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Why You Need an Emergency Preparedness Kit

08:14 AM October 02, 2019

On a yearly basis, people are forced to evacuate their homes without prior notice. This happens mostly in cases of natural disasters, which include: floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires and a host of other unstoppable disasters; due to these reasons, this article will focus on why an emergency preparedness kit is important.

People who have been victims of such unfortunate incidents in the past have admitted that they had little or no time or composure.


To this end, they were unable to quickly gather things that were needed for survival for a few days while they seek refuge somewhere else.

Therefore, it is very important that you prepare a survival kit for you and your family members.

This should be able to sustain and guarantee comfort for at least 72 hours in the event of an emergency.

In cases of natural disasters, events unfold fast.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Due to this, a basic disaster supplies kit which is also known as a preparedness kit should be available in every home.

This should include enough food, water quantified in terms of gallons per person per day, prescription medications, duct tape, and other essential supplies, and it should be quite easy to carry.


This can be facilitated via the use of a hand crank.

If there is an infant in your family, don’t forget to give a fair consideration when gathering your emergency supply kit.

To this end, infant formula, baby wipes, and a bug out bag should be added to your preparedness aid kit.

While arranging emergency kits for your children, keep them actively involved in the arrangement process.

There have been cases of separation of family members in the case of disasters and emergencies.

Even if you are not around, they will surely be able to help themselves to vital components of the 72-hour emergency kit needed for them to stay alive.

Emergencies can happen at any time; the next one could be in the next ten years.

At the same time, it could be in the next ten days.

That is why you should be prepared at all times for a disaster.

The best way to prepare for an emergency is to get your emergency kit ready today.

Best emergency preparedness kit on amazon

America Emergency Preparedness Kit

  • Sustains two people for three days
  • Includes food, water, and emergency blankets
  • One 33-piece first aid kit
  • Two safety light sticks

Premium Emergency Preparedness Kit

  • 72-HOUR SUSTAINABILITY: This 4-person emergency goes bag contains a premium Sawyer Squeeze water filtration system that allows you to take advantage of nearby water sources while avoiding contaminants.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY SUPPLIES – All of the items provided in your emergency go bag are premium.
    All items included: 1 Large premium backpack, 24 servings of food, 4 Aqua Literz waters (33. 8oz refillable cartons), 1 Sawyer Squeeze, 8 Cyalume SnapLights, 2 LED lanterns, 2 flashlights, 1 fully stocked First Aid Kit, 4 emergency blankets, 2 bath wipes, 1 portable stove, 4 bowls and utensils, 1 MoraKniv knife, 1 Ferrocerium rod, 4 InstaFire tinder, and 4 whistles.
  • PREMIUM EMERGENCY GO BAG:  When facing a crisis, you can rely on your kit to provide first aid, basic nutrition, hygiene and more.

Complete Earthquake Bag

  • FOOD & WATER: 3600 Cal Food Bars (2), Water Pouches (24), Hydration Bag w/ Straw (2), Water Purification Tablets (20)
  • FIRST AID & HYGIENE: Extended Life First Aid Kit, Hygiene Kit (2), Pocket Tissue Pack (2), Waste Bag (2)
  • LIGHT, SHELTER & WARMTH: Hand Crank Flashlight / Radio / Phone Charger, Waterproof Matches, Emergency Poncho (2), Mylar Sleeping Bag (2), 2 Person Tube Tent, Hand/Body Warmer (2), 30+ hour Candle, 12 Hour Bright Stick
  • TOOLS: Pencil, Note Pad, 5-in-1 Whistle, N95 Dust Mask (2), 50 ft. Nylon Rope, Safety Goggles, Sewing Kit, Work Gloves

Emergency Survival Kit

  •  Protect Yourself and Your Family- A multi-purpose 72-hour survival kit designed to prepare you and your family for any emergency event or disaster, whether you are bugging out to a shelter or staying indoors.
    This 72-hour emergency kit will prepare you for a HURRICANE, EARTHQUAKE, FLOOD, CIVIL UNREST, PANDEMIC, WILDFIRE, WINTER STORM, EVACUATION and more.
    Disasters are unpredictable, prepare today and have peace of mind in knowing you’ve done all you can to protect the ones you love.
  • Discrete Red Backpack- All the survival supplies are conveniently packed in a discreet, nondescript, heavy-duty backpack that won’t draw unwanted attention to you and your valuable emergency supplies during a disaster.
  •  Food & Water- During an emergency, water is vital and access may be limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze-dried meals.

Emergency  First Aid Kit Hurricane

  • SURVIVAL PACK or EARTHQUAKE SURVIVAL KIT Has HIGHEST-QUALITY ITEMS of ALL SURVIVAL KITS – Premium Items Included: Water, Food, Tent, Ponchos, Rope, Light, First Aid Kit, Survival Compass, Fire Starter, and Thermal Blankets; a Full Survival Backpack to Weather Any Storm; BEST in SURVIVAL BACKPACKS
    BUG OUT BAGS are Essential; Stay Prepared And Ready, Keep Your Family Safe with this EMERGENCY Backpack
  • FIRST AID KIT: After An Natural Disaster Health Care Providers May Not Be Able To Reach You For Some Time.

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