9 Best Yoga Pants For Women on Amazon

06:05 AM July 19, 2019

Yoga may seem like a laid back workout activity but it’s always been more than just touching your toes and trying to meditate in your yoga pants which yogis really just make it look easy. However, it does have a lot of health benefits so you might want to consider putting it on your workout routine. If you are thinking of doing active yoga, you might be wondering where to start, here is a guide of the best yoga pants for women.

Well, you can start with getting yoga mats and something comfortable to wear like a pair of yoga pants – something you can easily buy on Amazon.


They offer tons of designs with different colors and patterns, some with nifty features like moisture-wicking and hidden pockets. It can be hard to choose but we’re here to help. We’ve done the research and compiled the 9 best yoga pants for women 2019 has to offer.

Best Yoga Pants for Women

Lululemon Wunder-Under Hi-Rise Tights

Lululemon Wunder-Under Hi-Rise Tights
Lululemon made these pants out of cottony soft and supportive Full-On Luon fabric to be a no-fuss tight for your yoga practice and beyond. The second-skin fit makes it easy to check our alignment mid-pose and tucks easily into your boots when you’re going straight from Hatha class to happy hour.

These high waist yoga pants are a great take on Lululemon’s classic Wunder Under tights gives you the extra boost of coverage you need when you’re stretching your limits. From headstands to high kicks, they’ve got your back.

These are Lululemon’s best selling yoga pants in a very rare, hard to find colorway. These yoga leggings are absolutely great for, well, yoga, but also running, biking, and other cardio work. They make you look so good it’s not possible not to wear them around the house or even outside. They are both comfortable and flattering which earns them the top spot on our list.

Best Affordable  Yoga Pants for Women

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants
Are you in the budget but still want to look good in your yoga pants? ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants have similar shapewear control to high-end yoga attire and 45 colors and patterns to choose from.

They’re such a great clothing article that there’s no surprise that they’re Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the yoga pants category, and they have the same four-way stretch, moisture-wicking ability, and stylish designs of pricier brands.

They’re inexpensive enough you can splurge on a second pair in another color – something that can go head to head with a popular brand like 90 degrees by Reflex.

Best Pants For Work

Rekucci Women’s Ease into Comfort Dress Pant

Rekucci Women’s Ease into Comfort Dress Pant
Feel great and look great with these pants that are not only for yoga but something you can wear for office. Finding a pair that truly feels like a yoga pant but fools the eye so you will not catch the HR’s attention is a struggle, but Rekucci’s hybrid dress pants live up to the challenge.

The pants come in a range of 37 color choices. Their enhanced “Body Contour Design” hugs your body and helps to give a smooth, flawless look underneath any of your tops for that tummy control.


Best Yoga Pants For Hot Yoga

Athleta’s High Rise Chaturanga Capris

Athletas High Rise Chaturanga Capris
Capri leggings are best for Bikram Yoga or hot yoga. And the best pants for women, yoga enthusiast, and expert yogis with this type of yoga? Athleta’s High Rise Chaturanga Capris is the answer.

Capri length is ideal for hot yoga as these pants keep you cooler than full-length ones, but have that extra protection from the excessive sweat you’d be dealing compared to when you wear shorts. The waistband avoids pinching and smooths your midsection, while special seams minimize chafing.

These pants are washer and dryer safe for easy care which fans love along with its inexpensive but high-quality material.

Best Plus-Sizes Yoga Pants

VOGUEMAX Women’s Three-Quarter Capri Leggings

VOGUEMAX Women’s Three-Quarter Capri Leggings
While we’re on the subject of capris, we also have something for everybody type! A lot of brands that sell yoga pants advertises with slim models who look like they don’t even need to do yoga to stay fit. However, VOGUEMAX’s Capri yoga leggings are great for plus size women who attend their yoga classes without fail.

If you need some extra coverage or thicker material for your yoga pants, Voguemax women’s plus size Capri leggings are made of modal fabric.

It features ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable fabric that has a good stretch but is non-see-through, something that is stretchier than cotton fabric. They’re perfect for your favorite yoga class, but they look so good that they can also be worn as a lower layer for summer skirts and dresses.

There are nine color options to choose from so you will have a lot of options to mix and match your intended outfit of the day.

Best Pants To Travel

Rafaella Slim Ponte Comfort Pant

Rafaella Slim Ponte Comfort Pant
Every chic woman needs a pair of casual pull-on pants that hug her curves beautifully, and can easily be dressed up or down. This Rafaella top-selling style is quite a catch with petite Ponte pants which are extremely comfortable, durable, and incredibly soft.

This pair of comfort Ponte pants have an elastic waistband and a smooth fit as you glide from the leg opening through the hip and thigh which is something you’d expect from yoga pants. What makes them different from the ordinary yoga pants for women is the front zipper pocket detailing and a classy front seam which enables you to dress them up with some accessories for a chic look while traveling.

With a dressy top for the perfect office look or style with a knit tee for a casual outfit, pair it to your heart’s desire. Be stylish but comfortable – something that you need to rock while you’re on your business trip or just on the go.

Best Harem Style Pants

Happy Trunks Harem Pants

Happy Trunks Harem Pants
Another great option when shopping for yoga pants is to ditch the skin-tight leggings and go for the harem pants. You can move just as easily and hit your yoga poses with the same precision, but their loose looks are a little more relaxed which makes them great for running errands after class, and they often come in fun, unique prints.

Happy Trunks harem pants are a great option in this style. They’ve got two pockets for your cell phone, keys, and whatever else you need, and the smock waist lets you wear them in different styles. What’s more, they’re handcrafted by Thai seamstresses with light, breathable yet durable Thai Rayon.

Plus, a portion of every sale is donated towards Elephant Rescue efforts which makes things a little more better when spending your money on buying them.

Best Yoga Pants For Pregnant Women

Unique Styles Fold-Over Waistband Yoga Pants

Unique Styles Fold-Over Waistband Yoga Pants
Yoga is for everyone! So expecting mothers can still enjoy their favorite fitness activity (with caution, of course!) while pregnant with their babies. And, of course, expecting mothers would only want to wear something comfortable in the crucial months of developing a human being inside them! Enter, the savior that is yoga pants.

If you’ve got a bun in the oven and want to meditate, you can do so in a pair of Unique Styles Pants. Unique Styles pants have a fold-over waistband and a flared leg opening good for balancing your look while your belly’s a little bigger.

You can choose from their 14 colors and are really cheap so if you’re looking to save on yoga pants while you’re pregnant, you can buy two, three, or four-packs for yourself.

Best Yoga Pants for Men

YogaAddict Men’s Long Yoga Pants

YogaAddict Men’s Long Yoga Pants

Here’s a bonus one for the guys! Yoga is not just for women after all as it also gives a lot of benefits to men but yoga leggings might be a little too tight for them but this pair from YogaAddict give a little extra breathing room and still manage to stretch right along with you.

These yoga pants for men have a wider elastic waistband that stays in place regardless of the extent of movement with wide drawstrings for extra support. It is also just loose enough to give plenty of movement range for hips but does not hang down.

YogaAddict Men’s Long Yoga Pants are a great balance between loose and tight, and elastic enough to make any movement comfortable with an open bottom.

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