Hottest Latino Music : Te Bote Still One of the Hottest Songs!

11:46 PM March 20, 2019

Te Bote is a phrase that means, “I dumped you,” in Spanish. It has also become a hit song since it was released by Nio Garcia, Darrelll, and Casper Màgico. This song was released in 2017, and it is in the Reggaetón genre. In April of 2018, another version of this song was released by Jennifer Lopez. Its title was “Te Bote 2.” There have also been four electronic remixes of this song as well. When this song was released, it was an instant hit, and still to this day fans are playing it at parties. Musicians are still remixing it and sampling the song for its tonal innovation. The next version of the song came out as a remix in April 2018. It was again performed by the Puerto Rican musicians. Following this track was an English version that was performed by Conor Maynard, and it featured Anth.

When “Te Bote” was released, it sky rocketed to the number 36 spot on the billboard charts. This was in the United States, and the song was completely in Spanish. This doesn’t seem to be a problem as long as the fans like it, and apparently, they do. The song itself lasts seven minutes, and in this day and age it is hard to believe that anyone can stay focused on a seven-minute song that is not in their native language. It’s a great thing and it is connecting people of all backgrounds around the world.


Even the song lyrics are quite childish and offensive. Telling the ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that they do not care about you at all, and that, basically, they never did anyway. At one point there was love, but now it’s just hate. That’s very unattractive language. It is interesting that so many fans of the song really think that it’s the best song of all time. It’s an unfriendly song, but it’s still one of the biggest reggaeton songs in over ten years.

Why was this song written in the first place? Well, there is a reason for the madness. In 2017, Màgico was just out of jail, and he was looking for some ruckus to stir up in his career. He was lost and needed some direction in his life. I think most of us can relate to that. So, when he got out of jail, he owned nothing, and wanted to make a change. Hurricane Maria came through and killed about 3,000 people. No one was able communicate with each other, and everything seemed to be broken and ruined. Through the chaos of Maria, Te Bote was born.

Latin trap music is what had been popular here over the last couple of years. Then one day, while the hurricane was running amuck all over the area, the fellas behind the song decided that they wanted a faster-paced inspiration. They were already in a dark place with the merciless hurricane wreaking havoc, and they didn’t want to hear any more trap music garbage. They wanted to write a song that would move everyone, instead of making people more depressed and down. They felt like trap was already everywhere, and that it was a bad influence on the people. Therefore, they created something completely new.

The crew went through a lot of ideas, song lyrics, melodies, and other song features. After about seven cycles of trial and error, Te Bote’ emerged from the ether of creativity. The beginning starts out by playing instrumental recordings. Then, you’ll hear the voices joining into the masterpiece. The first verse is performed by Darrell, who has a cantankerous and raspy voice. The second verse is taken care of by Casper Màgico, who seems as if he has not been phased by losing his lady, and the whole breakup isn’t anything that he is worried about. He plays off his emotions very well. The final verse is performed by Nio Garcia. This verse is lighter than the rest of the song. It could be on purpose, to show that maybe he is actually the one in the trio who is feeling the most pain from the breakup. The two may be hurting, but they remain stoic and void of sadness. This song’s beat is exactly in four-four time. The song’s “hook,” is “I dumped you.” It is repeated a few times, and eventually joins in with the piano. The piano music used in this song is extremely heartfelt, and fits in well with the song’s overall musical structure.

In Puerto Rico, the first version of the song was enjoyed by all who heard it. The Puerto Ricans felt as if this was their song. The guys lived on a small island, so the music that they put out came from a place of natural creation. There are only a few genres of music in Puerto Rico to listen to. Many DJs, musicians, producers, and other audio entrepreneurs approached the trio about remixing the song, but they all agreed to only change the song if a consensus was reached. Darrell from the group said that is was great that they were getting feedback; any reaction to the music is a good sign. Normally, when a musician of any caliber wants to sample or remix your song, then you know that you have been successful musically, at least to some degree.

It is crazy that the song was so popular that it rose to the top of American charts, and was among the top songs in other international rankings. The popularity gave the three guys a sure route to a career in the music industry. Darrell signed the record deal, and he now appears on an Enrique Iglesias’ album. Nio Garcia is also working on his own album. In the grand scheme of things, however, the one person in the group that seems to have embraced the fame is Casper Màgico. Since this track, he has been working on several new songs that he wants to be kid-friendly. We wish them all the luck in the world on their future careers and musical endeavors.

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