How to get rid of beer belly | Helpful Tricks & Tips to Try

How to get rid of beer belly

/ 07:53 AM May 20, 2021

At a certain point, after sufficient beer consumption, almost everyone tends to develop a beer belly. A can of beer is often essential for a weekend party or any joint celebration.

However, you might forget all the fun times and good food when it gets more challenging for you to fit into your clothes once you get a beer belly. Life gets hard if your favorite dress doesn’t want you in anymore.

Putting on that extra weight might also make you lazy and drain your energy. Moreover, this can also result in joint pain and heart diseases.

No matter how much you ignore it, at some point, you get annoyed with all the fat-storing up on your stomach area after consuming that extra glass of beer. However, in this blog, you will find out how to shrink your stomach and lose belly fat.

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What is a Beer Belly?

What is a Beer Belly?

Due to excessive alcohol consumption, most men have this fat deposition on their abdominal area known as a beer belly. Beer belly is also known as abdominal obesity in clinical terms.

Since alcohol has many calories, it can cause high waist circumference in most men and women who over-consume alcohol. Beer is not the only reason for your growing waistline; however, it is one of the causes linked indirectly to fat accumulation.


An individual must keep in mind what food you would be taking along with beer as a habit.

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What Causes Beer Belly?

What Causes Beer Belly?

You can blame your genetics or gender for this shamelessly because it can produce a terrible hand in this case. You might have noticed that many people eat unhealthy deep-fried food without gaining a single pound, while there are people who might gain a couple of pounds by just looking at some deep-fried chicken.



It only depends on your body where it decides to deposit all the fat. Some people are lucky enough to get the fat deposited at the right places. But not everyone is this lucky, which is why they are more prone to gaining excessive fat around the belly area.


Not only genetics but your gender also makes a huge difference when it is about beer belly. In this case, men are more prone to get all the fat accumulated on their bellies and not any other part.

However, most women are seen to have that extra pound accumulated on either thighs or butt. This discrimination between men and women can be seen commonly.

How Does Age Affect Beer Belly?

Once you start to age and the juvenile period is over, everything becomes sadder. One of the possible reasons for the sadness can be a high amount of fat accumulation on your belly and not maintaining those attractive abs.

At an older age, your body metabolism starts to slow down, making you put on that extra weight generally. For women, aging can worsen as once they hit the menopause period, there are significant changes in the body composition.

The changing composition will lead all the fat in the body to the central area of the belly and not to the butt and thighs anymore. So, if you think being a woman makes you safe from beer belly, then you must start to worry about it now.

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What Type of Diet Should Be Avoided?

What Type of Diet Should Be Avoided?

Once you hear the word beer belly, you start to blame beer for all the fat you have gathered on your belly. However, the most significant contribution to your belly fat is your sufficient intake of dietary sugar.

Your food choice can make a big difference on your beer belly as your body tends to break down the fats to store them differently. Hence one of the primary reasons for having a flat stomach is consuming refined carbohydrates and adequate amounts of sugar.

According to some evidence, it is also said that high fructose food might also cause insulin resistance which results in fat deposition inside your abdomen. Moreover, it is better if you avoid deep-fried food items.

How to Shrink your Stomach and Get Rid of Beer Belly?

“How to shrink your stomach” is one of the most frequently asked questions. One of the best ways of getting rid of your beer belly is not to catch one in the very first place.

Most doctors recommend you prevent weight gain because it gets complicated when it comes to reducing it. However, this tip is impractical for those people who have already gained some.

The good part is, beer belly shrinks away once you start to lose your body weight. So, if you’re one of those who have got past the prevention stage, you must follow the tips below to get rid of your beer belly by losing some weight.

Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet along with curtailed beer consumption will help a lot in making any difference. You can eat in a controlled quantity by cutting your portion size in half.

Moreover, you must make sure that you count calories by keeping in mind the average calories of your daily food. Replace all the fried food with green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and lean proteins.

Increase Physical Activity

It is one of the critical factors among all the effort you put into your weight loss journey. For increasing your physical activity, you can try high-intensity intermittent exercise. It is followed by a short resting time and a more intense workout but for a shorter duration.

Moreover, make sure that you exercise more than you usually do in a week for at least 30 minutes.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of a Beer Belly?

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of a Beer Belly?

The duration of losing all the belly fat and excess weight from your body can vary according to the different factors you apply. One of the significant aspects that determine the duration of weight loss is your initial weight.

The higher you weigh, the longer it will take to leave you. Not only this, but your commitment to your diet plan and exercise will also matter a lot.

Another major factor affecting the duration of your weight loss is your lifestyle choices. An unhealthy lifestyle with most of your time spent on a couch can make the duration last longer for you.

Moreover, if you do a little math and follow a proper diet plan with counted calories, then you can shorten the time duration to half. Burning 1000 calories a day might make you lose 8 pounds each month.

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What are the Risk Factors of Having a Beer Belly?

Many people do not take belly fat seriously; however, it is one of the most dangerous types of fat, also known as visceral fat. Visceral fat can be associated with several diseases, including heart diseases. The few risk factors of having a beer belly are:

It Can Lead to Metabolic Syndrome

The belly fat can secrete inflammatory signals which interfere with the effect of insulin. However, once your body becomes more resistant to these insulin signals, you might risk developing metabolic syndrome. It can affect your ability to store and consume energy effectively.

It Can Cause Heart Diseases

Beer belly can cause an overall rise in your BMI, which can eventually lead you to coronary heart disease. There is some plaque buildup in the arteries, which causes obstruction and can be fatal at times.


How does a beer belly form?

It can form excessive beer consumption in a brief span as an average beer contains 150 calories that is way too much for just a drink.

What is the Reason for Beer Belly Getting Firm?

A firm and complex beer belly indicate tightly packed visceral fat, which can be a greater risk to your health condition.

What Should be the First Step to Getting Rid of Beer Belly?

You must start eating healthy and be more consistent with your workout. Both of the efforts combined can make weight loss duration shorter.

Summing Up

If you’re searching for how to shrink your stomach and worrying that you’ll have to give up on your favorite beer, then relax.

You can lose your beer belly without completely giving up on your beer consumption. With some lifestyle modifications and changes in your diet, you can cope with this extra fat you have put on. Moreover, you will have to be consistent as well.

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