How to Become Instagram Famous & The Steps You Can Take

How to Become Instagram Famous

Who doesn’t like Instagram stardom? We live in an internet age, where even the most spiritual, modest, and nerdy people want to bomb the internet with their Instagram stories. With just a few stunning snapshots with model-like poses, you’ll be getting tons of likes.

People post regular stuff all day with the hope of going viral. And getting famous seems to be a divine phenomenon or, better still, an arduous task. Don’t worry, wannabes! We got you covered.

This post reveals the secrets of Instagram celebrities, the tricks involved in going viral, and the Instagram tools needed for the task. If you aren’t an Instagram user yet, better create your account. Follow some of our content creation tips below.


Why should I become Instagram famous?

Why should I become Instagram famous?

Aside from the good vibe of fame, most people don’t seem to get the full list. Being famous using your Instagram account could be the ticket to your dreams. Having more followers is your stepping stone to that goal.

Yeah! That’s right. Fame Begets Money. Have you ever noticed that most Instagram influencers start growing financially when they get famous? They gain more followers! This cash flow comes from advertising-related brands on their Instagram accounts and other social media accounts.

Companies are dying to get featured on influencers’ pages. And all you need to do to get their attention is to have a large Instagram fanbase.

Wondering how much companies pay Instagram models to get featured? Here’s your answer.

Note: I will assume you already have a superb Instagram account profile. But if you don’t know how to set up a cool Instagram profile, please read How to set up an appealing Instagram profile.

How to Get Instagram Famous: 15 Steps to Becoming Instagram Famous

Utilizing Instagram stories, high-quality content, and essentially treating your Instagram accounts like a small business are fundamental ideologies to pursue Instagram Fame. Tagged photos and videos are key to helping drive your Instagram influencer’s marketing.


These are key points you need as you grow your digital marketing/Instagram skills to showcase free products and essentially treat your IG thread like blog posts.

1. Choose a Passionate Niche

Choose a niche you’re most passionate about. You can’t keep posting regular pieces of stuff and expect more followers. If your Instagram account content doesn’t reflect your passion, no one would be motivated to engage with your Instagram content. Also, user-generated content attracts more followers.

2. Motivation in Motion

How to Become Instagram Famous?

The motivation behind the words you write or say in your posts attracts people to follow you. But also engage with your Instagram content from time to time.

Create an Instagram account with your passion in mind. This is the best way to gain loyal Instagram followers.

3. Showcase Passion

You don’t have to be a great singer to gain more music followers. All you need is a passion for music. The same is true for other niches, like modeling, comedy, football, agriculture, marketing, and gaming. Though you don’t have to be talented in the niche to become an Instagram influencer, creativity is key to becoming famous.

4. Utilize Findable and Trackable Hashtags

Personalized hashtags, aka #metags, should embody your brand’s name. Values or influencer marketing campaign. Developing a personalized hashtag is a way of making your tribe stand out.

5. Engagement

Unique hashtags help customers engage with their favorite brands without tagging them directly. For instance, Adidas users who just purchased an Adidas shoe. He might just want to post a picture of him wearing the shoe alongside #adidas.

A personalized hashtag has an added advantage, increasing brand awareness or Instagram fame. For instance, people worldwide use Nike’s hashtag #doit as an inspirational term. Without realizing it belongs to a shoe company.

6. Use Different Types of Hashtags

How to Become Instagram Famous?

Opposite to the popular notion that lesser hashtags ensure more engagement, the reverse is true. The only clause is your hashtags must be related to a niche for efficiency.

Study shows that your engagement rate increases with the number of hashtags used per Instagram post. Your post content shouldn’t have more than 30 hashtags — the maximum number allowed on Instagram.

To rank higher with hashtags, use less popular hashtags with 100,000 to a couple of million post shares. Ignore popular hashtags, such as #life, #love, or #success. And when using hashtags, track your hashtags hours after posting so that you’ll know the ones where your content is ranking high.

7. Study Your Competitor’s Instagram Account

Despite the influence of your competitors on social media, big or small, there’s always something to learn. Study your competitors’ interactions with consumers (potential clients). Learn their most effective strategies, and apply them to your posts on Instagram. Apart from their strategies, check out their profiles and make yours better.

8.  Incorporate Storytelling into your Instagram Stories

Whether personal or fictional, storytelling has a way of turning strangers into friends. And it drives more engagement than other types of Instagram content.

When narrated interestingly, listeners or readers develop an interest in your brand. A story can be entertaining and educational at the same time. It depends on the way the story is narrated.

Presentation is everything. If cycling is your niche, you can tell how you improved from an amateur cyclist to a professional. If singing is your niche, you can narrate a story about your most embarrassing moment on stage. Storytelling is fun. Turn every story into a marketing tool.

9. Make Consistency Your Watchword

How to Become Instagram Famous?

No one becomes Instagram famous overnight. Embrace the process of greatness and post consistently on your page. Draft a plan stating the number of content you want to post per week. To become Instagram famous, you need to post content 2-3 times a day.

Becoming famous is not an easy task. If your content isn’t repetitive or boring, it won’t look spammy at all. Instagram rewards consistent accounts with more exposure. But if you find it difficult to post Instagram content 2-3 times a day, post a few times a week and be consistent.

Keep interacting with your tribe till you’re able to build long-lasting relationships online. Try creating most of your content on weekends in preparation for the coming week when you’d be busy most of the time.

10. Know When to Post

How to Become Instagram Famous?

Study your posting times to know when you get the most engagement.
Generally, posts perform better on weekends because that’s the time of the week when most people are less busy.

But you’ve got to discover what works for you because the way consumers engage with social media varies with the niche. Apps like keyhole, locowise, and Iconosquare help you discover your best posting times.

11. Go Local

Local exposure gives you a turgid base, which provides the engagement you need to kickstart every post. Let’s say you’re touring India. Reach out to the local communities on Instagram. Post your content in India, and geotag your followers in India.

Geo-tagging is a great Instagram feature that helps you bond with your followers and those you’re following. But don’t misuse the feature. Only when you want to interact with those in your present location.

12. Implement a Call-To-Action

CTA’s, such as — Double tap if you agree. Tag a friend who needs to see this, leaves your comment below, Let me know your thoughts on this, Yay or Nay, and Comment to enter this giveaway — work wonders. Including CTAs in your posts increases engagement, which gives you more exposure.

13. Get Featured

Reach out to other influencers in your field for an Instagram post or story promotion. Some may charge money, while others might demand mutual help. Be it as it may, influence begets influence.

When people see your post on other influencer pages, they will follow you for more (if your stuff is interesting). You don’t have to limit your influence to Instagram alone. Also, get featured on blogs and news sites.

14. Engage Actively With Your Audience

Use your DM more often and reply to your contacts. Instagram pushes your content to the feeds of those you interact with via DM. Every follower deserves a direct message. Send each of them welcoming messages and set up quick replies.

Don’t be a social parasite — like your followers’ posts and engage with them on their posts. Though getting many followers is cool, inactive followers could decrease your Instagram reach.

15. Use Paid Ads

To initiate a sponsored ad, you’ve got to switch to a business Instagram account. A business account allows you to view insights on every post and promote your page.

Put more flesh on the bone of your brand by reaching out to more Instagram users via paid ads. This is the surest way to become famous. When done perfectly, your Instagram ad could outsmart the Instagram algorithm.

Final Thoughts

Getting famous on any social media platform is not a day’s job. So be cool and keep pushing consistently till you become an Instagram influencer. Using the techniques listed above, you’re a stone’s throw away from achieving that celebrity status.

Updated on February 21, 2022.
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