How does Gen Z like to dress? | Gen Z clothing trends | Inquirer

How does Gen Z like to dress? | Gen Z clothing trends

Gen Z clothing is trending, and some are scratching their heads in confusion about this new fashion. That is why, some of these trends must be clarified for the older generations to understand.

This generation, aged 8-27, express their individuality through clothing choices. All in all, Gen Z clothing and fashion have changed the industry with their unique styles and preferences. 

These are some of the ways Gen Zers are reshaping the fashion landscape.

How to Know If You Are a Gen Z

How-To-Know-If- You-Are-A Gen-Z

If you were born between 1995-2015, then you are a Gen Z. This generation is the first to grow up in a completely digital era. While most companies target millennials, the fashion and beauty industries have shifted their focus toward Gen Z.

Generation Z is no different. What exactly are Generation Z trends like? Here are some of the popular clothing of their generation.

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Popular Gen Z Clothing Trends


One of the most popular Gen Z fashion trends is maximalism. Particularly, this trend is commonly noted by the fearless clashing of silhouettes and wearing skirts over pants. To add, it involves rocking knitwear and layering maxi skirts. 

Regardless of what the previous generation thinks, Gen Zers are rewriting the rules. They prefer to defy convention. Simultaneously, they create unique outfits by mixing different aesthetics and brands.


As this generation breaks away from the past, they confidently adorn themselves with maximalist clothing.

Gen Z Clothing


Gen Zers curate their closets aesthetically. They love colorful accents and have a passion for storytelling through clothes. Their fashion choices are a testament to their individuality and fearless self-expression.

These are some of the notable Gen Z styles.

Wave Goodbye to Skinny Jeans


Gen Z’s fashion mantra is “The wider, the better!” They are moving away from tight-fitting skinny jeans and opting for the comfort and style of loose, flowing pants.

Moreover, some Gen Zers are reviving the skirt over pants trend. This trend is reminiscent of a Disney pop star on a red carpet. Indeed, this style choice complements the matching of different patterns and textures. 

With their affinity for wide pants and innovative styling, Gen Z continues to redefine contemporary fashion norms. 

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Over-accessorizing and Layers


Gen Z’s fashion extends beyond clothing choices, as they have elevated the art of accessorizing and layering. For the most part, this generation embraces the power of accessories. They understand that the right accessories can transform a look from ordinary to extraordinary.

For example, they love to wear stacked bracelets, layered necklaces, statement earrings, and eye-catching belts. They also love to layer knitwear or crocheted items and multiple layers of skirts.    

Certainly, Gen Z excels in the art of layering. They go above and beyond to create visually captivating outfits. Straightaway, Gen Z’s fearless approach to over-accessorizing and layering shows their unmatched ability to experiment and push fashion boundaries.

New High Fashion


Even streetwear is high fashion for this generation. In essence, it has become a trend that is comfortable and modern.

From track suits to chunky shoes, this generation has its own spin on how they style each pieces. Aside from that, they also love to wear sweatpants, large puff jackets, graphic tees, and the like.

Social Media- Inspired Looks


Social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram have influenced the way this generation dress. Micro-influencers who specialize in various fashion niches curates the way they dress in relation to their chosen aesthetics. In turn, this fosters cool looks and encourages their audience to dress like them.


To summarize, Gen Zers confidently curate their own fashion statements by embracing maximalist clothing. With this, their preference for comfort is evident in the shift from tight skinny jeans to loose, flowing pants. Also, accessorizing and layering play key roles in Gen Z fashion. Meanwhile, streetwear has evolved into a modern and comfortable form of high fashion. Undeniably, platforms like TikTok and Instagram influence Gen Zers when it comes to their fashion choices.

What are some key characteristics of Gen Z clothing?

Gen Z clothing is about embracing personal style and experimenting with new techniques. Gen Zers are the new generation making waves in the fashion world. They prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. Together, they steer away from fast fashion.

In that manner, Gen Zers mix and match different aesthetics to create outfits that reflect individuality. Building a wardrobe filled with versatile pieces and accessories is what they do. Gen Zers don’t shy away from expressing themselves through fashion, no matter the occasion.

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Published on March 5, 2021. Updated on June 2, 2023.

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