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Aperol: The Most Delicious Way to Spike Your Next Party

/ 09:47 AM March 08, 2023

Do you know those sparkling, brilliant orange drinks that you saw people sipping last summer on sidewalks or at beaches while looking chic? It’s Aperol.

The Aperol Spritz was named the “drink of summer” last year, and we think it’s going to be the “King of Summer Drinks” for a while. 

The drink, which is popular for its easily recognizable deep orange hue, is now available in America. However, have you ever wondered what Aperol, the primary ingredient, actually is?


Stick with us to understand what Italian liqueur this is, its production process, and the class of alcohol it belongs to.

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What is Aperol?

What is Aperol?

Aperol is an Italian aperitif made from an ingredient blend of orange, rhubarb, and an array of herbs and roots.

It is a popular choice for making cocktails, particularly the classic “Aperol Spritz,” which is made by mixing it with sparkling wine and a splash of club soda. 

The drink is known for its bright orange color and its refreshing, slightly bitter flavor. It is often served as an appetizer before a meal to stimulate the appetite.

If you’ve ever visited a European cafe, you’re likely already familiar with the custom of sipping an “aperitif” before a meal. Aperitifs do more than just taste good and are refreshing; they also stimulate the appetite. 

Aperitifs include a wide range of distinct fortified wines, liqueurs, and alcoholic beverages, including this drink. It is more of a group of cocktails that are best consumed before a meal, not necessarily a specific sort of alcohol.


An Aperol spritz is a fantastic option if you’re seeking to moderate your drinking because its alcohol content is just 11%.

Origin Of Aperol

Origin Of Aperol

While we know that Aperol comes from Italy, its origin story spans centuries. The concept of a spritz has existed for much longer.

Its origin dates back to the 1800s when the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled over some of northern Italy’s Veneto area.

Italian wines were reportedly too strong for visitors and soldiers from other areas of the empire, who thus diluted them with a splash of water (called a “spritz” in German). 

Luigi and Silvio Barbieri inherited their father’s liquor business in 1912. After seven years of experimentation, the Barbieri brothers unveiled the vibrant orange Aperol. 

While the Apérol was successfully created in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers, it did not gain popularity until the end of World War II. 

However, the original recipe, which is still in use today, is kept a secret, but it does call for rhubarb and both bitter and sweet oranges.

The brand gained popularity throughout the early 20th century, but it was in the 1950s that Aperol spritz’s traditional recipe came into being. The drink gained popularity in its native Italy as a way to pique your appetite for the evening.

When Gruppo Campari acquired Aperol in the early 2000s, the group aggressively promoted the Aperol spritz, making it the preferred beverage at social media-friendly events like The Governor’s Ball and BottleRock.

It sparked a spike in popularity stateside that is still going strong today. This helped the cocktail gradually make its way across the Atlantic.

What Does Aperol Taste Like? 

What Does Aperol Taste Like? 

From the delicious first sip to the smooth last drop, lovers of the Aperol Spritz adore the distinctive flavor of Aperol. The flavor of Aperol is invigorating and thirst-quenching.

The drink is tangy and sweet from the oranges yet well-rounded and bitter from its natural herb blend.

That first sip of Aperol offers an intensely orange flavor that immediately transports you to the vibrant groves of Calabria. It is sweet, citrusy, and refreshing.

The sharpness of the citrus is then rounded off by the bittersweet harmony of Aperol’s blend of herbs, paving the way for its distinctive earthy bitterness.

Orange sweetness counteracts the woody body notes, and the long, pleasantly bitter aftertaste completes the flavor.

The flavor of this incredible Italian liqueur is frequently compared to that of a melted orange popsicle that is sweet and slightly bitter (like when you bite into a juicy grapefruit).

You also get the feeling of drinking a large, cool glass of sparkling water, only that the taste is different. 

Can You Drink Aperol Straight?

Can You Drink Aperol Straight?

You can consume Aperol on its own. The bitter orange, gentian, and rhubarb used to make Aperol are all native to Italy. It contains 11% alcohol which makes it a very mild alcohol.

You can enjoy this Italian liqueur straight or over ice, but it is common to find Aperol in cocktails like the Aperol Spritz.

The flavor of Aperol is flavorful and rich, whether you consume it neat or over ice. But some individuals characterize the flavor as bitter and herbaceous.

In the end, there are numerous methods to enjoy Aperol, including neat or over ice. Many consumers did not enjoy the harshness of the original Aperol drink. So they requested an additional spritz of water. 

What Is The Best Way To Drink Aperol?

You can blend Aperol with prosecco, which is a popular summer beverage that pubs, bars, and gardens all around the UK offer. However, there are additional ways to take Aperol.

Classic Cocktails

Classic Cocktails

To create a classic Aperol spritz, pour equal amounts of prosecco and Aperol into a large wine glass with ice. Add a little amount of soda water. Then garnish with a slice of orange.

Put your feet up, put on your sunglasses, and savor a classic Aperol Spritz!

The Vintage Aperol Spritz

To create this classic drink, pour equal amounts of prosecco and Aperol into a large wine glass with ice. Add a little soda water and an orange slice for garnish. 

On The Rocks

On The Rocks

This is another way to enjoy Aperol. Serve with ice and simply garnish with an orange peel slice.

Voila! A quick, easy, and incredible way to enjoy your evening Aperol.


You only need a few Aperol fingers, a soda top, and a lemon twist. However, you can always dress up this easy-to-make cocktail with some fresh citrus juice and simple syrup.

You can even make it like an Americano, the perennially well-liked Italian aperitivo that is still available in almost every old-man bar in Italy.

Simply use one-and-a-half parts Aperol (instead of the traditional Campari), one part sweet vermouth, topped with soda, and garnished with an orange twist.

Top With Rhubarb

Rhubarb would pair nicely with the aperitif. Making rhubarb into syrup is the best way to incorporate it into a cocktail.

Chop a few stalks, then pour simple syrup over them in a saucepan. You should let it boil and then simmer until the rhubarb is soft. Strain, and presto! 

In addition, you can use this syrup to sweeten any Aperol drink that you find too bitter or in cocktails that ask for simple syrup or sugar.

How To Make Aperol Spritz

How To Make Aperol Spritz

You’ll need the following ingredients to prepare Your homemade Aperol Spritz:

  • A lot of ice
  • Aperol 
  • Prosecco 
  • Soda
  • A slice of orange

The official proportions for the perfect Aperol Spritz are 3 parts prosecco (75ml), 2 parts Aperol (50ml), and 1 part soda (25ml). 

Ready to start mixing? We’ve broken the process down for you!

  1.  Add lots of ice to your large wine glass or official Aperol Spritz glass.
  2. Mix 2 parts Aperol (50 ml) with 3 parts prosecco (75 ml).
  3.  Stir for a moment after adding a dash of soda (25ml).
  4. Top with an orange slice, and enjoy!


While there’s been a steady increase of fans of the Aperol Spritz over the years, they were probably people who drank the aperitif while on vacation in Italy or at least went to a place that followed the Italian aperitif custom. 

Aperol is popular and ranked as a top earner with double-digit growth. It appears that this liqueur is here to stay as a favorite drink.

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