XXXTentaction Album 2019: A Brief Exploration

XXXTentaction Album 2019: A Brief Exploration

12:19 AM March 17, 2019

The rapper XXXTentacion had just signed a $10 million contract that involved him producing a new album. The signing event occurred a few weeks before he was killed. This would have been his third album. However, one ill-fated day, XXXTentacion was killed outside of a motorcycle dealership in Florida. It was June 18, 2018.

Who is XXXTentacion?

If you have never heard of him, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy and at the time of his passing, he was 20-years old. It seems that Jahseh was surrounded and raised around violence.  In his 20 years on Earth, he had a very disturbing life full of pain and crime. At 6 years old, he tried to stab a man who he saw being mean to his mom. At 125 pounds, soaking wet, Jahseh would end up in and out of jail, juvenile services, and South Florida lockup.

        He was always boasting about everything he did, as if making people see how tough he was, made him excited. XXXTentacion was telling everyone about the gay inmate that he brutally beat up. During an interview, he boasted about this often. It seems as if he just did not care about what people thought of his actions. Unless you were bad mouthing him, then he would hype himself up more or gloat. He wanted to be “the man” in people’s eyes.


XXXTentacion’s life was cut short brutally in a burst of gun shots. There were two men who were seen at the motorcycle dealership, where XXXTentacion was killed. Some think that this was a robbery situation, while others think someone XXXTentacion had beef with killed him.

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Verbal Abuse

XXXTentacion was fighting with anyone he could during his rise to stardom. He would fight with the fans at concerts, he had a huge beef with Drake, and he was physically violent to his girlfriend. This altercation was fueled when his girlfriend was singing someone else’s song. He was not cool with that. There was also an incident in Florida that involved a pregnant woman.

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Number One

Even though XXXTentacion was getting arrested, fighting everyone, and filled with rage and anger, his music went to number one on Soundcloud. At the same time this happened, XXXTentacion was also awaiting trial for a domestic battery charge. He strangled, held hostage, and aggravated battery to a pregnant woman in Broward County. At the time of his death, he was waiting to go to trial for another battery charge, this time to his pregnant girlfriend.

In March 2016, XXXTentacion began to put his music on to SoundCloud. It’s a live streaming music service that lets the artists upload their music for listeners. This was the main stage for his work. He was recognized and his music was on the Billboard charts 11 months later. Then chaos happened. He was charged with armed robbery from the year before. He got probation for this issue. Then he was in the relationship from hell, or so it seems. His girlfriend said he would just have outbursts of anger and he would lose control.

Home Life Without Mom

XXXTentacion grew up in Pompano Beach Florida, mainly with his grandmother. His mom had him at an early age, and she had some money problems, so she did whatever for money, leaving her son with family or anywhere. He always had an ear for music and was very talented, but hated the rules of music and the notes. He wanted to do his own thing with music and not play by the rules. He joined the choir in church but that was short lived.

XXXTentacion’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, gave birth to her son when she was only 18 years old. XXXTentacion would always speak of his mother as if she were more of a friend to him than a mom. Her presence in his life, was in and out. She seemed to have her priorities elsewhere, raising a kid is not what she wanted at all. XXXTentacion was taken wherever and whenever. He discussed how the places that he was taken, and the situations were not good at all for him.

Since his mother was not in his life very much, XXXTentacion found a way to get her to pay attention to him. When he would get in trouble, his mom would come. So, he started being violent at school. He would get into fights at school just so he could hear his mom’s voice. He was kicked out of school in 6th grade, which caused him to be in a group home situation.

When XXXTentacion was in high school, he would have crazy outbursts that would cause problems later in life. These would lead to armed robbery, possession of oxycodone, using a firearm at the scene of a crime, burglary, and resisting arrest. He was taken to a juvenile detention center, and this is where he beat up a gay man.

Legal Issues

XXXTentacion had a lot of legal problems going on right before he got shot. He has been involved in the different fights in the area. There were all of these allegations that were being used against him as well. Spotify had even banned him from being played because they said he had violated their policies. Even though there were scandals, allegations, violence, and more, XXXTentacion was able to sign a new contract with Empire. What is Empire, one may ask, it’s an independent record company that released X’s first album. XXXTentacion’s third album was worth $10 million.

Life is a Gift

The last few months of his life, XXXTentacion, tried to get on the right path, but just seemed to be unable to truly get there. He went online to try to help fans and motivate others that were going through what he was at that time. He wanted to inspire his fans and lead them into doing well. This young man’s life was taken so suddenly, and for whatever the reason was, there is still a part of XXXTentacion in this his music and in the soon to be released tracks that he made before his passing.  

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