Washable Rugs: Easy Cleaning with Unmatched Style

Washable Rugs: Easy Cleaning with Unmatched Style

/ 02:17 PM January 24, 2023

Is your style and sense of home décor important to you, but you need an easy-to-clean solution? Look no further than washable rugs – a chic statement piece that is both functional and stylish.

Washable rugs are practical for any space, as you can place them on the floor. You can also hang them on a wall for decoration. They are strong enough to withstand the messiest situations while adding a touch of personality to the room.

With options ranging from classic shaggy designs to abstract art tapestries, there’s something for everyone with two common benefits. They’re easy to clean and great additions to any form of décor!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about washable rugs from my personal experience: how they’re made, their benefits and uses, and styling tips. You can create the perfect look in any room.

What Are the Best Washable Rugs?

With various washable rugs on the market, it helps to know which brands offer the most reliable and stylish options. Tumble and Ruggable are two distinct names that consistently stand out, each offering a unique range of features.

Both boast brilliant source materials that make for durable rugs, with bold designs, vibrant colors, and premium craftsmanship is woven into every product. Moreover, their rugs are highly machine-washable and far easier to maintain than the average rug.

Ultimately, there is a lot to like in both brands when it comes to finding washable rugs that can last for years while still maintaining their original look.

How to Select the Best Washable Rugs Brand

How to Select the Best Washable Rugs Brand

When redecorating a room or sprucing up your space, washable rugs can be a great way to add sophistication and style without sacrificing comfort. But choosing the right washable rug isn’t as simple as picking one off the shelf – many different brands and features are available.

From material type to color selection and more, there are many factors to consider when selecting a high-quality, long-lasting, washable rug for your home. Some criteria to consider while shopping for the best washable rug include:


Quality rugs are now available in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, which makes it easier to find one that will complement your home décor. From calming colors and modern geometric patterns to traditional medallion designs and abstract art, there are many options out there.

It’s important to invest in well-made products that offer aesthetic value as well as durability; this will ensure your purchase provides a pleasant and attractive addition to your environment.


Always consider the maintenance that your washable rug will require. This is especially pertinent if you are living with children or pets, as everyday spills and messes are almost guaranteed. You want to be sure that you can easily have an affected spot cleaned rather than struggling for hours with a rug that may not even come clean.


Investing in quality assurance and a reliable brand can provide peace of mind and cost savings down the line. Considering quality helps ensure that such repairs or replacements won’t become necessary later on. This means you will have a rug you love for longer and save money in the long run.


When it comes to choosing the best rug for your home, the value should be a top priority. Investing in a rug that combines quality materials, craftsmanship, and quality is essential to ensure you get the most from what you spend.

Tumble vs. Ruggable: What’s the Difference?

Are you considering investing in a new rug to liven up your living room or bedroom but are having difficulty deciding between Tumble and Ruggable rugs?  If yes, then you’re not alone – the rising popularity of washable rugs has many debating the difference between the two.

We’ll compare Tumble vs. Ruggable so that you can decide which one is best for your needs.



Tumble’s washable rugs have emerged as a popular choice among consumers looking for affordable, easy-to-maintain floor coverings. These area rugs are made of durable and non-toxic fibers. They have been treated to withstand a dryer’s high heat and tumbling motion.

Though the brand is new, Tumble’s commitment to craftsmanship and emphasis on durability make them a serious frontrunner in the washable rug market. Nonetheless, there are a few caveats that you should consider before you make your decision.

Pros of Tumble

Durability: Tumble rugs are made with 100% polyester and are designed to stand up to wear and tear even in high-traffic areas or areas of the home, such as hallways, kitchens, and children’s play areas. This makes them the ideal choice for fashionable homeowners with kids or pets who want an attractive floor covering that will last for many years.

Easy care: They are designed with cleaning in mind, featuring a proprietary puzzle-piece rug pad that provides cushion underfoot and cleverly tucks into pockets on the rug’s underside. 

Tumble’s unique system doesn’t have any velcro either, which allows you to effortlessly disassemble the rug and throw it in the washing machine when you need a refresh. 

This feature makes it incredibly easy to keep the rug looking fresh and new – no more worrying about stubborn stains or odors.  

On top of the easy-to-assemble design, Tumble rugs feature a spillproof surface that causes liquids to bead up on the surface, making cleanup as easy as a simple wipe. This feature also limits the frequency at which you would need to wash the rug. 

Non-slip backing: The non-porous, non-slip backing on Tumble rugs can be incredibly helpful in preventing slips and falls. It will remain in place even on slippery surfaces, giving homeowners peace of mind that their family members are safe and secure. 

Additionally, according to Tumble’s website, the rug pads made by the company are safe to use on all types of floors and will not cause any discoloration. This problem is often seen with lower-quality rug pads made from rubber or latex.

Easy shipping and return process: Orders placed in the contiguous US have free shipping and free returns with no extra costs. This ensures that customers will not lose out on their money if they aren’t satisfied with their purchase.

Cons of Tumble

Cons of Tumble

Lack of larger rug sizes: Tumble’s biggest size currently offered is 8×10’, although the team has hinted about a potential 9×12’ launch in early 2023. If you’re looking for a larger-sized rug for your home in the immediate future, this might not be an ideal option.

Lack of variety in designs and colors: Tumble washable rugs may not provide the same level of selection as other rug types when it comes to unique colors and designs. Depending on the type of accent a person is trying to create, they may have difficulty finding tumble washable rugs with precisely what they’re looking for. Tumble’s website currently shows about 50 unique designs in up to 6 sizes. Although we suspect that the assortment should continue expanding. 



Ruggable has become a famous brand in the home decor industry due to its practical design, usability, and attractive and stylish aesthetic. The two-piece rug system allows for an effortless cleaning process. You can easily remove the top layer, and machine wash them without ever having to replace the entire rug. However, there are some downsides to consider when purchasing from the brand.

Pros of Ruggable

Variety of designs: Ruggable offers a great option for families with busy lifestyles or an appetite for design. The range of available designs is expansive, with hundreds of options that span every possible aesthetic you can imagine. They even have collections in partnerships with the likes of Disney, Star Wars, and Jonathan Adler, just to name a few.

Rug & Pad System: Like Tumble, Ruggables are sold as a set with a rug and a rug pad. The rug pad comes in two varieties, a standard option and a cushioned option, which comes with a meaningful upcharge. Unlike Tumble, Ruggable’s rug topper is attached to the rug pad with a velcro-like material.

Cons of Ruggable

Curling edges: Despite the use of silicone reinforcement for the corners of Ruggable rugs, customers have complained that it does not properly prevent the curling up of their rug edges. A stronger corner reinforcement material or adhesive might perhaps serve as a solution that could improve customer satisfaction in this regard.

Expensive: Ruggable is more expensive than many of its competitors on the market. They also do not seem to perform as well in terms of durability when exposed to heavy foot traffic or other stressors.

Strict return policy: Customers must pay a restocking fee of $25 for any product returns. This can make returning items difficult, as it is an added expense and an extra step in the process.

Thin rug pads & difficult assembly: One of the main cons to know about is that their rug pads are thinner than some traditional rug pads on the market. This means that these rugs can be less comfortable to walk on and provide less cushioning for your floor. 

This also means that they may shift more easily when you vacuum or walk on them. It makes them less suitable for use in areas with heavy foot traffic or homes with small children or pets.

Lastly, many customers have complained that the velcro-like material on the rug pad makes assembly quite difficult. It can be a deal breaker if you plan on washing the rug frequently. 


When it comes to washable rugs, two major brands stand out – Tumble and Ruggable. Tumble rugs are well-known for their spillproof surface, affordability, ease of use, and high-quality construction. On the other hand, Ruggable is well-known for its extremely wide array of designs. It is also popular for its big-name partnerships that can match any décor.

While Ruggable offers a unique and innovative solution to the conundrum of keeping your rugs clean and fresh. The reality is that their price point makes it difficult for many people to make the purchase. 

For example, purchasing an 8×10’ rug from Ruggable could cost you $489 with the standard rug pad and $589 with the cushioned rug pad.

Their competitor, Tumble, provides some relief with their 8×10’ rugs. They cost only $389, with a cushioned rug pad included. It provides $100-200 savings for anyone looking for a high-quality rug but deterred by the price tag of Ruggable’s offerings.

Ultimately, which option provides the most value will depend on individual preference. Those seeking quality, affordability, and better service levels may appreciate Tumble washable rugs. While those who prioritize a variety of designs may prefer Ruggable. Both types of washable rugs offer a great way to spruce up a room – your choice simply depends on what you value more at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

Are Washable Rugs Water Resistant?  

Washable rugs typically have materials resistant to water and can withstand washing. However, the degree of water resistance can vary depending on the specific rug and its materials. Some brands, such as Tumble, are advertised as “spillproof.” It means they repel liquids on the surface, while other washable rugs are simply water-resistant. 

What are Machine Washable Rugs?

Machine washable rugs are a unique type of rug that makes cleaning and maintenance much easier than traditional rugs. They are made using synthetic materials. So they hold up better in the washing machine, and you can easily dry them afterward.

Machine washable rugs are great for households with children, active pets, or frequently messy situations. They offer a quick and easy way of restoring the rug to its original appearance in no time. 

Not only is this convenient, but it also greatly extends the rug’s lifespan. Dirt and particles don’t have time to accumulate between cleanings. 

How to clean Washable Rugs?

You can wash dirty washable rugs in regular washers. All you need to do to start is take the rug out of the rug pad. Ensure you turn any stains outward to achieve optimum cleanliness. 

Wash your rug in cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid detergents that include a fabric softener. 

If you are unsure whether your detergent is safe, contact the manufacturer. Low heat tumble-dry or dry by hanging. By doing this, you’ll help maintain the original state of your rug. 

Where to Buy Washable Rugs? 

When shopping for washable rugs, buying directly from the company’s website is the way to go. This offers assurance that what you are buying is genuine and of good quality. You also don’t have to worry about scams or other consequences of shopping elsewhere. When it comes to a purchase like this, quality and pricing should be your main concern.

Where to Buy Washable Rugs? 

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