend to last only a maximum of one to two days before beginning to turn brown. Therefore, gobble them up before that happens.

Can I Freeze the Pineapple?

Yes, you can. Though, freezing the pineapple may affect its taste. Opt for a canned version instead.

What are some of the Health Benefits of Eating Pineapples?

What are some of the Health Benefits of Eating Pineapples?

Some the few significant health benefits of including pineapples in your diet are as follows:

  • Contains immune-boosting antioxidants.
  • It may help in reducing the risk of carcinomas
  • Helps suppress inflammation
  • Eases signs and symptoms of arthritis
  • Aids digestion
  • Strengthens bones and teeth
  • Prevents hypertension
  • Reduces risk of blood clots
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Treats acne and prevents pimples


Whether it’s rings or chunks, pineapples have always been a popular tropical fruit in many parts of the world. However, learning how to cut pineapple can sometimes be tricky.

Although pineapple easily cutting requires meticulous chopping skills, it is relatively easy once people get the hang of it.
Remember to be careful while using the chef’s knife. When cutting, do so by maintaining a certain distance from the tips of your fingers. Many accidents can be avoided by observing this distance from sharp edges.

Once chopped, it is preferable to serve immediately. However, it can also be stored, though briefly, in the refrigerator for one to two days. Freezing is another option if you wish to keep it for longer.

Do not fret over the accuracy of size or whether each piece is of equal dimension. However they may be cut, pineapples will forever be a gorgeous conical fruit of divine goodness. Enjoy yours in the comfort of home or with friends and family and share the love.

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