How does Gen Z like to dress? | Gen Z clothing trends

How does Gen Z like to dress? | Gen Z clothing trends

Gen Z clothing is trending and some are scratching their heads in confusion on this new fashion. Every generation has a certain pizazz about them. Older generations had cool fashion trends, and then there were a few not-so-cool trends. Some of these trends are confusing for the older generations to understand.

How To Know If You Are A Gen Z

How To Know If You Are A Gen Z


If you were born between 1995-2015, you are a Gen Z. Generation Z is the first generation to be completely digital and tech-savvy. Most companies market to millennials these days. However, the fashion and beauty industries are focused on Gen Z.

Generation Z is no different. What exactly will Generation Z trends be like? Here are some of the Gen z clothing trends.

Popular Gen Z Clothing Trends

Popular Gen Z Clothing Trends

Gen Z trends seem to feature a lot of athleisure items. Yoga pants are still in, and skinny jeans are out.

Previous generations could not get enough of the skinny jeans trend, and now, Gen Z is ready to move on past the skinny jeans.

One of the first fashion trends that the Gen Z generation has introduced is athleisure. This includes yoga pants, track pants, high-end sneakers, and wide-leg pants.


The basic premise of athleisure is the ability to go to the gym, office, or lounge around the house in one outfit. These outfits are functional, and you are comfy too.

This trend started from social media when Victoria’s Secret models helped support it. Healthy living is very popular, and this generation of young people adopted this trend quickly.

The second fashion trend that has been made popular by Gen Zers is wearing gender-neutral outfits. Gen Zers do not want their gender to define who they are.


Gen Z Clothing

Gen Z Clothing

Unisex tie-dye fashion is on the rise as well. Many designers have jumped on this trend too. Tie-dye has been around for years. One thing that Gen Zers started doing during quarantine was to experiment at home with it.

Now, college sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts, and even dresses are available tie-dyed. Designers are jumping on this trend again since it is becoming popular again.

Normcore is another trend that Gen Z clothing is embracing. Normcore is basically adding non-trendy clothes with one another.

Ugly shirts with unfashionable jeans. The focus is being comfortable and not spending a lot of money.

The fashion industry has brought back the rocker trend. Outfits consist of black leggings, leather shorts, pants, plaid shirts, ripped fishnets, and dark makeup. It kind of feels like a punky look.

Tiny sunglasses are all the rage by the younger generation today. The older generations, such as Baby Boomers, may find this trend to be familiar.

Wave Goodbye to Skinny Jeans

Wave Goodbye to Skinny Jeans

The early 2000s brought about many trends as well. It looks like the Gen Z clothing is bringing that back. This trend of fun prints, pink, rhinestones, and very gaudy accessories are coming back.

Along with the early 2000s look, here comes the crop top. Many of them tie-dye, yellow, or sage. These are a few distinctive colorways for the Gen Zers.

If you have a side part in your hairstyle, this is no longer trendy in Gen Z’s eyes either. The middle part is preferred for hairstyles—also, the comfier, the better with the Gen Zers today.

Who cares what your hair looks like! Bucket hats are another hot fashion trend that Gen Zers have quickly adapted to. Crochet bucket hats are growing in popularity as well.

It appears that the Gen Zers are all about comfort and convenience as far as their wardrobes go. Gen Zers are generally on Zoom these days, so comfort is the best option for them.

The Gen Z clothing is pretty thrifty and like fashion that stands for something and is original. They want sustainable clothes. Fashion for this generation needs to be fluid and show their personalities.

New High Fashion

New High Fashion

Even streetwear is high fashion for this generation. It has become a trend that is comfortable and modern. The Z generation wants to look good, be stylish, and comfortable on the streets.

This generation wants to show it is diverse and it has a style like none other. They set aside gender, weight and break boundaries that once were what fashion was made of.

These guys and gals take risks with their fashion and develop their own style. They’re not afraid of what the result looks like.

As long as they are inspired and pushing boundaries, they have been successful.

A Pew Research Center Survey discussed how the Gen Zers had varied political views instead of generations such as X or Baby Boomers.

Many of today’s influencers are only high school-aged. Social media has been a great tool for this generation.

Gen Zers have experienced many changes in their lives already. They are witnessing the great recession, social justice events, and changes in fashion as well.

To sum it all up, Generation Z is quite different from any other generation we have seen so far. They take risks, they’re colorful, they have style, and they do not care what anyone says about their fashion.

Social Media

Social Media

Instagram and social media channels like Tik Tok have made many of this generation stars simply based on their fashion choices. Generation Z is about empowering everyone. There is no fat shaming, judging, and gender bias.

This generation is made up of some very influential people, and they have fashion to help with the issues in the world today. Meaningful expression aids them in getting their messages across, and a great word to describe this generation is eccentric.


People outside of Generation Z may be confused as to what is trending in fashion but hopefully, this article helped shed some light. Keep a lookout for more clothing trends coming and monitor social media. This is the main source to help predict what will be trending next.

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