Amazon Echo Look Review: Meet Your New Personal Stylist

12:41 AM February 25, 2019

Amazon dove into the world of fashion with the release of the all-new Amazon Echo Look – a stand-alone camera that snaps pictures of you and your outfit, and uses the way you’re dressed to recommend clothes that are consistent with your style.

The addition of this excellent device presents a viable option for outfit advice that doesn’t involve your friends and family!. Now, you’re able to look great without having to ask anyone, thanks to this amazing invention by Amazon.



  • Review price: $99
  • Alexa-Enabled Functionality


You would appreciate the Amazon Echo Look more if you’re someone who is out of the loop when it comes to fashion. This new Echo will let you plan your style so you can look good at any event. What’s even better, the software will give you new tips and recommendations for outfits so that you can expand your wardrobe.

The Amazon Echo Look serves as a full-length selfie device before anything else. This means you can take a full body picture for any reason. You want a new picture for your social media profile page? The Echo can make it happen. Do you want to snap some hot outfits that you recently found? The camera features will let you share your trends easily and beautifully.

Another great feature of the Look is the Alexa functionality. This is a great list of specs, but the sound quality could be improved. If you’re really fashion conscious, or you want to improve upon your overall fashion sense, then the Amazon Echo Look is perfect for you.

As far as setting up the device, the process is a breeze. Simply plug the Look into a wall outlet, then pull-up the app and click “select a new device”. Find the Alexa device on the list and connect it your WIFI network.


Selfies and fashion aside, the Amazon Echo Look is an Alexa-enabled device, so you can ask her to set timers, alarms, and even play music. The audio quality isn’t up to par, so you should get your hands on one of the Echoes with speaker quality as the primary feature.

Amazon designed the Look to be focused on the visual software quality. According to one of its spokespersons, the speaker is not the primary function of the Echo Look, and doesn’t perform as well in that domain. The device goes above and beyond in its hands-free ability, depth-sensing camera, and LED lights.

In order to get the best out of the Echo Look, it must be placed appropriately in a flattering angle. As a recommendation, Amazon advises that it should be at shoulder level. However, several reviewers have reported efficient performance when it was placed at chest or midriff level. Personal experience will give you the best angle for your own needs.

Another factor is the light source. Place the Look so that it backs the light source of your home. The quality of photos is affected by the device’s exposure to surrounding light.


As soon as the setup is done, say, “Alexa, take a photo,” then strike a pose. After taking photos, they are sent to your phone almost immediately. The Look features a high-end camera, which blurs out your background and places the focus on you. You can increase the exposure, adjust the lighting, or even switch to video mode from the device’s settings.

The Look can do much more than just take selfies. It helps you sort your photos into different collections like spring, summer, dresses, and other categories.

Some customers do not like the automatic sorting feature on the Echo Look, as they may feel judged by the camera’s sorting algorithm.

However, the Style Check feature is quite interesting. It compares two outfits side by side and helps you pick the better one. It judges based on several factors including fit, color, and cohesiveness. This would be helpful on a day when you’re confused about which top would match your tulip skirt.

The Look is also pre-programmed to share all your photos with Amazon’s specialists for help. Unless you exclude these pictures, they will be automatically shared. This is not very ethical; users should have the power to share what they want to. The concept of the program is interesting, but needs to improve on overall customer experience.

If you’re scared about being hacked, or some stranger getting your pictures, the Look has a button to turn off the camera. While most people would appreciate a visible camera shutter, this also works. If you have several other Alexa devices in your home, you can use them comfortably after turning off the camera functionality.


The main goal of the Look is to make recommendations for outfits and clothes that one could buy. Because the device offers many other features besides style advice, it ends up being a versatile gadget for 2019. Regardless, the Echo Look is primarily an outfit recommendation device to help the fashion novice become a more stylish individual.

However, if you’re crazy about daily selfies and want that extra fashion awareness, then the Amazon Echo Look is just perfect for you. If you already have great fashion sense, then this device may not be the optimal choice for you when buying from the Amazon Echo series.

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