How to Use eBay's Block Buyer to Protect Your Seller Reputation

How to Use eBay’s Block Buyer Function to Protect Your Seller Reputation

/ 09:23 AM March 22, 2023

EBay merchants usually have positive interactions with their customers and appreciate their business. However, sellers sometimes encounter troublesome buyers who may be time-wasters or engage in sketchy activities.

However, there is a block buyer feature sellers can use if they run into problems with buyers on eBay. You can block certain buyers from bidding on your items or stop blocked buyers to contact you, whether it’s an issue of buyers not paying or sending inappropriate messages.

Blocking buyers can help protect your business and ensure a better experience for you as a seller. This article will teach you how to block buyers on the eBay app, so you can keep your business running smoothly.


Why Use eBay’s Block Buyer Function?

Why Use eBay's Block Buyer Function?

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If you block a buyer on eBay, that buyer can no longer purchase your products. Although they can still view your listings, they will not have the ability to place bids, make offers, or use the “Buy it now” option.

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Blocking buyers on eBay can be an effective way to protect your reputation in several ways. eBay’s block buyer features block buyers with a history of causing problems and doesn’t allow blocked users to purchase from you.

This can include buyers with a track record of making unreasonable demands, filing unwarranted claims, or leaving negative feedback. Also, blocking buyers with a history of causing problems can reduce disputes.

You can avoid the time and effort that goes into resolving disputes, which can be important for small sellers who don’t have the resources to deal with them.

It also allows you to maintain more control over the sales process. Therefore, you can avoid situations where buyers try to dictate terms or make unreasonable demands that could negatively affect your reputation.

Blocking buyers with a history of causing problems can show other buyers that you take your reputation seriously. This can help you build a positive reputation and attract more business in the long run. Blocking buyers on eBay can protect your reputation and ensure a positive selling experience.

How to Block Buyers on eBay

How to Block Buyers on eBay

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On the Buyer Management page, sellers can block buyers who:

  • Have a recorded history of non-payment on their eBay account
  • Have a low feedback score
  • Have previously breached other eBay policies
  • Are currently winning or have bought less than 100 of your items in the past 10 days (you specify the number)
  • Don’t have a PayPal account
  • Have a primary delivery address in an area you don’t ship to

Here’s how to use the “eBay block buyer messages” feature based on specific criteria:

  • Go to selling preferences in My eBay.
  • Scroll down to the Buyer requirements page and select Edit next to the eBay Block buyer list.
  • Enter your preferences and select “Submit.”

Per the parameters you set, setting up buyer requirements will automatically ban certain buyers.

Tips for Using eBay’s Block Buyer Function Effectively

Tips for Using eBay's Block Buyer Function Effectively

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eBay advises sellers to exercise caution when using the block feature on buyers. This is because once a buyer gets blocked, they will be banned from purchasing any of the seller’s listings.

Also, it is wise to set clear expectations for potential buyers. Adding buyer requirements to your eBay store helps you outline minimum standards that eBay users must meet before they can purchase from your store.

This can reduce a merchant’s chances of having negative experiences with buyers. In dealing with blocked buyers, it’s important to maintain a professional and respectful attitude. Here are three tips for responding to blocked buyers professionally:

  1. Be Clear and Concise: In your response, clearly explain why the buyer got blocked and how they can resolve the issue. Use a professional tone and avoid using any language that could be rude or dismissive.
  2. Apologize (if Necessary): If the buyer got blocked because of a mistake, it’s important to apologize for any inconvenience caused by blocking their messages. However, if the buyer got blocked because of their actions, you can still express regret for any negative experience they may have had.
  3. Offer Help: If the buyer needs help to resolve the issue that led to their block, offer help professionally. Provide simple instructions and be willing to answer questions they may have.

Common Situations Where Blocking Buyers is Necessary

  • Non-payment of purchases
  • Backing out of bids
  • Negative or abusive interactions
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Blocking competitors from purchasing your products

Once you block an eBay buyer, the ban will apply to every single one of your listings. For this reason, eBay warns sellers to use this feature cautiously.


Blocking a buyer on eBay can be useful for sellers to protect their business. It can help protect sellers from scammers and those who are difficult to work with.

However, use this feature judiciously. Blocking buyers may have unintended consequences, like accidentally excluding their shipping locations. Ultimately, eBay sellers should consider the pros and cons of blocking buyers on eBay before taking action.


Can a buyer still view my listings if I block them?

When you block an account, the blocked user will still be able to view your listings. However, they won’t be able to make bids.

Will blocking buyers affect my search rankings on eBay?

Blocking buyers on eBay will not directly affect your search rankings on eBay. eBay’s search algorithm does not consider the specific buyers that a seller has blocked.

However, it is important to note that maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction matters in eBay’s search algorithm.

Can I unblock a buyer if I change my mind?

It’s possible to block buyers on eBay by mistake, leading to unintended consequences. Occasionally, you may block a buyer you should not have blocked initially.

Removing the mistakenly blocked accounts from your blocked list is quite easy in such situations. You can do this via your account settings.

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