NBA Free Agents 2019: The Best Players up for Grabs

NBA Free Agents 2019: The Best Players up for Grabs

/ 01:28 AM January 16, 2019

2019 Free Agents

The NBA free agents of 2019 are some of the best NBA players in the league. Some players have been free agents for a few years, while others, are new to the list and looking for the next thing. This year we have a long list of the best free agents the NBA has to offer. This article will highlight each player, address their stats, and inform you a little more about who there as they continue their basketball career.

What more can we say about the NBA free agents of 2019. They’re some of the most entertaining and amazing players in the league today. We are going to highlight the best free agents in our opinion but try to cover our top 10 picks of them. Some players are seasoned vets while others are new to the scene and looking to make a name for themselves. Comparing last year’s free agents to this years, we see another high-level caliber of players looking to represent their new team and city to the best of their abilities and we cannot wait to see how they do. This year’s free agency will be exciting, and we cannot wait to see who we have.


NBA Free Agents 2019

As round one of the playoffs are coming to an end, and round two will begin soon, there are a few teams that are thinking about winning the NBA finals. While some teams are thinking about why they aren’t going to the finals this year. Some of their finals dreams are simply an afterthought since their season ended too soon for them. Now, what these teams are thinking about it the postseason and what they should focus going into the next season. The focus of most teams is now off of this season. They want to move on and face a new year. Some, even facing a new team altogether.

As they are preparing their teams, the coaches and staff contemplate free agency and the free agents of 2019. The free agent class has so much loaded talent. They are absolute superstars and many teams are looking to fill those max slots that are available this summer. The league was incredibly shaken up when LeBron went to the Lakers and Kevin Durant decided to play at Golden State.

So, what is next? Who will these teams get when it comes time for free agents to be let go? Will they stay where they are now or will they find a new team and spread their wings? It is very hard to determine the answers to these questions sometimes. Many times, the free agents will surprise everyone, even their families. They will say they want to go to one place and end up going another.

Who will be the best free agent on the market when July 1st rolls around? That is a good question, and for that, we have an answer. We think about what makes an awesome free agent. The criteria are fairly simple here. The best player is the one who makes the biggest positive difference if he signed with your team. Then the second man would make less of an impact, etc. In the article, we have taken the top free agents and also those who are unrestricted, to those who have player options.

Free agency can get complicated sometimes, and there will be many contracts signed and some negotiations will occur. On July 1st, this stellar pool of talented players will enter into free agency.  What is involved? Well, the players will be free to meet and talk with other teams. They will talk to these other teams about terms that they want on a potential contract. There are no free agents that can sign any contracts until noon Eastern time on July 6th.

The reason for this rule was put into place to give players and teams time to really think through on their tough decisions before they sign a contract. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, this is the way free agency works.

These are the hottest NBA free agents of 2019. These guys are who the fans really want to see playing and they may change the history of the NBA if going to the right teams. This list is quite impressive and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant is a free agent until the end of time now. He has elected for an array of brief deals with the Warriors. Golden State will finally gain his rights in 2019. This means that they can go over the cap to pay him the maximum in a long-term deal if that’s what they want to do. Kevin Durant has many options for teams due to his performances in general, and his team work and willingness to assist the team in winning, he’s humble and is team oriented. If he decides to go elsewhere, he could find his legacy being built anywhere he wants.


ESPN polled fans, and they predicted Durant will go be with the Warriors as a free agent. However, it may be a close one between the Warriors and the Knicks. We will find out soon enough where he will be going.

Kawhi Leonard


Kawhi missed an entire year due to his quad injury, so, his reputation is a little iffy right now. As soon as he begins playing again, he will increase in value again. Toronto is rumored to be attempting to convince him to stay one more year. If he doesn’t stick around with Toronto, he may go to the Lakers in 2019. It looks as if the Lakers are waiting to see what happens during the free agency time.

Most ESPN fans believe he will be wearing purple and gold in 2019. Kawhi Leonard has said that the Lakers are where he would like to be playing. The Lakers will have the cap space for him, will they take him though?

Kyrie Irving


This Duke Alumni is one of the best point guards in the NBA. He is very skilled, has a lot of playoff experience, yet, he is only 26 years of age. That’s crazy for the talent that this young man has. Boston is trying to get back into the NBA finals and they want Kyrie to take them there. The Celtics would like to keep him for a long time.

There have been several polls out that stated most people feel like Irving will go to the Knicks. Irving had been discussing the potential to go to New York. The Knicks do have a place for another player there. Kyrie is from New Jersey, which isn’t far from the Knicks arena. Maybe he would like to be closer to home and play for his hometown fans. Either way, we feel that Irving has great game and will shine wherever he calls his NBA home.

Jimmy Butler


Where do we think Butler may go? Since he was traded to the Sixers, word on the street is he’ll probably remain with them. Most fans agree that they should keep him for the good of the team. He’s a little older, 30, and he’s a great talent, but he is less accomplished than some on our list. There has been talk about Butler and Kyrie Irving playing together because they have mentioned an interest in being on the same team previously.

However, the duo on the same team would be very expensive for any team. There are only a few teams who could afford the two of them. He would be great in any team environment if he is healthy and focused. Whatever occurs, we wish Butler best of luck.

Klay Thompson


Klay Thompson is one of the Warriors’ best shooters. He has a sneaker brand that he signed a contract with, therefore, he’s not going to be too worried about the money he makes. This may cause him to stay again with the Warriors. It seems that he is a great fit with the team. He is a great player and usually clutch. Thompson’s father was a Laker in the 80’s, so that may be in his head as well. There is one thing to think about with Thompson, if he asks the Warriors for the maximum pay, the Warriors may let him go.

Kemba Walker


Many are predicting Kemba will stay with the Hornets. He does say that he is very happy there, but you never know what is going to happen. Some predict that he will go to the Knicks as well. Walker had a rough go at it with new coach, James Borrego. He is a player that everyone wants on their team. He has talent, prowess, positive attitude, scores, and being clutch. Walker is on every list, but the Lakers are attempting to grab him too.

DeMarcus Cousins


 This young man was one of the high-profile free agents in 2018. He had just come off an injury. His free agency is one that many fans are talking about. When one speaks about NBA free agents, DeMarcus Cousins comes up in chats. With his ruptured Achilles tendon, he has been practicing with the team though. Signs of him recovering well have appeared. No one really knows how his actual performance will be, however, he has not ruled out re-signing with the Warriors, but there has been talk about where he could be going possibly.

Some say he’ll stay with Golden State, while others feel he may go elsewhere. Whoever snatches him up, they’ll have to pay him a big salary and treat him like a king. LeBron has also mentioned that he liked the way he plays, which might hint at what’s to come. He may have a new home this next season, which could possibly be helpful in his career.

Al Horford


It is predicted that Al will be with the Celtics with Kyrie again this next season. Al would be in a great place if he did stay with Boston. He has been very key for Boston, being the underrated player of the team, as well as shining star. How he plays as of now, has to do with his age. As he gets older, he is not going to outperform the youngsters. This is something to think about, would you walk away from a $30 million contract at age 33? He does seem like he’s happy in Boston and with his team.

Khris Middleton


Mister Middleton is an extremely great player. Khris is predicted to play in Milwaukee as an underrated player for this team. Now that they have let go of Jabari Parker, they have room for Milwaukee has the cap room and flexibility to get Middleton back. This choice would be an awesome step for the Bucks and the team.

Tobias Harris


Tobias has turned down an extension with the Clippers, saying that he is going to search for better money. He would rather move and find big bucks. He has been on four teams in seven years, which raises eyebrows for anyone looking at him for their team. Harris has been a good scorer and can shoot well. Our prediction is the Pacers, because he could help make their team stronger.

Considering our list of NBA Free Agents, we would like to acknowledge each 2019 NBA free agent for their contribution to the sport and continuous drive to win for their city and team. As your NBA Free agent tracker, we hope you enjoyed the list. These are the top predictions for the 2019, free agency teams and basketball players. Maybe more viewers will watch the NBA if the teams are more entertaining. This next season may be a great one.  

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