How to get unlimited data plans with eSIM in Europe?

Holafly – How to get unlimited data plans with eSIM in Europe?

/ 10:15 AM April 26, 2023

For travelers and tourists, eSIMs offer numerous benefits while abroad. They have made international travel easier than ever, and you can stay connected anywhere. Buying an eSIM means you won’t have to cope with huge fees or poor services when making phone calls.

Europe is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, with over 700 million yearly tourists. Using an eSIM for travel will redefine your overseas experience, making staying connected with loved ones and colleagues back home easier.

Traditionally, you’ll have to get a new SIM card on arrival or pay huge fees for a roaming plan. This is no longer the case thanks to eSIMs, which are becoming increasingly popular.

What is an international eSIM and how does it work when travelling?

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What is an eSIM?

Conventional SIM cards are small plastic cards with electronic chips that store user information such as user ID, carrier, and more. All you have to do is acquire one and insert it into your mobile device, and you are good to go.

eSIM is simply the successor to the already existing SIM card. It cannot be inserted and removed like the traditional SIM card but is built into the phone’s motherboard.

However, the data on an eSIM card can be rewritten onto another SIM card. This means transferring user data from your old device to your new one is still possible.

How does an eSIM work?

An eSIM functions due to a microchip built into your mobile device. It allows you to activate and use a mobile plan from your carrier without needing a physical SIM.

You can install several “eSIM profiles,” each with their respective phone numbers and cellular plans. Some phones allow up to eight profiles while using two of them at the same time.

Benefits of eSIM

Using an eSIM offers several benefits over its conventional predecessor. Removing your phone’s SIM card is no easy task, especially if you don’t have the provided SIM tray removal tool.

You must use a paper clip or pin to get the tray out, which can be stressful. With eSIMs, you don’t have to go through such hassles since the chip is built into the device. But that is just one of its several benefits.

The introduction of eSIMs has gained approval from environmentalists and ecologists because it cuts down the use of plastic SIM cards. This helps to combat the waste problem that the world is currently facing.

Due to its miniature size, there is more room inside cell phones. Manufacturers can use this to provide other features, like a bigger battery, more powerful cameras, or truly waterproof devices.

With eSIMs, users can own multiple carrier profiles while using two simultaneously, akin to a dual-sim setup. This means you can have a personal number and a work phone on the same mobile device.

You can have a different number for overseas travel to Europe without joining long airport queues or paying high fees just using a travel eSIM. Additionally, they are more secure and aid in preventing identity theft since they cannot be removed from the device.

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Physical SIM Cards vs. eSIM Cards differences

Physical SIM Cards vs. eSIM Cards differences
Several factors distinguish physical SIM cards from eSIMs, one being size. eSIMs are less than half the size of nano SIMs. A nano SIM measures 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm x 0.67 mm. Still, it looks massive compared to an eSIM chip which measures a mere 6 mm x 5 mm x 0.9 mm.

With physical SIMs, you must carry one or more cards if your phone is limited to one SIM slot. You don’t need to carry eSIMs since it allows multiple profiles or numbers on one device. Some devices allow up to 20 eSIM profiles.

eSIMs are also easier to protect than physical SIMs since they are soldered onto your mobile device’s motherboard. It’s easier to keep them protected from the elements. An industrial nano SIM is durable enough for most users. However, the SIM port makes it vulnerable to shocks, vibrations, and other external conditions.

Someone would have to disassemble the device completely, which will likely damage the eSIM trying to remove it. Meanwhile, physical SIM cards are removable by design.

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eSIM for Europe with unlimited data

eSIM for Europe with unlimited data

If you’re in Europe, you’ll want a Holafly eSIM. With Holafly, you stay connected everywhere you go. Acquiring an eSIM from Holafly is convenient; you only have to visit the online store and purchase.

Also, Holafly offers the best eSIM Europe travel plans if you’re considering value for money. The eSIM plans are quite flexible and affordable. You can choose unlimited data for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

You can also contact their support anytime if you need help determining which plan is best for you. Holafly’s fair use policy ensures that eSIMs are valid only for the selected plan. You can’t access any unused data afterward.

You cannot share data or set up a hotspot for other devices with a Holafly unlimited data plan. Purchasing a Holafly eSIM is quite easy and straightforward:

Step 1: Visit the Holafly website. First, confirm that your smartphone supports eSIM.

Step 2: Select an unlimited data plan that’s perfect for you.

Step 3: Click on “Add to cart.”

Step 4: Click on “Checkout.”

Step 5: Fill in your payment information and complete the purchase. You’ll receive two emails: a receipt and your eSIM.

Step 6: Scan the QR code and follow the instructions to install your eSIM.

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In which countries can I use Holafly’s eSIM for Europe?

In which countries can I use Holafly's eSIM for Europe?
When you purchase eSIM Europe, you will stay connected across 32 European countries. This includes the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Ireland.

Also, Austria, Latvia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Estonia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, and Ukraine.

Is my cell phone compatible with the eSIM Card?

eSIMs need to be supported and activated by the carrier and service provider. Currently, most networks support eSIM usage, but not all mobile devices have the features required to make eSIM usage possible.

However, more manufacturers are adding this feature to mobile devices; with time, most will be compatible with eSIMs. Check out the eSIM-supported phone list to verify that your device is compatible.

How to install and use an eSIM

Installing your prepaid eSIM is easy. First, ensure your device is compatible and unlocked from the carrier. A Wi-Fi connection is also important for proper installation. The eSIM card will only become active upon arrival and is valid once it connects to a local network operator.

Installing an eSIM on iPhone

  1. Scan the QR code to install the eSIM.
  2. Name your eSIM.
  3. Set your primary SIM as the default line.
  4. Select “Holafly” to keep using Apple ID, iMessage, and FaceTime, then click “Continue.”
  5. Select your eSIM data plan as the default for cellular data. Check that data roaming is disabled on your primary line to avoid charges.
  6. Check and update your APN settings if needed.
  7. Installation is complete. To activate your eSIM upon arrival, go to your phone’s settings and select eSIM as your primary line.
  8. If you want the faster option, download the eSIM app. After you install and activate your eSIM, you will be able to check your data consumption and more details of your plan.

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Installing an eSIM on Android

How to install and use an eSIM

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile data > Add data plan to scan the QR code. You’ll see the question, “No SIM card?” Tap next to it to scan the QR code.
  2. Once installed, activate the eSIM network and enable mobile data and roaming. Ensure data roaming is disabled on your main line to avoid charges.
  3. Check and update your APN settings if needed.


Buying an eSIM for Europe means you can reach your friends and family back home. They are compatible with most recent Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel devices.

Get a Europe eSiM from Holafly and enjoy a seamless connection and unlimited data at a low price. Holafly offers the best eSIM for Europe travel with unlimited data plans ranging from 5 to 90 days across 32 European countries.

The best part is they are cheap and easy to install, and their support is always available to help you with your needs. So, go ahead and buy your eSIM for Europe online today!

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