RANKED: Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs - And His Postmortem Success

RANKED: Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs

/ 12:53 AM January 10, 2019

We break down the Top 10 XXXTentacion songs, as we take an in-depth look into the foundations of this artist, who’s postmortem success has catapulted him not only into the “Moonlight”,but also the spotlight time after time, as song after song featuring this unique voice is becoming a hit.

10. Roll in Peace – feat. Kodak Black

This is the quintessential trap production peaking on Billboard at number 31 on 3rd of Feb. 2018. Of all XXXTentacion songs, this song is very stereotypical of what you will see from Kodak Black, filled with a vast array of ad libs and hype backings, and a very catchy repetitive flow. XXX here really steps out of his comfort zone here as he mirror’s the flow of Kodak. Generally XXX is a bit more melodic, however here he’s left the melodic vocals behind for a more experimental rhythmic flow. It’s always good to see artist’s diversifying their musical portfolio, this track is definitely an underrated trap banger.

Arms Around You – Feat Swae Lee and Maluma

9. Arms Around You – feat. Swae Lee and Maluma

XXX is back and better than ever in this Latin/English mash-up peaking at 28 on the Billboard charts. This catchy hit will have you reaching out to grab those loved ones around you. Songs like this are becoming much more popular, and I have to say that I am most definitely a big fan of these mashups. Contrary to Roll in Peace, XXX sing’s the main hook here, and similar to many of his other hooks, it’s incredibly catchy, paired with a vastly famous Latin artist, Maluma who in his own right has been taking the pop world by storm lately, adding together for one great recipe for success.

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8. F**k Love – feat. Trippie Redd

F**K Love peaked on the Billboard charts at 28, this song really speaks to the heartbreak and deep true emotion that XXX was going through at the time. It features vocals from trippie redd and has XXX right in his wheelhouse, as he is back to his bread and butter of the autotuned, yet rich melodies that he became famous for. In this heartbreak song, you can hear the pain in his voice, as he details how this female or love in his life switched sides on him, and how she threw her love away.

7. Jocelyn Flores

The first song in this epic countdown that solely features the man himself XXX, peaking on the Billboard charts at 19. This song speaks about the depression that XXX was going through at the time, having a close friend commit suicide and how it made him want to do the same. How he’s trapped in his mind, and his music is the only way he can get it all out. Throughout the song, it has a pretty standard kick pattern, with a catchy yet minor feeling sample in the background, a couple of key points are the only stops in the beat. Definitely an emotional song and I think one that most people can relate to.


6. Changes

This ballad peaks at number 18 on the Billboard charts, I’ve always been such a big fan of XXX, and this song is such a prime example of who XXX is. In this song he speaks about how he doesn’t understand why his girl at the time is changing, and he can’t stand it, there are just a simple piano and some layered background vocals, this song really shows the genuine emotion of XXX, the reason why he connects so well with his listeners, as everyone who’s ever been in love has experienced this, and you can’t help but feel for what he was going through at the time.

5. BAD!

A bit of a change up for XXX here, this trap inspired production peaks at number 16 on the Billboard charts, the same cadence is repeated throughout the verses, and the hook as XXX speaks about a girl that he has heard is BAD! Meaning he wants to get with this baddie as shes a girl who’s going to be in high pursuit. We may never know if XXX ever got her, but judging off some of his other heartbreak songs he could’ve very well gotten her, and then later got his heart broken and wrote another song about her, the world may never know!

4. Falling Down – feat. Lil Peep

This song peaking at number 13 is one of my personal all-time favorites by XXX, as it features both of the most famous as of late “Soundcloud rappers” who are both unfortunately no longer with us. This song almost features a rock style of backbeat which is something that is very different for both artists, there’s an interview blurb in the song that speaks about how one wishes they would have checked the other out, and it’s not until after they pass that you realize how great and similar you really are to someone.

3. Moonlight

This catchy hit peaked at number 7 on the Billboard charts, in a trap esque style, this song features an exciting synth melody that really does make you feel as though you are listening to this song under the stars and moonlight, this song just really shows the diversity of XXX as he seamlessly breaks back and forth into his catchy melodies and witty bars that he is so famously known for. This song will be in your head for a long time, I know I couldn’t get enough of it when it first came out.

2. Don’t Cry – Lil Wayne

This song is the first one of many to now to be released postmortem, peaking at number 5 on the Billboard charts, this hit off of the greatly anticipated Carter V album by Lil Wayne, features the vocals that no one will ever mistake for being anyone else other than XXX himself. He just has such a particular sound that he really shows off his vocal ability to create a melodic hit in this song. Lil Wayne is getting back to his roots in this song, the standard flow that we all grew to love. They’re back and better than ever.

1. SAD!

Last but not least, his only number 1 hit on the Billboard charts, this song can’t be characterized by a genre of rap. It has a synth sample that could stand on its own, and all the while the back beat integrates perfectly with the sample. XXX is doing what he does best in this song, mixing his melodies and catchy hooks, with witty lines and in this hit he does it all. Make sure you give this song, and all songs on this list a listen as he will most definitely be missed.

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