Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

08:04 AM June 11, 2019

There is no Star Wars fan out there who hasn’t dreamed about stepping into the world they so love. Oculus Vader Immortal will give you that opportunity with style, challenges and of course, a lightsaber.

Oculus Vader Immortal

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience


Will give you the best VR experience for Star Wars fans that are currently out. Created in collaboration with ILMxLAB, this is not one of your typical star wars games. Instead of feeling like you are on the outside looking in, you will be plunged headfirst into a true Star Wars experience.

Once you put on the headset, you will be transported into a new but familiar well-used ship. Set in the time between the rise of Darth Vader in Revenge of the Sith and the introduction of Luke Skywalker in A New Hope, the story in Vader Immortal will help fill players in on Vader’s quest to cheat death.

No longer a mere civilian, you have become a smuggler (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away). As you look around, you will see classic ship controls and even a sidekick droid.

VR Experience

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

You can acquaint yourself with the ship, the Maya Rudolph voiced ZO-E3 and get some of those oft-dreamed of Star Wars daydreams such as shooting into hyperspace or wisecracking with your droid friend. Once that is out of your system, however, you will settle down into the actual game.

In a storyline that is nothing short of classic Star Wars canon, you will be pulled off course and find yourself caught in a tractor beam, being pulled to the surface of a familiar and menacing planet. It appears to be on fire and can only be one place – the land of Mustafar.

Who else can be responsible for calling you here…as you see the surface getting closer and closer you can feel the dark side all around you. The Empire is here, and its dark enforcer, Darth Vader. Make sure you clear your ships history as soon as you can, because where Vader is, surely there will be stormtroopers coming for you.

Totally New Experience

As you realize what is about to happen, you will feel the excitement that no other form of play can give you. With the Oculus VR headset, this is not just a game, it is an experience and you will be completely immersed. You will feel the anticipation as the stormtroopers burst in. Once you are taken, the game begins to take on a specific feel.

Maybe you will feel like Anakin Skywalker before he gave into the darkness. Perhaps you will feel as Luke did when he found out the truth of his family. Either way, Vader is about to drop on you that same intense reality…something in your bloodline is not as you always thought it was.  


Though you will spend some time in a cell with an interrogation droid hovering nearby, have no fear, it won’t last. The majority of the actual gameplay will be an escape sequence that is nothing short of classic LucasFilm.

Oculus Vader Immortal Storyline

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

I do not want to ruin the experience by revealing too much more about the actual storyline, but rest assured it will not disappoint. The well-written story is woven into the timeline well, introduces new characters and revisits old friends (or enemies) and has VFX that seems to be right from the movies.

Crafted and directed by Star Wars alum and 4 time Oscar nominee Ben Snow, the story is quick paced and consistent within the canon. It is adapted from a script by longtime Star Wars novel writer David Goyer. This duo will have anyone who plays clamoring for more collaboration between them.

Oculus Vader Immortal Game Play

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

Throughout the 45 to 60 minute gameplay that will ensue, you will have an exciting VR experience. You won’t just watch as an NPC gets you out or hit buttons in a sequence. As you become a part of this immersive world, you will have to solve classic VR puzzles and participate in the usual VE gameplay.

As can be expected and ruining nothing, yes you will get a lightsaber. In fact, you will have access to a lightsaber dojo right off the rip at the menu screen. For anyone who has not had the glory of playing Beat Saber, you can not imagine how well the VR world has adapted its virtual lightsabers.

Attention to Detail

Any longtime fan will feel joy at hearing that classic hum as you activate your lightsaber for the first time. Many will be able to while away hours in the dojo alone, fulfilling long-standing daydreams of having the weapon of a Jedi. In the game itself, you will use the lightsaber as defense, offense and in any way you have ever imagined.

Though for some the combat within the game may seem simplistic, it will none the less be satisfactory to most. There will be a slight ramp up, but at times you will be fending off stormtrooper blasts by the dozens. If you aren’t happy just fending off the Empire’s soldiers, have no fear –  there will be a few lightsaber welding enemies for you to go after as well.

Up until now, many VR experiences for the Star Wars universe have been disappointing. Apparently what was needed was a firey planet, Maya Rudolph to voice a new quirky droid and Anakin Skywalker after he embraced the dark side.

For any true gamer and Star Wars fan there is finally a great immersive experience. ILMxLab has been clear that this is not to be seen as or called a game. It is a virtual reality narrative experience. Once you play it, you will understand the difference.

More Star Wars Coming Soon to Oculus

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

It is also important to note that this is simply the first chapter in yet another trilogy for the Star Wars canon. Yes, Vader Immortal is going to be a trilogy, and this is simply episode one.

The creators have been very upfront about episode one, which released at the end of this past May. This of course was very distinctively set to coincide with the release of the actual Oculus Quest, upon with it is available.

While it was clear that the creative forces wanted to establish the narrative, the main focus for LucasFilms was for this first glimpse into this world was to let people have their chance at wielding a lightsaber.

Though there is not a release date for episode 2 yet. At a recent launch panel, there was some information shared about it. The focus will be more on training and using the Force. After all, if there is a universal wish list that exists for fans of this epic story, first is to have a lightsaber…followed closely by wanting to know how to use the all-encompassing and powerful Force.

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Not a lot about the actual story for episode two has been leaked, nor how the use of the Force will play into it. Can your character remain the same? Will you be able to choose if you want to stay light or go dark? How will the training on a Dagobah-like planet – or better yet on Dagobah itself?

The answers to these questions will likely go unanswered until either much closer to or after the actual episode two release. There will be a lot of speculation and wish lists circulated by fans as we wait.

There has been virtually nothing released about episode three. It is impossible to even speculate about what the focus could be. Additionally whether or not it will simply be a culmination of the first two episode pieces of training. If I could speculate as to another part of the Star Wars legends that many fans have dreamed about, getting into the cockpit of a starfighter would be the hat trick of daydreams for most of us.

There are no requirements per se for playing Vader Immortal. You need room as you do with any VR headset, but as long as you have some space and remember to use your wrist straps, you should be fine.

As you read this you may be thinking that this is something you definitely want to jump into. If you are wondering what it may cost you to do this, that is a multi-faceted question.

Vader Immortal

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

Episode I is not expensive in and of itself. The episode is $10 and it seems that both followup episodes will be the same price. This would make the entire Vader Immortal trilogy available to you for $30.

If you do not already own one and are looking to make an investment in a VR headset, anyone who wants to follow the Star Wars world into virtual reality would do best to stick with Oculus. The Oculus quest is available with 32 gigs and 64 gigs.

The Rift S

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

The Rift S is PC based, so if you opt for that headset, keep that in mind and be sure to check the PC requirements before you make the purchase. The Oculus Quest is, of course, the newest headset and Vader Immortal was a launch title for it.

Oculus VR headset

Oculus Vader Immortal, The Best VR Experience

This headset is not PC based. Oculus is calling their first and currently only all in one VR headset. With this headset, you have access to all the games currently in the Rift S VR library. This means movies and any new releases Oculus will be putting out only for the Quest.

With Oculus and ILMxLAB coming together to create this incredibly vivid and powerful experience in Vader Immortal: Episode I, there is much anticipation for the future of Star Wars based virtual reality immersive experiences. This is not limited to the next two episodes of this gripping trilogy. However, we can only hope that there will be an ongoing partnership between these companies.

If Vader Immortal can overcome the issues so many Star Wars VR experiences have failed to answer or overcome, there will be a lot of anticipation of a continuation of this iconic universe in this new and much more tangible way. Though it is clear that LucasFilms can continue to bring the universe to the big screen with both old and new characters, Oculus is now helping to put the world into the hands of the fans who have kept this series going for 42 years.


Get on your ship and make the jump to light speed. You get to pull that lever now. Have a few minutes to yourself, and get a few cracks in with your new droid sidekick. Feel the pull of the tractor beam leading you to the dark side. Learn how to fight with a lightsaber. Be sure to truly savor it when you push the button and hear that hum for the first time. Be sure to shield your mind when Vader comes in the cell with you. Most of all have fun and May the Force be with you.

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