5 tips for easy traveling with a baby

 Any parent can testify that babies are angelic little bundles of joy. But those very same parents can also tell you that taking care of said bundles of joy can be a lot of work. Babies cry, need to be bathed then clothed, fed, burped, put to rest and so much more. This can be especially difficult when you and your family decide to take a vacation with your little infant passenger. Every little jostle or pressure change may be a little new and uncomfortable for the baby; but there are a few tips to help junior rest easy on your adventures:

Bottling Pressure

If you’re worried that cabin pressure may pop your baby’s tiny and sensitive little ears, worry not! There’s an easy and simple solution to this little dilemma. Just have the little one suck on something: bottles; pacifiers; sugar-free lollipops (once they’re older). This will help ease any sudden ear-popping until they get used to it on future flights.


Distraction is Key

When a babies are bored during a flight or in a car seat, they have a tendency to get a little grabby. This may disturb your seating neighbors or family members sitting next to them and causing unnecessary drama. The solution is as simple as bringing along a toy that can keep junior pre-occupied through the journey. Give them something like a stuffed plushie to squeeze or tug on, and he’s sure to be entertained for the duration.

Pack the Essentials

As a responsible parent, you want to prepare and pack every little thing for every little emergency. But packing too much for the baby can be a strain on both your luggage limit and your back. Try to keep the duration of the trip in mind and pack according to the number of days you’ll be away. For clothes and other similar necessities pack at least an extra two articles only.

Set Seats for Comfort

Finding the perfect seating arrangement for both you and the baby can be essential to comfier travels. In planes, try to insist on getting an aisle seat to make it easier for you and your baby to get in and out of your seats before and after the flight. Ask one of the attendants if you can get a special bassinet that some airlines have, to make it easier to keep an eye on him. For cars, always find a spacious and comfy baby seat so that your little one is relaxed and not prone to crying.

Make Travel Buddies

One thing that can make your travels go a little smoother is to get friendly with your seat neighbors and flight attendants. Traveling with kids can be more of a handful than you might expect, so it’s a great boon to have somebody around who might be willing to lend an extra hand. For cars, try to find activities family members or siblings can play with the baby so that everybody is engaged during the trip, giving the trip some good vibes.

While babies and small children can be tiring to deal with sometimes, amazing memories and adventures can await the family that travels together. With these quick and easy tips, traveling with children will become much easier than before.


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