The Benefits of Steroids - Presenting The Facts: The Good and the Bad

The Benefits of Steroids – Presenting The Facts

/ 11:53 PM January 03, 2019

Evidence of the benefits of steroids is thought-provoking. This is because steroids in most cases offer a temporary advantage. They usually lead to various degrees of side effects which are the outcome of the much-debated benefits. Okay, let’s reiterate the facts behind steroids. Steroids are important chemical compounds that have very significant roles in the functioning of our body. Just as the synthetic versions of anabolic hormones which are synthesized in the lab, anabolic hormones are also produced in our bodies.

Three main hormones play a primary role in the development of muscle tissues, these are:

  1. Testosterone
  2. Growth hormone (GH)
  3. Insulin-like growth hormone factors (IGF): These are the essential intermediaries that enhance the effect of growth hormones. Once the pituitary gland produces growth hormones, these hormones enter into the bloodstream, and the liver is stimulated to produce insulin-like growth factors (IGF)  

So, anabolic steroid has a significant influence on the metabolic activities of our bodies.

Note: For you to live and function properly, metabolism which is a series of chemical processes in your body must continue to take place. Moreover, these various chemical processes include anabolism (the build-up of substances in your body) and catabolism (the breakdown of materials in the body). If you come across people using the word ‘metabolism,’ it is a complex term which generally covers the breaking down of food and the transformation of this food (so broken down) into a usable form of energy which is needed for the body to function.

Though there are different views and opinions regarding the argument about the effect of steroids, it is best we focus more and discuss the ‘benefits’ and the reasons many people take and use steroids. Do not forget that most of the assumed benefits of anabolic steroids haven’t been proven scientifically. Such assumptions are only based on a few case studies which have been carried out on individuals instead of a larger sample size that is sure to give more precise and accurate facts regarding the benefits of steroids.

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We shall also try as much as possible to have a closer look at some of the numerous adverse effects of steroids that results from the wrong use of anabolic steroids

Some Benefits of Using Anabolic Steroids Include:

  • Treatment of Several Medical Conditions: Primarily, steroids were produced and used to help patients who suffer muscle atrophy which result from illness. Also, steroids are used to enhance testosterone level in patients that have low libido and to accelerate puberty in individuals who can’t attain puberty naturally.
  • Cut Down Accumulated Body Fat: Anabolic steroids are used to curb excess body fat which arises from an increased rate of metabolic activities. Research from scientific findings shows that steroids are helpful in lipid oxidation due to its ability to oxidize fat. This, in turn, led to the use of fatty acids in energy generation inside the body.
  • Increased Production of Red Blood Cells: Anabolic steroids have been shown to speed up the rate of red blood cells production in the body. Red blood cells function in the transportation of oxygen to the various organs and tissues in the body. So, once more oxygen is made available to the muscle tissues, they tend to help an individual do harder work for a longer time frame. This serves as the reason why many endurance athletes and fitness enthusiast opt for anabolic steroid since it is sure to give them the needed endurance and stability. This, they do despite the prohibition of anabolic steroids for sporting activities.
  • Speed Up the Rate of Muscle Recuperation: Anabolic steroids are known to regulate the amount of cortisol produced especially when the body is stressed up. Excess cortisol production in the body leads to muscle tissue damage, and it retards the rate in which the body and muscles recover from stress. During exercise and other fitness activities, athletes use steroids to increase the recovery and healing of injuries sustained. Also, healing to muscular strain gets faster with steroids thus giving them better stamina during exercise.
  • Increased Muscular Build: This is the most popular out of the various benefits of steroids. Anabolic steroids are known to enhance testosterone level which are the primary factors of muscle development and growth in the body. Most time, once an individual is using anabolic steroids, the muscles keeps on developing rapidly even without any form of exercise. Furthermore, incorporating training and other fitness activities gives the flesh an exponential growth pattern.

Blood Doping

Erythropoietin (EPO) is one of the most well-known types of steroid which is very popular due to its enhancement effect on the red blood cells count (remember, red blood cells are the carriers and transporters of oxygen to every part of the boy. When they are more in number in the body, they improve performance and endurance during fitness exercises). Blood doping is another process in which athletes have devised to increase their performance. During blood doping, an individual or athlete removes some amount of blood from his body and gets it frozen (in a way similar to what is done during blood donation and banking). After the removal of some amount of blood, the athlete then replenishes the removed red blood cells through healthy diets and lifestyle, and when it’s closer to a competition or event, they will go for reinjection of the removed and banked blood into their body. This process aims to increase their red blood cells count which in turn will increase their endurance during an anaerobic performance. Nevertheless, such practices get the blood thickened, and this can lead to blood clotting, heart disease, pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs) or even kidney damage. The aftermath of such practices can be deadly.

  1. Increased Performance: Anabolic steroids have the potential of enhancing an individual’s performance through an increased energy supply, endurance, and stamina.
  2. Increased Appetite: Once there is an increase in metabolic activities (the process of converting food materials such as fats and sugar into usable energy in the body), there is bound to be a corresponding increase in appetite.
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