Best Diabetic Socks for Women | USA

Best Diabetic Socks for Women

09:00 AM August 19, 2020

If you’re struggling with high blood sugar, it’s time to know about the best diabetic socks for women. Diabetics often feel aches in their legs and feet, so they may wear loose-fitting ankle socks to soothe them.

These are often ineffective in alleviating diabetic foot problems though. Thankfully, there are now socks made for diabetics that give them maximum comfort.

What Does a Diabetic Sock Do?

Diabetes often causes edema, neuropathy, and limited blood flow. Edema is characterized by swelling legs that may be caused by diabetes medication. Meanwhile, diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage caused by this blood sugar condition.

Diabetes also hinders blood circulation that exacerbates the discomfort.

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These symptoms can be cumbersome for many diabetics as it hampers their movements. Fortunately, there are now diabetic crew socks that help people with excessive blood sugar to walk comfortably.

Diabetic socks provide comfort and mobility for people with diabetes. You may now purchase them from various newly-founded and well-established brands.

Diabetic socks are much like your regular socks as they come in similar varieties. For example, you may purchase diabetic dress socks for casual use. What’s more, famous foot care companies like Dr. Scholl’s now have their own line of diabetic socks.


Those with diabetes may now move comfortably using these special foot care products.

When Should You Wear Diabetic Socks?

You should wear these socks if you’re experiencing debilitating foot pain from diabetes. As we’ve mentioned, these are specifically made to help diabetics move easier.

However, it’s even more advisable to wear them if you’re experiencing more serious foot symptoms. These socks also alleviate and prevent these high blood sugar problems.


In particular, you should wear them if you’re noticing peculiar changes on your foot. These include nerve damage, fungal infections, and even unusual discoloration and temperature.

You should also wear them if your feet have sweat and pedal pulse problems. Diabetic socks are manufactured using particular materials that help with these foot symptoms.

What are the Best Socks for Diabetes?

The best socks for diabetics have certain characteristics, so look for them when purchasing a new pair. This will ensure your socks offer the maximum foot care and comfort for diabetics.

For instance, your diabetic socks should consist of moisture-wicking material such as acrylic fibers. These threads allow sweat to evaporate, preventing the onset of wounds and blisters.

The material must be a soft non-abrasive yarn that has natural antibacterial properties. These include threads from bamboo fiber and others by certain brands. Your socks must have no seams in order to prevent blisters.

In addition, it must have a non-elastic binding that won’t squeeze your calves and restrict blood circulation.

Diabetic socks are available in various lengths, but you may want to buy ones that reach over the knee. If you have blood circulation problems, these are especially helpful to your condition.

There are even socks with special padding that cushion your feet for certain uses. For example, diabetic socks with heel padding can help you stand for long periods.

Even better, there are now diabetic socks built with smart technology. They have sensors that track your foot’s temperature and other info that gets sent to a smartphone app. In turn, the software can alert you of possible risks such as the early onset of ulcers.

These can aid you in maintaining your foot health even further.

Are Diabetic Socks Worth it?

If you’re wondering if these socks are worth every penny, the answer is yes. People with diabetes may be hindered by the resulting foot aches. These socks can aid them in moving freely once again, so they can resume their lives normally.

If you experience high blood pressure, these foot care products may unload these problems.

As we’ve discussed, they also consider the users’ utmost comfort. They contain material that prevents excessive sweat and harmful abrasion. In turn, the socks keep other complications away from your feet.

This is why it comes in various lengths and features that are meant for every diabetic’s needs.


If you’re thinking of purchasing compression socks instead, we highly recommend that you reconsider. These may be harmful to your feet instead as it can decrease blood flow to your feet.

As a result, it could potentially inflict more harm on your feet. They design these socks for diabetics that provide benefits that aren’t present in compression socks.

Nevertheless, you should always consult your doctor prior to using products for medical reasons. Your physician can recommend the best medical products that suit your specific needs.

In addition, make sure to check your chosen socks for the features we’ve discussed. Only purchase the best for your feet’s well-being and comfort.

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