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How To Play Drunk Jenga: The Ultimate Guide

/ 10:19 AM January 04, 2023

Drunk Jenga is an amazing game for adults. It perfectly combines a subtle drinking competition and the Jenga game. In drunk Jenga, you will discover how agile you can be while having a couple of drinks with friends simultaneously.

While many people only look at the fun part of this game, it is also important to note that it has some benefits. Improving hand-eye coordination, enhancing social skills, strategic thinking, and others are the few areas this game helps to improve.

Did I forget to add this game helps relieve stress? So if you want to try some fun activities the next time you and your friends are gathered, drunk Jenga could be appropriate.

How to Make Drunk Jenga

How to Make Drunk Jenga

Unlike other games with varying complexity, setting up your drunk Jenga game is pretty straightforward. You are good to go with the needed materials and some hilarious ideas.

Get Your Ideas

The degree to which your ideas are fun will determine to a great extent (apart from the players) how fun your Jenga game will be. A great drunk Jenga game consists of tasks the players will have fun doing and not some that will make everyone lose interest in the game.

Therefore, pay attention to getting your ideas. If you feel it is something you cannot handle alone, no rule prohibits you from getting ideas from friends or consulting the internet.


Get Your Materials

A box of Jenga: A box of Jenga contains 54 blank blocks, so confirm if yours is complete. Use ballpoint pens or dry-erase markers in writing the tasks on the Jenga blocks.

Felt-tip markers are not recommended because they can easily bleed when the blocks come in contact with water.

Drinks: You need drinks that will be enough for the rest of the game will be played.


Cups: You need cups for every player and a bigger cup at the center of the table (the king’s cup).

Write Your Ideas on the Jenga Tiles

Write Your Ideas on the Jenga Tiles

Now that you have a list of funny ideas, you need to write them down. There are at least two ways of doing this. The first is to write the ideas on the Jenga blocks.

Ensure you write the ideas on paper before copying them on the Jenga blocks. After writing an idea on a block, tick it on the paper to avoid mix-up and repetition.

The alternative would be to write your ideas neatly on paper and then list them from 1 to 54. You must write the numbers 1 to 54 on the Jenga blocks. Any block pulled will have a rule of the corresponding number read out.

Funny Drunk Jenga Ideas to Get You Started

The curated list of drunk Jenga drinking game ideas below is neither standard nor exhaustive. It is meant to serve as a spark to ignite and unleash your creativity. You could choose to go with the list or come up with yours.

Does anyone need anything? 

The player who pulls the block with this task will have to run errands for every other player to complete his turn. Usually, the errands may just be refilling a player’s cup or getting them a snack. 

Finish your drink

Pulling the Jenga block that carries this task can only mean one thing — bottoms up. 

Arm wrestle with another player

Any player who pulls this Jenga block will have to face another player (usually chosen randomly) in an arm wrestling contest. Whoever pulls this block should be smart enough to pick someone they know they can easily defeat. 


Pulling this block means every female player in the game will take a drink.

TikTok star

This is the block most players would love to pull. The player who pulls this Jenga piece must make a video and post it on TikTok. It could go viral.

Speak in an accent for 5 minutes 

If you pull this block, you will have to speak in any accent of your choice for 5 minutes. If you cannot keep up with the accent for any reason for that duration, your friends will ensure you have a drink. 

Take a photograph

This task is a great opportunity to capture the moment. The player who pulls this piece has to take a photograph of everyone while playing the game.

Each player can decide to keep the photograph to remember their time together, especially if they don’t often meet or stay far apart. 

Make a speech

Pulling this block allows the player to exhibit their public speaking skills. There are no criteria for what your speech should sound like. Just go for it and have some fun. 


Quite similar to “girls.” Every male player of the game must take a drink. 

Take a shot of the nearest liquor.

If you pull this block, you have to take a shot of whatever drink nearest you. 

Draw a face on your big toe and make it tell a joke

This should be fun. However, the players’ sense of humor and the number of drinks consumed for the night will determine how funny this task can be. 

Old man Jenkins

The oldest person playing must take a drink regardless of whoever pulled the block. 

Switch shirts

The player who pulls this Jenga block will have to exchange shirts with another player for 1 turn. 

Attempt a handstand 

Pull this block, and you’ve gotten yourself an opportunity to show off your gym class staple skill. Although not everyone can perform the handstand, an attempt would be appreciated. 

Go again

A big congratulations to you if you pull this block. You have earned yourself another turn. However, you must be careful not to crumble the tower on your second turn. 


Act out someone’s impression. However, you can only act out the impression of someone present at the party. 

Shark tank 

The player with the best shark tank idea will have to hand out three drinks.

Blind kiss

Close your eyes, and any player will kiss you. You have to guess the person that kissed you correctly. A wrong guess, and your fellow players will make you drink. 

Hug a friend

This task seems cool. A lot of people feel better after receiving a hug. So what are you waiting for? Find a friend and hug them. 

Use your non-dominant hand during the next turn

If the players have gone deep in the game, whoever pulls this block may likely crumble the tower. However, if the game just started, there may be no cause for alarm.

How to Set Up Drunk Jenga

How to Set Up Drunk Jenga

After getting the ideas for your rules and tasks, the next thing would be to set up your Jenga tower. The Jenga tower typically has 18 layers. That means each layer comprises 3 blocks.

In setting up your Jenga tower, it would be best to place the blocks in a way that conceals their tasks. Keeping the tasks secret adorns the game with an element of surprise, which is essential in keeping the game interesting and fun.

The general rules for this game include the following:

  • The player who makes the Jenga tower fall has to drink from the king’s cup. 
  • Carry out the action written on the Jenga block. If you cannot, then empty your cup.
  • You may use only one hand to remove and replace blocks. However, switching hands is allowed.
  • You can check if a block is loose or tight.
  • You are not allowed to remove blocks from the last top row.
  • Two players cannot play at the same time. It is one player at a time.
  • The player who knocks over the tower should set it up for the next round.

How to Play Drunk Jenga

Below are some of the basic procedures for playing the drunk Jenga game.

  • Place the king’s cup on the table where players can pour their drinks when necessary.
  • The player who builds the tower can go first.
  • Carefully pull a block from a completed row below the highest completed row and stack it on the top layer.
  • A 3-block layer must be completed before you can begin a new one.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, each player should take turns pulling and stacking one block each.
  • Each player takes turns removing and replacing the blocks until the tower crumbles.
  • Once the tower crumbles, the game can be restarted.


The next time you and your friends are gathered at a party and want to participate in some fun games, you could try drunk Jenga. If you have never played this game and wish to do so, this article provides the necessary details.

However, binge drinking can lead to health issues or injuries, so drink responsibly. Avoid drinking more than you can handle. Also, remember to stop drinking and ensure you have someone available to look after you once you have had too much to drink.

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