Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Does It Really Work?

12:24 AM February 24, 2019

The effectiveness of apple cider vinegar (ACV) has become a source of debate in the medical world. The lack of thorough research further strengthens the argument of many anti-ACV medical scientists’ claim that it is simply a myth and not a cure-all treatment.

Despite this institutional disregard for apple cider vinegar, the internet has crowned ACV king. It is believed to be a remedy for many diseases and is promoted and sold as such on a daily basis. It is advertised as an antimicrobial, acne fighter, and fitness-promoting supplement. But its popularity doesn’t mean that all the claims are facts.


The sole purpose of this article is to settle, once and for all, the long battle between the media and medicine. We have organized our findings into three categories, namely:

    • What’s Special About Apple Cider Vinegar?
  • What are the Disadvantages and Advantages of ACV?
  • Does ACV Work?

Grab an apple while we explore the advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar.

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar work?

Apple cider vinegar is produced from fermented apple juice. To get ACV, apple juice is fermented initially with bacteria, then yeast, which turns the apple content into alcohol.  Further reactions occur with acetic acid-forming bacteria to give us our final product, ACV.

Apple cider vinegar has been applied as a folk remedy for centuries. Despite its popularity as a supplement, there’s no evidence which proves it to be beneficial to our health.

It is true that facts don’t lie, but in the case of ACV, the facts are lying on the fence. Neither for it or against it. There’s been a lot of stories about the effectiveness of ACV, and it would be unwise to ignore the potential benefits of the supplement.

Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn what advantages there are to Apple Cider Vinegar.

Fights Microbes

It is effective when used as an antimicrobial agent. ACV is used as a disinfectant and preservative. Traditionally, it’s used to clean wounds to prevent exposure to pathogens like fungus, warts, and bacteria.

Decreases Blood Sugar Levels

It is widely known among patients with diabetes that ACV reduces blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity by 34% during high carbohydrate meals, and around 31% after eating white bread. A small study was conducted and concluded that the diabetic rats that were fed ACV had reduced blood sugar after four weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Encourages Weight-Loss?

How to do the apple cider vinegar diet: The “apple cider diet” which consists of drinking diluted ACV (one spoonful + water), helps reduces weight and fat cells in belly fat by increasing metabolism. The apple cider vinegar diet results may not be what you were expecting. Always keep in mind that you have to exercise while on the apple vinegar diet to make it more effective. Now that you know what is the apple cider vinegar diet, continue reading about other great benefits!


Health Benefits

Does apple cider vinegar really work?: Lower your cholesterol, stabilize your blood pressure, triglycerides, and blood sugar by using ACV. When used with a lowered carbohydrate intake, more water, and a healthy routine, ACV works like magic.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Heartburn

Does apple cider vinegar help heartburn?: Gastrointestinal reflux disease, GERD, is caused by a shortage of stomach acid, can be treated with apple cider vinegar. It’s a condition which moves acid to the esophagus causing:

  • Nausea
  • Belching
  • Heartburn

Aids In Digestion

ACV introduces beneficial bacteria into our gut, which helps our digestive system. When having issues, dilute two spoonfuls of ACV with water, or add to fermented foods like kefir and kombucha.

Relieves Night Cramps

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Diet: Due to low potassium levels in the blood, some people experience painful leg cramps at night. This problem can be solved by diluting ACV with high-potassium water. A combination of 2 spoonfuls, honey, and a glass of water would do the trick.

Bad Breath? Gargle With Vinegar

An apple cider vinegar gargle is one of the best home remedies for overcoming bad breath. Gargle diluted ACV to relieve yourself from bad breath by attacking the microbes that cause it.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Colds?

ACV Diet: You don’t have to spend the winter sneezing and wheezing, as ACV cures a common cold. The essence of using ACV is to fortify your immunity and increase lymphatic drainage. While cold patients are told to drink vinegar, those suffering from strep throat or sore throat symptoms are told to gargle until they’re free from the illness.

Detox: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Clean Your System of Drugs

Partied too much and you need a detox? Apple cider vinegar is your best option. Drinking a diluted mix of ACV may:

  1. Balance your pH
  2. Aid lymphatic drainage
  3. Improve blood flow

What apple cider vinegar will not do is clean your blood of traces of any past drugs you may have done. An apple cider vinegar drug detox is a myth. If your reasoning for drinking ACV is to pass a drug test, you will be left very disappointed.


Apple cider vinegar reduces scarring and skin color issues by halting the bacteria that causes acne. Using diluted ACV also improves the skin texture. By restoring the acidic area of the skin, ACV prevents the growth of germs, kills bacteria, and removes dirt.

Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar: Side Effects

According to Harvard medical school, “For the most part, apple cider vinegar will not harm you, but there are some notable cautions. Undiluted vinegar may damage tooth enamel, and it should not be used to whiten teeth.”

Does ACV Work?

I understand that there isn’t substantial evidence to back up ACV health claims. However, the inability of scientists to find concrete proof to support the claimed health benefits does not discredit the supplements known advantages.

In fact, research has been conducted in animals and human beings, and some revealed facts points to the validity of these claims. The biggest drawback of the study was that the sample size did not include a large amount of people (only 5-11).

Since ACV is pretty harmless until it is taken excessively, I would like to assume that the substance is worth a try when experiencing the previously mentioned diseases. I suggest you see your doctor before using ACV. Some drugs might react negatively to the substance, and you don’t want to take this risk. See your doctor for approval and don’t use the vinegar until you have done thorough research. Always dilute ACV before using it!


Overall, apple cider vinegar is safe. You learned the advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar. Everything has a plausible downside, even ACV. There are many benefits and dietary programs based off of AVC. You may even ask yourself “does the apple cider vinegar diet work?”Before you begin throwing back glasses apple cider vinegar, here are a few negative points to keep in mind:

  • The acid in apple cider vinegar may erode your teeth enamel, and if you kind of need that enamel just a bit! To combat this, you may want to drink it through a straw so it never comes in contact with our teeth. You can also heavily dilute it in water to safeguard yourself.
  • Anecdotally, acidic foods or liquids like vinegar could possibly make your acid reflux worse! Start out small and test your reaction to it. If it works for you, keep upping your dosage. Just don’t jump right in and drink a gallon of the stuff hoping to cure your acid reflux! Practice moderation.
  • If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, your kidneys may not be able to process the excess acid that comes along with drinking apple cider vinegar. This is why we strongly recommend seeing your physician before you start drinking apple cider vinegar.

Like any other supplement that claims to be a cure-all, apple cider vinegar won’t replace a healthy and active lifestyle. It may have some great benefits to our bodies, but overall, we need more studies to truly understand the health benefits and side effects associated with ACV.


This writeup is not an endorsement or recommendation for apple cider vinegar. The claims and conclusions in this article were not studied under scientific scrutiny, therefore all readers should take these points as mere assumptions or scientifically unverified information.

Thanks for reading!

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