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‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Trends We’re Wearing This Summer

/ 10:35 AM April 11, 2023

It’s been over two years since the first season of “Bridgerton” premiered. Still, its impact on current fashion trends has refused to wear off. We can’t tell why, but it definitely has something to do with its timeless elegance, exquisite detailing, and classic silhouettes.

The show’s portrayal of Regency-era fashion has instilled a renewed interest in vintage styles, with modern dresses capturing the style’s specific fashion elements.

This article will delve into everything you need to know about the Regency era and its impact on fashion. We would also look at the era’s fashion elements and how to include them in your wardrobe this year.

Historical Context of Bridgerton Dresses

Bridgerton-Inspired Trends We're Wearing This Summer

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These Bridgerton dresses were inspired by the Regency era and, for some reason, still retain that attractive aesthetic. Studying the background of these dresses can help us understand how society and culture affected fashion during 1800s England.

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The Regency Era and Its Impact on Fashion

From 1811 to 1820, the Regency era played a significant role in the history of Britain. Many people know the era that brought about notable social, cultural, and political transformations.

This period was primarily characterized by the governance of Prince Regent George IV, who assumed the role due to King George III’s incapacity. It witnessed the emergence of Romanticism, the Industrial Revolution, and the expansion of the British Empire.

During the Regency period, fashion went through a significant transformation. Many people did not want to be seen as a member of the French aristocracy. After the French Revolution, people began using clothing as a form of individual expression rather than an indication of social status.


A slender, high-waisted silhouette replaced the traditional Georgian era’s voluminous skirts. This change also shifted toward delicate textiles like muslin and silk and emphasized accessories such as turbans and shawls.

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The era also saw the emergence of the dandy. These fashion-savvy gentlemen were renowned for their extravagant attires.


Historical Context of Bridgerton Dresses

The dresses showcased in Bridgerton were crafted from vivid fabrics and boasted empire waists. These also included intricate embellishments that epitomized the grandeur of fashion during the Regency era.

These dresses represented one’s social standing. But most importantly, it also embodied femininity and a commitment to the established social norms.

You could clearly see from the show the rise of a new middle class, with fashion representing social status and wealth. Women’s clothing was increasingly elaborate and feminine, emphasizing beauty and elegance.

The dresses in Bridgerton also exhibited diversity, influenced by French and African cultures. The dresses’ bright colors and intricate embroidery also highlight the importance of visual appeal during the era’s social gatherings and events.

Design Elements of Bridgerton Dresses

Design Elements of Bridgerton Dresses

Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Some key design elements were used to portray social status, character development, and romantic themes. You could find these elements throughout the show, and you probably didn’t even notice what it said.

Here are some of the key design elements of Bridgerton dresses and their significance:


Did you notice the dress’s bright and vibrant colors? It wasn’t just for aesthetics. These colors represent the emotions and personalities of different characters.

For example, you always find the Bridgerton family in blue, which means they’re loyal and trustworthy. Pink represents romance and femininity, while yellow represents happiness and joy.


The dresses in Bridgerton had a unique silhouette with a fitted bodice and high waistline, flowing skirt, and puffed sleeves. This silhouette was used to portray this era’s ideal feminine figure.

It also represents the wealth status as only really expensive fabrics needed to be tailored to the exact fit to avoid waste.


The fabrics used in Bridgerton dresses are luxurious and expensive, such as silk, satin, and tulle. These fabrics represent the wealth and status of the characters. The fabrics also represent the romantic themes of the show, as they create a soft and dreamy atmosphere.


Bridgerton dresses are adorned with elaborate embellishments such as lace, embroidery, and beading. These embellishments mostly represent the personality of the characters.

For example, the Featherington family is adorned with so many embellishments. These represent their desire for attention and status.


The Bridgerton family wears elegant gloves and pearls, representing sophistication and elegance. The Featherington family wears bright and bold accessories, representing their desire to fit into a status they do not belong to.

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The Enduring Appeal of Bridgerton Dresses in Contemporary Fashion

The Enduring Appeal of Bridgerton Dresses in Contemporary Fashion
This unending popularity of Bridgerton dresses among modern fashion enthusiasts is attributed to their sophisticated and lavish designs, reminiscent of the Regency era’s 19th-century fashion.

The show’s emphasis on inclusivity and diversity has broadened the dresses’ appeal, making them more accessible to a wider audience. You can find Bridgerton dresses for sale from stores all over the internet, including Amazon, Etsy, and Hill House Home.

Tips for Incorporating Bridgerton Dresses Into Modern Wardrobes

If you’ve already binged the entire series, then you’d love to dress like Daphne Bridgerton, Simone Ashley, or even the Featherington girls. Of course, walking around with a replica of a costume from The Bridgertons would be a bit weird.

Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate them into your existing wardrobe for a fresh, modern vibe:

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves, a top style of the Regency period, are back with bigger poofs and longer lengths. Now popular on dresses and tops, with searches up by 43% and 32%. You can also style it with a more modernized look by opting for an off-the-shoulder design.

Empire Waistlines

At the time, Empire waists would have been gold but not anymore. It looks like a maternity dress, especially for ladies with bigger busts.

If you want to rock this, opt for a more modern version. You can bring the waistline down slightly for a more flattering look. Choose a square neckline and midi or mini hemlines for a less formal look.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry
If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the jewelry worn throughout the show is predominantly made of pearls. This can also be associated with the pearl core fever of the 1900s and would give a great regency finish to your outfit.


Actresses wore accurate corsets in filming, but they were barely visible. The structured dresses have a bustier style that pairs well with seamed tops and loose jeans for a trendy weekend look.


The new Bridgerton headbands are a fresh take on tiaras with embellishments and a narrow silhouette. Wear with hair down or a low bun for detail to shine. Pair with statement earrings to dress up.

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Nothing should stop you from wearing what you think suits you and explains your personality. And if it’s a Regency-era-themed outfit, then you go, girl!

With these few tips, you can check out Bridgerton dresses on Amazon and rock them. Express yourself with Bridgerton dresses’ style!

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