Our Top Picks: Watch Faces for Apple Watch

Our Top Picks: Watch Faces for Apple Watch

04:43 AM March 20, 2019

Are you a huge fan of smart watches? Have you explored the Apple Watch Series’ faces? There are 20 new and improved faces that can transform your device more than you think. The small, square-sized screen has you covered from the basics: time, date, calendar, phone, messages, and others are included in addition to its innovative software. The options for the apple watch face screens are numerous; you can put photos on the border or even get popular Disney characters to decorate your watch face. Check them out here.

Have you seen the watch faces for Apple Watch? If you haven’t yet, where have you been? No, just kidding. But seriously, these faces are worth the rave and attention, as they are totally transforming the apple watch aesthetic.

Before you install other apps on it, or vary from its third-party accessories and straps, you might want to explore the striking change that occurs when you change the watch’s face. Now, some might think that the faces are not a convincing point for purchase, as other smartwatches also have it. However, it is definitely different from the watch faces available for android wear.


With all the new additions from the Apple Watch Series 4, you surely wouldn’t think twice about making this purchase.

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Before we begin to show you the faces, let me discuss briefly on how you can add faces to your Apple Watch. First, you have to open the Watch app on your iPhone, select Face Gallery at the bottom, and choose from there. Once finished, just tap “Add.”

If you do not prefer to use the app, you can use the watch itself. Using 3D Touch, press down hard on the watch face. You’re presented with a left-to-right list of watch faces you’ve used and selected before. To add a new face, swipe left until you see “New.” Here, you can use the Digital Crown to scroll through the available choices and tap the screen to select one.

You may be wondering: How can I delete a watch face? It’s pretty simple. You just need to press down on any face, find the face you want to delete, and then swipe on that face. Then, tap “Remove” to delete it.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of the watch faces available for Apple Watch (in no particular order):

  1. The Infographic

The Infographic

This is a great deal for an information-kind-of-person. If you’re interested in the latest updates regarding weather, temperature, shortcuts, and other similar topics – this is the best face you can use. It can support up to eight customizations, including the “corners” which are part of the new features for the new Series 4 apple watch.

  1. Infographic ModularInfographic Modular

Another great watch for consolidating information, this one has six customization spots, including three icons at the bottom which can also be changed into contacts for making calls through the Watch. In this face, however, the corner features are absent, but you can still use the middle modular unit.

  1. Breathe


As the name implies, this is a good refresher for a fully-loaded day. All you need is a tap on your watch and it will immediately go to the Breathe app for a guided session.

  1. Vapor, Fire, Water, Liquid

Vapor, Fire, Water, Liquid

Now, this is more like an animated face. Through with watchOS 5, these faces happen to be more creative. As Apple is keen to realism, these faces are actually captured from real photography.

  1. The Pride

The Pride

The seven colors on this face and the name itself says a lot about the product. If you’re attending the Pride or want to show some support to our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters – the Pride watch is what you need. It’s minimalist and has lush animations that transition from rainbow lines to thin ribbons and into strong bars.

  1. The Commuter (Modular)

The Commuter (Modular)

It’s the perfect face for all commuters who do mind the travel time and arrival above anything else. This face has an ETA that keeps you updated on traffic and public transportation delays. Carrot Weather even tells you if an umbrella is necessary, and Citymapper keeps you updated on when you’ll reach your destination.

  1. The News/Sports Junkie (Modular)

The News Sports Junkie (Modular)

This is all about keeping you updated on the hottest topics to the breaking news. Unlike other news compilations, this platform aggregates news from a whole bunch of different sources. You’ve got the Dark Sky complication up at the top telling you the weather. While at the bottom, Spark, Calendar, and ESPN give you a glance of your inbox, date, and sport’s scores.

  1. The Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker

Shoutout to all the health enthusiasts out there. If you are the type to monitor your activity and calories on every journey, this is the perfect face for you. It has a Workout feature ready for your next fitness activity, a heart rate on the other side for your vitals, and Loses IT! which lets you see how you’re doing on the food/nutrition aspect.

  1. The High Flyer (Modular)

The High Flyer (Modular)

For all the busy people on the move that have to be prepared at all times, this is the face for you. It has the date and time on top, with the calendar ready for viewing your schedule and your next agenda. On the bottom, it has Mail, Phone, and “Just Press Record” for the moments where you need to make a quick phone call, check your mail, or record a note.

  1. The Runner (Activity Analogue)

The Runner (Activity Analogue)

Early mornings or late evenings? It doesn’t matter for you as long as you can take your daily kilometer runs. And this face cares more than you do about it. This one has a Workout app along with its fully-featured Runtastic. There’s also Lifesum on top which will help you keep an eye on your water intake.

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  1. The Assistant Lover (Siri)

The Assistant Lover (Siri)

Well, who doesn’t love a good virtual assistant, right? Your secretary may not be around you 24/7, but Siri can. It reminds you of the things that need to be done, and she’s also quick on making a reminder for you if your iPhone is not available.

  1. The Frequent Flyer (Modular)

The Frequent Flyer (Modular)

Are you a pilot, stewardess, or someone who flies more regularly than being on land? Then this is your ideal face. This product ensures that you will not be delayed on your next flight. This face holds all your boarding information. Not only that, it can also keep an eye on your meetings with Calendar, and even has a World Clock.

  1. the Globe Trotter (Modular)

the Globe Trotter (Modular)

Great for travelers, this will help you on your next destination. Hotwire, which displays car rentals, hotel reservations, and flight plans, is the deal here. Plus, you also have Citymapper, World Clock, your boarding pass, and even iTranslate all through the platform.

  1. The Adventure (Modular)

The Adventure (Modular)

This one gives you the Carrot’s weather app on the center, with Maps, Night Sky, and even the Sunrise and Sunset all for you to utilize on your outdoor adventures.

  1. The Smart Home lover (Simple)

The Smart Home lover (Simple)

If you’re some Apple fanatic, by that, I mean you’ve got the smart home tech like TV and such, this HomeKit gives you quick access to Remote if you want to control your Apple TV.

  1. The Fun One (Mickey Mouse)

The Fun One (Mickey Mouse)

Now, this is a fun face, you’ll surely smile and loosen up upon seeing this. You can just click on Mickey if you want the time. There are also other characters available like the ones in Toy Story. Not only that, you can also get the weather from the sarcastic Carrot, use Magic Guide for theme park ride times, and hatch Pokemon with Pokemon Go – all at the same time. Now, that’s fun, right?

  1. The Fancy One (Chronograph)

The Fancy One (Chronograph)

This is more on the simple yet classy kind of watch. It is a watch face where you can turn on its white watch face, perfect for the night time.

  1. The Minimalist (Numerals)

The Minimalist (Numerals)

This, compared to the previous ones, is a very simple face. It has the time and date in the most minimalist way you can think of.

  1. The Zen Master (Kaleidoscope)

The Zen Master (Kaleidoscope)

You’ve seen some kaleidoscope effects from some music players and videos before, right? Just like those, the effect of the kaleidoscope is perfect for zoning out moments and getting lost in the visions.

  1. The Photography Lover (Photo)

The Photography Lover (Photo)

Well, if images kick the inspiration out of you, and just keeps you going, then use this face. Whether it’s a memory you would want to go back to, or an image of your special someone, go for it and be inspired.

Which among these watch faces for Apple Watch are your favorites? Try to take your daily activities and find the best face match for your lifestyle hobbies.

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