Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone - What's Better?

Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone

/ 11:55 AM March 17, 2021

Are you choosing between a Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone? You might have seen it in your favorite YouTuber s video and need one to start your YouTube career. Also, you might be a wannabe filmmaker and need the best microphone. Between these two options, which one should be your choice?

We’ll begin by defining shotgun microphones and snowball microphones. We will go through their available types and options that match your needs. We’ll explain their specific purposes to help you decide between them. Explore options online by checking out Amazon and other websites.

Finding the right audio equipment, including headphones, is challenging. There are so many shotgun microphones and snowball microphones on the internet. Understanding the available sound equipment helps you find the best. A quality microphone enables you to make videos with no problem, and you don’t have to spend too much!

What is a Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone?

What is a shotgun microphone?

Ever noticed the long mics used in TV shows? As their name suggests, these microphones have a long thin shape. They’re highly sensitive to certain sounds, though!

Music experts like them for their frequency response. In other words, these mics pick up specific kinds of sounds. If you’re making a YouTube video, you could get one for human voices.

They’re also known for their unique form factor. In simpler terms, their shape and size help them work better. For example, shotgun mics are long so that people could record from far away.

What’s more, they keep out other sounds like wind noise. Put it near two people talking. Nothing would mess with the words they’re saying. You only get a clean copy of what they talked about.

If you’re getting Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone, you need top quality. Only the best shotgun mics give the best results! This depends on your needs, though.

They have more functions to help your projects. Also, you could attach cut filters, boom poles, or other accessories. Even better, the best ones already have them included.

Types of shotgun mics

Types of shotgun mics

Microphones have all sorts of pickup patterns. Some of them record sounds better from the front or the sides. Shotgun mics just pick up more sounds where it’s pointed.

Here are the kinds of shotgun mics grouped into pickup patterns.:

  • Super cardioid – These are most sensitive at the front end, keeping out background noise.
  • Hypercardioid – They pick up more specific sounds than the super shotgun mics.
  • Ultracardioid – These record the most specific kinds of sounds. The slightest movements could mess with recording, though.

Examples include the Rode Videomic Pro and the Sennheiser MKE 600. Your local music store might also know them as condenser microphones. Make sure to ask!

What are Blue Snowball microphones?

What are Blue Snowball microphones?

Between a Shotgun Mic and Snowball Microphone, the first one’s better for outdoor videos. What if you want to record stuff indoors, though?

Well, you should go for Blue Snowball mics. They’re your best bet for industry-standard audio equipment. Snowball microphones are the best fit for studio recording.

If YouTubers like Pewdiepie inspire you, check out Blue Snowball mics. Wanted to start Twitch streaming like Ninja? A snowball microphone could help you get started.

Are you launching that new album or podcast? Let snowball mics give the high-quality sound it deserves. If you need good equipment for remote work, Blue Snowball has your back.

The unique design is also what makes shotgun mics and snowball microphones different. What’s more, snowball mics have lots of accessories like a shock mount.

Snowball mics keep out all background noise. They only pick up natural sounds (and talent)!

Current Blue Snowball models

Snowball ICE 

Snowball ICE 
Price: $49.99

This is your pick for a simple and affordable snowball mic. Like all USB microphones, the Snowball ICE is plug-and-play.

Of course, more features set shotgun mics and snowball microphones apart. One of them is that classic Blue Snowball look.

Even better, you get the top quality you’d expect from snowball mics. High quality for a low price!

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Snowball Microphone

Price: $69.99

Next up, we have the classic Snowball model. No need for ice, though. This snowball’s cool enough! If you want a bit more oomph, this one gives so much more for your buck.

You could change its polar pattern to fit your current work. Are you singing your heart out? Switch to cardioid, so it focuses on your voice. If you need a break, just hit the mute button.

Are you recording a podcast after your break? Hit the mute button again and call your mates. The snowball could pick up your guests’ voices too!

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Yeti Nano

Yeti Nano

Price: $98.99

You want professional quality from shotgun mics and snowball microphones. Yeti Nano has it in a small and excellent snowball mic.

The Yeti Nano has unique mic capsules inside. It also records top-quality sound no matter your project. Whether you’re streaming or working, the Nano has your back.

Even better, it works with a companion app. It lets you raise the quality higher with its powerful tools. Yeti Nano gives you broad control of your sound!

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Yeti Microphone

Yeti Microphone

Price: $143.99

Want a step up from the Yeti Nano? The classic Yeti is bigger and better! Among the shotgun mics and snowball microphones, you should check this out!

It lets you choose more pattern modes for specific uses. If you’re streaming, turn to Cardioid mode. Then, you could go to stereo mode and record a new song.

It’s one of the bestsellers in Canada and the US. Millions of pros love the Yeti. Why shouldn’t you buy already?

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Yeti X

Yeti x

Price: $169.97

Among the shotgun mics and snowball microphones, the Yeti X rises above them. It gives your video production that next-level quality!

It works with a companion app like the others. Do they let you tweak the mic itself? The Yeti X enables you to change its lights and color. Change how it feels and looks on the fly!

Even better, you could change the Yeti X settings without using a computer. Its unique knob lets you adjust the volume and other options.

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Final Thoughts

We showed the basics of shotgun mics and snowball microphones. Shotgun microphones are best for picking up sounds outside. You often see them on TV interviews and live shows.

If you’re at a studio, snowball mics are your best pick. From streaming to recording, there’s a Blue Snowball for you. They got mics that fit your needs and budget.

Need to know more about snowball mics? Check out Blue Snowball’s support page. It could help you understand terms like phantom power.

Visit Blue Snowball’s product site too. It could help you learn more about the microphones. Also, you’ll see more cool stuff as well. Maybe you’d like their other accessories too!

What’s more, check out the snowball mics on Amazon. Chill while browsing shotgun mics and snowball microphones. You’ll find the best prices for the most fantastic sound equipment!

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