Top 5 Technology Business Ideas To Pursue in 2019

/ 12:52 AM January 10, 2019

Technology-related industries show no sign of slowing down in 2019, creating more opportunities worldwide. As an entrepreneur, venturing in these types of businesses won’t only provide financial gains but also advantages to expand both vertically and horizontally. Surely, with technology, the sky’s the limit, and the possibilities are endless!
The question is, what kind of tech business will you pursue? With the range of options, you may find it quite tricky to pick one. Fortunately, I have created a list of business ideas you may want to check out. Here’s a quick rundown of these amazing technology business schemes.

1. Web Design Business Ideas

Starting a web design business is not a walk in the park, but you may turn things around by learning the ropes step by step. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride, so you better buckle up.


The first thing in your list of agenda: discover the basics of web designing. This should be easy, but hold your horses! A web designing business involves many technical aspects that you’ll need to understand all of them well.

First, immerse yourself in the web development process. Familiarize yourself with the aesthetic elements as a layout, user interface, and other visual imagery to make a website more visually appealing. You should also look for the essential tools and programs that can help you achieve the look your client wants. Photoshop and Dreamweaver, for instance, are some of the basic computer applications you may have to use.

Apart from these, a good web designer prioritizes their audience, the purpose of the website, and the visual appeal of the design.

Preparing for a Web Design Business

Before you start your web design work, take note of some of the important planning measures that will ensure business success. For example, attending classes, workshops, and seminars will help solidify your expertise. You may also want to talk to other web designers to learn from their experiences and know the challenges of running this kind of business.

More importantly, writing a business plan is a critical part of this endeavor. Your business plan should outline your financial plans, target audience, and strategies to deliver your services. Defining your business vision and identity should also be stated in your business plan.

2. Computer/Technology Training Center

Another technology business idea that may help jumpstart your career is a computer training center. In the old days, computers were considered a luxury, but after a few decades, that has changed completely. People nowadays rely on these machines to accomplish their daily tasks.


Since using a computer is highly technical, launching computer training centers may be a good investment. Many people want to learn how to maximize their computer knowledge and discover ways to use these devices effectively.

Ways to Make Your Computer Training Center Profitable

There are many service options you may incorporate into your business plan when starting a computer training business. For instance, offering a virtual training center can help reach more clients all over the world through the internet. You may also provide home training services and teach your customer through a one-on-one session.

For a corporate setting, you may provide seminars for employees regarding the use of computers for specific company operations. Discussions about software may also be included in your service package.


3. Social Media Consulting Business

As a social media consultant, you’ll serve as the voice of your client in social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The job also involves launching social media campaigns and improve public engagement to drive sales up. In recent years, the demand for social media specialists has grown with a predicted 9% job growth over the next 10 years.

How to Succeed in Social Media Consulting Business

Similar to other businesses, acquiring knowledge about social media management is necessary to make the most of this endeavor. Note that a good social media consultant fully understands the client’s business and target audience to maintain the brand’s voice. You’ll also have the ability to run paid social campaigns and know the metrics of success of your social media posts.

Furthermore, building connections in your community is a must to gain the trust and confidence of business owners. You’ll then need to determine reasonable rates for your services. Typically, a social media consultant charges $20 to $40 per hour, depending on the level of expertise.

4. Data Entry Business

Several businesses need manual information tracking, which creates a large amount of data entry work. This type of business, however, is tainted by a lot of work-at-home scams, but there are still a lot of opportunities available for legitimate data entry encoders.

Benefits of a Data Entry Business

One of the many perks of pursuing a data entry business is its flexibility. It gives you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want. You’ll also have a broad target audience since this type of business exists in many forms. Many online tools and software are also available to help improve your skill level.

5. Computer Repair and Maintenance Business

For people who have a great deal of understanding of the technical aspect of computers and how they work, a computer repair and maintenance business may be a perfect choice. Recent reports show that sales of computer services are expected to exceed $47 billion in the United States, with computer repairs leading the way.

Tips on Succeeding in a Computer Repair Business

Since computer technology is continuously evolving, you need to partake in training and educate yourself about the developments in the industry. You also have to identify your street and hourly value by comparing the rates of competitors around your area. The last thing you want to happen is for your customers to overpay or underpay for your services. Remember that your prices should always be reasonable.

Furthermore, if your background is strictly technical, hiring an accountant to handle paperwork may be a smart move. You may also want to invest in software products to handle administrative tasks.

Apart from these five technology business ideas, there are other opportunities that await. You’ll only need to find the right one that suits your resources, knowledge, and skills.

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