The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

06:42 AM May 21, 2019

What is Amazon?

The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

Have you heard of Amazon? If not, a little info on Amazon. It is one of the biggest online shopping websites. Many people trust and believe in Amazon.  Amazon offers many in the United States free 2-day shipping. They also have built a rapport with their customers and we trust them.  Amazon is not available in the Philippines with direct shipping, there is still a various number of shipping options.


Amazon is the leader in the market and basically has just about anything you could want or need.  They even have a specific day. During the holidays, instead of Black Friday, they have Cyber Monday, which is one of the top Amazon promotions in the Philippines and all over.

There are so many great products, buyers are given many options and discounts to make them coming back for more.  

Amazon is reliable and very impressive. They offer personalized shopping features and tools that influence many buyers to buy whatever items that they need.

Amazon Prime members pay $119 per year for membership, and students pay $59 for the annual fee.

Easy Checkout and Shipping Overseas

The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

Amazon has a way to find your items quickly and easily. You simply click on an email you have gotten and you are on the site. It only takes 5 clicks to checkout with Amazon.  If you want to sign up for Amazon Prime, it is simple and easy.  To learn more about Amazon Prime, you can go to and read what they have for their question area.

If you would like to order from the Philippines, and have it shipped to you from Amazon, there is the LBC Shipping Cart. This makes it easier for Filipinos and other international customers make Amazon purchases.

Amazon offers global priority shipping as well. They will use UPS which only takes about 3-4 days. In the United States, there is free shipping offered and Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping.

There are three types of shipping times for Amazon to ship to the Philippines.  There is standard shipping which takes 18-26 days. Expedited shipping which is 5-10 days. Priority shipping takes 3-6 days.


Standard shipping for Amazon is $4.99 per shipment, expedited is $13.99 per shipment, and priority shipping is $29.99 per shipment.

Best Promotions: Amazon in the Philippines

The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

Some of the best Philippines promotions can be found on Amazon. There may be some Philippines Amazon promo codes that will help you buy something online cheaper that way, you can save somehow with your purchases.

You can always ask your shipping company if they have some Amazon coupon, coupon codes, or anything that can save you money since the shipping may be costly. If you have an Amazon Rewards Visa, you can always use that and reap the benefits.

When you order on Amazon from the Philippines, you would like your items within 30 days or less. The catch here, you may have to pay more for expedited shipping.

You can try to use Amazon Prime’s free trial membership and see if they will work for your items. That would be helping at least in gaining some discount of any kind.

Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping in the United States. As far as looking for the best promotions, try these steps. When you first go to a search and look for the best promotions, Amazon in the Philippines, you do not match anything. Therefore, use promotional codes, amazon promo code, or Philippines Amazon, and see what is pulled up. There will be something for you eventually. Amazon could also be having a special sale also.

Amazon Prime Members Enjoy Free 2 Day Shipping

The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

If you are in the Philippines, these may be harder to get than the U.S., but you can use Shipping Cart to have Amazon ship the items to their U.S. address.  If you want to save money on shipping your items, Shipping Cart may be the absolute best option for you if you are using Amazon and do not want to pay the crazy fees.  Also, if you know someone in the United States that has an Amazon Prime account already, you fo have the option to use their information if they will let you.

Top Philippines Amazon Promotion

Here are some promotions that are available to you and are shipped to the Philippines. These are our choices for the top promos. Some of them are not Amazon based but based in the  Philippines.

  • Grab Food has a great promotion. If you sign up for Grab Food, you’ll get your first five orders delivered to you for free. 
  • If you are a fan of Zalora, they have a great promotion going on right now too. They are offering 25% off their entire site. 
  • KKday has a voucher code that is giving an extra 5% off their website.  If you would like P100 off check out Pound it and their exclusive discount code.
  • If you need some cosmetics, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics has an exclusive promo code that gives you P200 off of your cart at checkout.
  • Slick Case has a voucher code that gives you 35% off any regular priced items.
  • One of our favorite promotions is at iHerb. First, they have items starting at $1, you’ll get 10% off all purchases. Then they are going to take 15% off their brands of the week.  There’s more, subscribe to them and receive 80% off your next shopping order.
  • Another fantastic promotion is from Photobook Philippines. They have Mayday deals, which include discounts up to 85% off and free shipping off of selected items.

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How to Buy on Amazon Overseas

Buying Amazon Overseas Essential Tips

If its fashion that you enjoy, check out the deals and promotions at Asos. They have several codes for men’s and women’s clothing. There are 20% off tops, 10% student discounts, and they deliver all over the world.

Another clothing promotion is happening at Romwe. If you order over $29.00, you’ll get $3 off, order over $89, you’ll get $10 off, and order over $139.00 and you’ll get $20 off. Plus, 10% off for new members.  They also have lightning deals that cost 99 cents.

Rosegal is offering 15% off for new members and some items are 50% off. They also have a 75% off sale. With these deals, you are surely going to find some great buys and offers that you can save a lot of money with. These are also stores that offer to ship to the Philippines, and some are even located in the Philippines, which works out great for you.

Amazon Rewards

The Philippines Top Amazon Promotion

If you are an Amazon Prime member or you utilize Amazon, there are a lot of ways that you can earn rewards. First of all, there is the Amazon prime Visa card that is sponsored by Chase.  This card lets you enjoy rewards on every purchase that you make. You can use these rewards at This can be a great way to save big on your purchases.  There are two options for the reward Visas. The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card; which gives you $50 on upon approval. There is also the Visa Prime card that gives you much more. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can apply for this card. You get a $70 Amazon gift card upon approval. There are no foreign transaction fees and no annual fees. This is a really great way to save and rack up rewards.

There are ways to buy Amazon gift cards as well. A very popular option is to purchase an E-gift card from Amazon. Amazon offers a lot of items for everyone and even if you cannot find everything you want on Amazon, you’ll find the other promotions can offer you about the same items around the same discounts.

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