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Guide to 60 Gen Z Slang Words You Need to Know

/ 09:46 AM June 07, 2023

Generation Z, the influential age group born in the late ’90s, has its own secret vocabulary that may leave the uninformed feeling out of the loop.

If you’ve heard a Gen-Z talking on their alienated lingo, and it seems like you’re deciphering a code, fear not. We’ve got you!

Prepare to level up your knowledge of Gen Z slang with our guide to the 60 buzz-worthy terms.

Mastering the Top 60 Gen Z Slang Words

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
From “G.O.A.T.” to “Fam,” we’ll help you decode the language that keeps these Gen Z-ers up-to-date and trendy.

1. Glow up

Refers to an impressive makeover, transforming something or someone from average to extraordinary.

Example sentence: Have you seen her before and after photos? What a glow up!

2. Fam

A term used when referring to close friends, similar to how Millenials coined the term “bro.”

Example sentence: Heading out for some drinks with fam tonight; they’re awesome!

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3. Cancel Culture

It involves publicly scrutinizing or shaming a company, public figure, or organization for their opinions or actions.

Example sentence: The famous celebrity faced serious backlash and cancel culture after his

misogynist remarks.

4. CEO

If someone is CEO of something, it means they are considered an expert or have mastered a skill or task.

Example sentence: She’s the CEO of vegan diets, and her recipes are exceptional.

5. E-boy or E-girl

These are individuals almost similar to emo. They express themselves on the open web, aka the internet.

Example sentence: That TikTok star is a legit E-boy with his revelation of feelings on social media.

6. Stan

From the word “stalker” and “fan,” to stan means to obsessively support a celebrity or an individual but sans the creepiness.

Example sentence: I stan Rihanna. She’s my inspiration.

7. Dank

A term used to describe something of premium or excellent quality.

Example sentence: This bag is so dank, I saw it on a celebrity.

8. W

It means something positive or a win.

Example sentence: I got perfect scores today. It’s a sure W!

9. Salty

When someone is feeling bitter or jealous, they’re, oh well, salty!

Example sentence: She was salty when the boy didn’t respond to her chats.

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10. Ghosting

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
The act of suddenly ignoring someone and not responding to their messages or calls, particularly in the early stages of dating.

Example sentence: I thought we had a spark, but he ghosted me after our third date.

11. Boujee

It refers to someone or something luxurious or extravagant.

Example sentence: Our neighbor always spends holidays in boujee destinations.

12. Big Yikes

Used to express utter discomfort or embarrassment about a certain situation.

Example sentence: His pants ripped in front of the class; big yikes!

13. CAP

It means to lie. When someone says “no cap,” it means they are telling the truth.

Example sentence: I saw him yesterday, no cap!

14. Finna

This is a shortened term for “going to” or “fixing to,” expressing plans and intent.

Example sentence: I’m finna eat, you wanna join?

15. Cheugy

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
It refers to something outdated or not trendy. In addition, it also describes a thing or a person trying too much to be cool but is actually behind the trend.

Example sentence: His fashion sense is cheugy. He still wears bootcut denim.

16. High-key

This term is the opposite of low-key. It may also refer to something that is obviously true.

Example sentence: I’m high-key obsessed with that Netflix series.

17. Simp

A simp is usually a guy who goes to excessive lengths to impress or win over someone they like.

Example sentence: He’s always doing her favors and buying her gifts; what a simp.

18. Camp

Camp means something over-the-top in a playfully exaggerated manner. In addition, it also involves welcoming stuff that is outdated or kitschy.

Example sentence: Wearing a fanny pack with a Hawaiian polo is so camp.

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19. TFW

It stands for “that feeling when.”

Example sentence: TFW you discover your favorite singer is going on a concert tour.

20. Snack

It is a term used to describe someone attractive, which is like eye candy.

Example sentence: Did you see the new coach? He’s a snack.”

21. Sip tea

This is the alternative to “spilling the tea.” Literally, the opposite that it means you are listening to gossip rather than getting involved with it.

Example sentence: I’ll just wait and sip tea while they deal with their dramas.

22. Woke

The state of being politically and socially aware, particularly on inequality and social justice issues.

Example sentence: She’s so woke. She’s always advocating for equal rights.

23. Take several seats

If someone is being arrogant or annoying you, you can tell them to take several seats. This means they need to humble down.

Example sentence: She keeps on bragging about his new car. She needs to take several seats.

24. L

It is a Gen Z slang for loss. It is used to describe a disappointing result or situation.

Example sentence: I had a major L on that test. I thought I studied hard enough.

25. Bop

When an album or a song is extensively good, it is bop. This Gen Z slang refers to a catchy song that is likely to make you sing or dance along.

Example sentence: Have you heard Taylor Swift’s new song? Total bop!

26. Drip

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
This is used to describe someone’s remarkable style, coolness, or overall swag.
Example sentence: She’s got the drip with her designer sneakers.

27. Iykyk

You might commonly read this Gen Z slang. It stands for “if you know, you know.” It commonly refers to an inside joke that only a specific group of people would know.

Example sentence: That reference to the movie was so hilarious. Iykyk!

28. Sheesh

This Gen Z slang is an expression to hype somebody up or express admiration when they’re doing something admirable or simply looking good. In addition, it is a way to show astonishment.

Example sentence: She nailed that dance routine! Sheesh, she’s killing it!

29. Hits different

When something feels distinct or has a more profound effect than usual, it “hits different.”

Example sentence: Eating home-cooked meals hits different than restaurant food.

30. Vibe check

This Gen Z slang means to evaluate or assess someone’s mood or energy.

Example sentence: I’m not sure if she’s in a good mood, I’ll vibe check.

31. Bet

It’s a yes or an affirmative response.

Example sentence: Hey, can you pass me the spoon? Bet, here it is.

32. Catch these hands

This Gen Z slang is used to imply the intention of starting a fight and is usually said in a confrontational way.

Example sentence: If he keeps taking nonsense, he’ll Cath these hands.

34. Drag

When you drag somebody, you make fun of or criticize them.

Example sentence: He dragged her with her witty clapbacks.

35. Finesse

This Gen Z slang means to manipulate someone to achieve a desired result.

Example sentence: She finesse her way to stardom.

36. Main character

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
It is a term used to describe somebody charismatic, well-liked, or easily gets attraction.

Example sentence: He’s friends with everyone. He’s the main character.

37. I’m weak

This Gen Z slang is similar to “I’m dead.” It is used to express extreme laughter or amusement.

Example sentence: That late-night show had me in stitches. I’m weak!

38. Sis

This Gen Z slang is the shortened term for “sister” but is used to address a friend, regardless of gender.

Example sentence: Hey sis, how’s life?

39. Periodt

It is the extension of “period” used to emphasize a statement.

Example sentence: I aced the interview, periodt.

40. Sending me

A phrase is used when something is entertaining or funny.

Example sentence: That meme is sending me! I can’t stop laughing.

41. Bussin

This Gen Z slang is a quirky term that describes something that tastes utterly delicious.

Example sentence: The burger is bussin’! I can’t get enough of it.

42. Slaps

When something “slaps’, it means it is outstanding or exceptional.

Example sentence: Have you listened to the new album? It slaps!

43. Sus

This Gen Z slang is a short term for the word “suspicious.”

Example sentence: I don’t trust him. He looks really sus.

45. Snatched

When somebody is snatched, it means they look remarkably good.

Example sentence: She showed up to the event looking snatched.

46. Guap

Mastering the Top 100 Gen Z Slang Words
This Gen Z slang refers to money.

Example sentence: He often flashes his heap, must be rolling in dough.

47. Smol

It refers to something small in size or cute and adorable stuff.

Example sentence: Look at that smol teddy. It’s adorable.

48. Extra

A Gen Z slang that describes someone who loves taking things to the next level.

Example sentence: He always wears luxurious suits, he’s so extra.

49. G.O.A.T.

It stands for “the greatest of all time.”

Example sentence: LeBron James is the G.O.A.T. of his league.

50. Clapback

It refers to an intelligent reply or comeback.

Example sentence: She said the ultimate clapback to shut down bashers.

51. FOMO

This Gen Z slang is an acronym for “fear of missing out.”

Example sentence: I Didn’t go to the party yesterday, and now I’m in serious FOMO.

52. Shook

It often describes the feeling of shock or surprise.

Example sentence: I was totally shook when I heard the rumors.

53. Lit

Something exciting, cool, or trendy

Example sentence: The last night’s event was so lit! The crowd’s energy was unbelievable.

54. IRL

It means “in real life.”

Example sentence: It’s great to chat, but I wanted to meet you IRL.

55. JK

This Gen Z slang is an acronym for “just kidding.”

Example sentence: I can’t believe you thought I was serious. JK!

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56. BAE

It’s often used as an endearment term, but it also stands for “before anyone else.”

Example sentence: I’m going out with Bae.

57. CSL

This term is an acronym for “can’t stop laughing.”

Example sentence: Her performance was so hilarious, CSL.

58. IMO

This Gen Z slang stands for “in my opinion.”

Example sentence: IMO, the new restaurant in the city is the best sushi place ever.

59. TBH

This term stands for “to be honest.”

Example sentence: TBH, you’re kinda annoying.

60. WYWH

It is an acronym for “wish you are here.”

Example sentence: I’m in London right now, WYWH.


With this comprehensive list, you’re now armed with a Gen Z slang list. You’ll be able to crack the code in no time.

Language is constantly evolving, so keeping up with the new terms and staying curious is essential. The Generation Z continues to reshape our way of communication; you don’t want to feel FOMO.

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