Colorado Mom is Ditching Toilet Paper Advocating for Washcloths

Colorado Mom Is Ditching Toilet Paper and Advocates for Washcloths

/ 02:39 AM March 22, 2023

There has been increasing interest in sustainable living practices and reducing waste in recent years. One Colorado mom, however, is taking it to the next level by ditching toilet paper and advocating using washcloths instead.

Channon Rose, known as @channonrose1 on TikTok and @ChannonRose on YouTube, posted a video recently that has garnered over 600,000 views. In the video, she explains why she has replaced regular toilet paper with reusable “family cloth.”

The Colorado-based mother finds traditional toilet paper unappealing, believing it to be “disgusting” and prone to crumbling and sticking.


How has Rose Fared Used Washcloths only?

Rose made the switch to washcloths several years ago as a way to reduce her family’s environmental footprint. She was inspired by the fact that toilet paper is often made from virgin wood pulp and is not biodegradable, contributing to deforestation and pollution.

Her decision to switch to washcloths was difficult, requiring a significant change in habits and mindset. She had to learn how to clean and sanitize the washcloths and find a way to store them conveniently and hygienically.

During the 2-minute video, Channon experiences nausea while discussing her reasons for switching to reusable cloth. Her family utilizes a bidet for cleaning, followed by using the fabric to dry themselves, citing the effectiveness of water and cloth in achieving a thorough cleaning.

She is environmentally conscious and even crafts her cloth by cutting and serging washcloths. One of the benefits of using washcloths, according to Rose, is that they are more effective at cleaning than toilet paper.


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They are also more comfortable and less abrasive on the skin, which can be particularly important for people with sensitive skin or certain medical conditions.


Another advantage is that washcloths are reusable and more sustainable than disposable toilet paper. Rose claims that her family has saved thousands of dollars over the years by not having to purchase toilet paper and has significantly reduced their environmental impact.

Her Sustainable Living Journey

Rose has also replaced Kleenex tissues with a reusable cloth for blowing her nose, and she no longer buys them. When she runs out of these clothes, she tosses them into the washer and her regular laundry without any extra washing required.

In her “things I no longer buy bathroom edition” video, the mother of two also recommends toothpaste cubes and reusable menstrual pads as eco-friendly alternatives.

“I don’t use menstrual cups because I have endometriosis, which causes too much pain. I switched to reusable menstrual cloth pads,” she states. Since then, “I noticed way less cramping,” and “it saves me so much money.”

A TikTok user asked, “Regarding the guests, do you provide them with toilet paper, or do they have to use reusable ones?” Channon responded, “Certainly, we always offer regular toilet paper for guests.

We keep everything disposable for guests but don’t use it ourselves.” Another individual expressed concern and commented, “You had me worried until you mentioned the bidet LOL.” The Tiktoker replied with a laugh, “Haha! Yes, it would be unpleasant if you didn’t rinse off first.”

One TikTok user did not seem excited about adopting reusable cloth in the bathroom. She wrote, “Nooope no ma’am,” expressing her disgust.

However, Channon did not waste any time responding to the skeptic’s comment. She stated, “It’s actually cleaner if you think about it,” and compared it to wiping poop off one’s hand. She argued that washing with water and drying with a towel would be much cleaner.

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