Ranked: The Best NBA Uniforms of All Time

Ranked: The Best NBA Uniforms of All Time

01:08 AM March 14, 2019

Ever since the NBA has been around, they’ve always made it a point to be up to date on the latest trends and fashions. They usually present the most popular designers and brands when creating their teams’ uniforms and jerseys. Each year, there are different advertisers looking for NBA players to show off their brand. Just think about it, if Kevin Durant wears something specific, millions of fans and spectators want to have what Kevin Durant stands for, and they want to do what Kevin Durant does.  There are specific shoe brands that have contracts with the NBA for specific teams and players. It all is determined on money and how the brand will flourish if they sign certain players and teams.

Nike is everywhere as an apparel company for the NBA. In 2017, Nike broke one of the longest NBA traditions. On October 1st, they quit producing the “home” and “away” jerseys.  They felt like the change was a great thing for the NBA. They released a new style of jersey for the teams. Nike designed the uniforms in order to make them lighter and more flexible during games. If the players can breathe easier and be comfortable in their new uniforms, they are doing great.

Another plus to the new NBA jerseys is the fact that they are made up of recycled plastic bottles. This makes the NBA “green.” The NBA uniforms will be able to help players’ sweat dry 15 percent faster, and the logos on the jerseys are sewn separately from the rest of the jersey. Nike promised to design jerseys for each team that are inspired by the city in which it plays. So, yes, the NBA has been updating their uniforms and we have been looking at the past and the throwbacks and flops in the NBA as far as jerseys go. We’re going to discuss the best NBA uniforms of all time.

There once was a pinstripe jersey that the Orlando Magic made super famous, and these jerseys were awesome. The combo of the font and the pinstripe looked great on these jerseys. An honorable mention of great jerseys is the Toronto Raptors. This purple color was not a fan favorite, and the Velociraptor on the front of the jersey is pretty cool and great for the children to be drawn to. We have these honorable mentions, but let’s get to the best of the best, some of these maybe older than most of you are, but the best ones are definitely in this list. Some of these are all a lot cooler than I thought. Check them out.

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Late 90’s Atlanta Hawks Jersey

Atlanta Hawks

This jersey from the late 90’s is one of our favorite team uniforms of all time. The red and black combo looks amazing, and how the colors fade into one another, with the hawk holding the basketball, is a brilliant design. This hawk actually looks a little bit scary and this is a very well-designed jersey. This jersey is one that anyone will look good in, and it is not one of those jerseys that is too loud. This is just relaxed and fresh.

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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

The Celtics uniforms are the next best uniforms in the history of the NBA. The Celtics uniforms have always been very sleek, and barely changed at all. The same color has remained on the jersey and shorts, the front on the jersey has been the same pretty much the whole 72 years of the franchise, and it seems that they are doing okay by keeping it easy, clean, and simple. The Celtics did not have their names on their backs, they have always been retro in that sense.


1975 Brooklyn Nets 

Brooklyn Nets

The nets have the classic red, white, and blue feel to it, their uniforms are very patriotic and have the American flag on them. This classic look was from 1975.

’98 – ’02 Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets

This jersey is one of our favorites of all time, are the classic teal with stripes uniform that Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, and Muggsy Bogues wore very well. In 1988 to 2002, the Charlotte Hornets had it going on with style and class on the court. Alonzo Mourning had just been drafted from Georgetown, and these guys had it together with their awesome uniforms.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls had it together with or without their uniforms. They had Michael Jordan, who would make anything look good. His rookie year was 1984, and he was 21 years-old and looking great in the Chicago Bulls throwbacks. The Chicago letting was beautiful and so was the team when they stepped out on the court.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers

The next uniform that has some old school and a swaggy feel to it, is that of the Cavaliers. These uniforms started popping around 1997, when the alternate uniforms had it going on. Lebron James would look kind of mean during these uniform days. These were very eye-catching as well.

2000’s Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons and Mister Grant Hill himself, in 2000, started representing the Motor City in this nice red, teal, yellow, and black uniform with the coolest logo the Pistons never had. Nike has made a comment about bringing this one back.

90’s Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers

Oh, Reggie Miller’s trash talking, and the Pacers had some really swanky uniforms around 1995. These were a lot better than the uniforms with the Hoosiers deal on it. Talk about hideous. Yikes!

96 Miami Heat

Miami Heat

The Heat had Alonzo Mourning smoking the throwback red and black outlined uniforms in 1996. These are definitely some of our favorites too.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks and Glenn Robinson had a very animated and 3-dimensional uniform with a picture of a buck on it. This hunter green is a cool design that perked up a once ultra-boring Bucks uniform prior to this. These uniforms came around in 1996.

90’s Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

As mentioned before, one of the best uniforms, hands down, is the hot Magic pinstripe that Penny and Shaq wore so well, starting in 1993. This is one of, if not the most iconic uniform in the league today. These uniforms helped change the game in uniform standards.

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