Best Preworkout 2018 - Updated To Include The Strongest Pre Workout

The Best Preworkout 2018 – Updated For 2019!

/ 02:36 AM January 11, 2019

You might not want to leave behind everything for 2018, one good thing to tag along with a 2019 jumpstart is your workout supplements. And whether you’re changing them or not, here’s the best pre workout 2018 you might want to choose from.

How many jumpstarts are you planning this 2019? Of course, it should be one and it should be consistent. A jumpstart to the gym. Holidays are over and so is your food-binge, maybe not for some, but it’s time to get back into shape. Work all the fats out and get that abs toned up or build up just in time before the summer breaks.


Whether you’re a gym buddy, a fitness enthusiast, a body builder or a newbie in the world of lifts, weights and muscle equipment you’ll need that extra help to keep it going. Because let’s admit it, we find days where it’s better to sleep it over or take the day off but with the help of these supplements you will for sure get it all together – both the gym and your work.

To top it all, why would you need these in the first place? First, they are power boosters, they enhance your stamina with the intensity needed in workouts and in work load. Second, they give mental focus which improves your concentration, you don’t want to go to the gym and waste the membership payment. Lastly, it won’t make you ache for long, being in the gym takes time to be able to fully adjust and do not cry out of pain from yesterday’s training. It would give you the extra go.


These are based from reviews and are listed because of their unique factor, value, clean ingredients and performance quality.



This might be the strongest pre-workout you’ll find! If you have been taking pre workouts for a while now and they are just not working for you,  then maybe WOKE AF is your next step! This non proprietary formula It also has deer antler extract which is commonly used for recovery and libido in Eastern medicine. It also improves your muscle composition, endurance and strength. Be careful though, this is not for Rookies (beginners)! It is combined with three different stimulants that are clinically proven. And as the title implies, you’ll stay WOKE AF through intense workouts, trainings even for work days, or study sessions. But then again, this is not for beginners. If you are someone that is just beginning to workout and need something to get you going you would would to try out Bucked Up pre workout.  Just a warning, this is a VERY High stimulant pre workout.

Important Ingredients in WOKE AF Non Proprietary Formula

L-Citrulline Malate (6 Grams)  – Citrulline Malate is used as a Vasodilator and used to increase blood flow.   Citrulline Malate 2:1 is a combination of two parts Citrulline and one part Malic Acid.   6 Grams of Citrulline has been clinically proven to increase nitric oxide in the body allowing you to get the PUMP you are looking for to provide full nutrition to the muscles. 


Beta Alanine (2 Grams) –  Beta-Alanine is designed to buffer lactic acid and increase muscle endurance.  It is also the ingredient that gives you the TINGLY feeling. Great for pushing it to the next level and getting great results every workout!

AlphaSize® (100mg) – Alpha GPC is a great nootropic and is probably considered one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world!  200mg is the clinical dose for Alpha GPC and has shown to help with “mind to muscle” connection and optimizing muscle output.  

Dendrobium 4:1 (50mg) Another Stimulant to help give you the energy to push it through long workouts.  People use this ingredient to boost physical and athletic performance.


Deer Antler Velvet Extract (50Mg) – This ingredient has been used by the Chinese for centuries.   Designed to help you recover after hard workouts by repairing muscles quickly.  Also been shown to support LIbido, supports healthy testosterone levels, and supports a healthy immune system.  

Synephrine HCI (40mg) – Also known as Orange Bitter Extract.   It is also a stimulant that aids in fat loss and creating energy.   

AstraGin ® (25mg) – Aids in absorption of L-Citrulline up to 66%.    

AstriGin ® (25mg) – Helps with performance and has anti inflammatory properties.  Also shown to increase VO2 Max which helps with endurance

Bucked Up WOKE AF has dendrobium, an ancient Chinese herb, used as an energy boosting agent; synephrine which has a stimulant for gym junkies; caffeine which is an essential to any supplement; and  for the extra training sessions. (we did find a coupon code PH20 for 20% off)

BUCKED UP pre workout


A perfect combination of clinically proven ingredients at their clinical dosages.  Perfect Pre Workout for anyone looking to get the extra boost and stamina that lasts. While other supplements makes you frown because of its taste, Bucked Up is one of the best tasting Pre Workout supplements on the market. No only does it tastes great but it really WORKS! Sweat in the gym but don’t sweat on this one, it has yummy flavors Blood Raz, Blue Raz, and 5 other flavors all taste amazing. Now this is great if you’re a pre-workout beginner, it’s moderately caffeinated (200mg of caffeine) but will not make you crash afterwards.  A big thumbs up in our opinion!

Bucked Up  It has beta-alanine which controls muscle acidity which improves performance and endurance; micronized creatine which will give you the extra punch and kick; caffeine, AlphaGPC for focus, Actigin to boost your endurance; L-Citrulline which is for that muscle pump!  Added Deer Antler Velvet Extract to help you recover from intense workouts! It like getting two products in one. (again found coupon code PH20 at checkout for 20% off)



This would give you the stamina that lasts. And while other supplements makes you frown because of its taste. Sweat on the gym but don’t sweat on this one, it has yummy flavors of gummy worms, icy fireworks and gummy fish. Now this is good if you’re a pre-workout beginner, it’s moderately caffeinated and feels light all around. The only downside would be it has a tingling effect on your skin – like from head to arms and even throughout your body – and if you don’t like it or cannot take it, you might want to consider another brand.

It has beta-alanine which controls muscle acidity which improves performance and endurance; micronized creatine which will give you the extra punch and kick; caffeine, of course; ElevATP to boost your endurance; NeuroFactor which is a special form of coffee extract; L-Citrulline which is for that muscle pump; and Nitrosigine which is a bit stronger than L-Citrulline.



Whether you’re a girl boss yourself or a working girl who doesn’t care about the man build around you and would care more about your own build, Athena got you covered. This is a supplement especially made for women which has specific ingredients that are for the body chemistry of females. Some of its effects includes” very high energy boost, effective doses, delicious taste, great ingredient profile, great of increasing lean muscle mass and shredding fat, no jitters and all-around product for cardio, strength and endurance. Kid you not, this is the best out there for women, it’s going to be worth all the investment, works rightly for your body but it can be overwhelming to beginners but it all boils down to mental control, I guess.

It has BCAA and Citrulline Malate both which helps you increase muscle strength and endurance just at the right amount for women; Beta-Alanine which promotes fat loss, improve strength and power; Betaine which increases performance and significantly improves lean muscle mass growth; Taurine in aid with Beta-Alanine improves various body functions; Caffeine Anhydrous which is the dehydrated form of caffeine; Huperzine A that improves the cognitive brain function; and beet extract which reduces fatigue and increases blood flow.


Now, you don’t drink these supplements and expect a miracle of energy and stamina, do you? Some might have worked well and some may just not. It also can be because of your body type. What works for others may not work for you. But how would you know if it’s effective?

One, you can track your progress, either through your coach or trainer or all by yourself. Grab a pen and paper, track your progress and compare it with previous results without the supplement. In that way, you’ll see if it’s effective or not. If you’re a beginner, you might want to ask some help in the gym you’re working out on just to be safe.

Second, you may use a phone application or a tech watch, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be working properly. Just for monitoring purposes and that will keep you going.

Now that you’re all set-up, go find that will, drink your supplement and hit the gym. Just be very careful though, these supplements as the word implies only supplement your training, overdose might cause you to be in the hospital bed – something you would not like for the new year.

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