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Is Nair Bad For You? Nair Hair Remover Complete Guide

/ 09:42 AM December 21, 2022

Hair removal methods usually involve swiping, zapping, or pulling the hair out of the body using razors, tweezers, or lasers. Still, it’s quite interesting that you can safely trim the hair close to your skin without using these methods. One popular product for hair removal is Nair hair removal cream.

Nair hair removal is a depilatory cream that helps dissolve hair proteins and is considered less painful than swiping, zapping, or pulling hairs. Nair provides smooth, hair-free skin for the perfect skincare routine.

This article will discuss everything about Nair hair removal. Read on to find out if you can use it for your skin type, if there are any dangers in using it, how to test if it is bad for your skin, how to treat burns if you get any as a result of applying the Nair hair removal cream, and the safest place to apply this cream.

What are the Dangers of Using Nair?

What are the Dangers of Using Nair?

The Nair hair removal cream is an easy and fast alternative for shaving. It is made up of active ingredients that affect the hair’s keratin and then diminish the hair so you can gently wipe it away. Well, as effective and safe as this cream is, it is important to know if it is safe to use on your skin.

Generally, Nair is one of the most popular methods to remove unwanted hair safely, but that doesn’t mean it is without side effects. Nair can go wrong if you have sensitive skin, and below are some of the dangers it causes.

Chemical Burns

Nair products are made with different ingredients, including potassium thioglycolate and Nair’s calcium hydroxide. When mixed, these compounds can burn your skin if you leave it for a very long time or while breaking down the hair. 


It can damage your skin, depending on how sensitive your skin is. For this reason, you must follow the directives on the package. It is recommended to apply the cream for at least three minutes, and it can last for up to ten minutes.

Chemical burns from Nair can cause redness around the skin and the formation of blisters. The symptoms can get as severe as dizziness, vomiting, weakness, and fainting.

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation depends on your sensitivity level — the area where the cream is rubbed and how long it stays. It is caused by the active ingredients in Nair (like calcium thioglycolate) that result in a slight tingling feeling and then an uncomfortable burning accompanied by the appearance or presence of a rash.


You can remedy this at home by applying aloe vera gel or soothing lotion. But you’ll need medical attention when it gets serious due to allergic reactions.

How to Test if Nair is Bad for Your Skin

How to Test if Nair is Bad for Your Skin

Before applying Nair, there is a need to perform a patch test because the chemistry of the skin changes constantly and can be affected by environmental factors. It allows you to take note of any irritation that might occur and make you know if the product is good for you.

How do you perform this test? Apply a small product on small, unnoticeable body parts instead of on the whole leg or thigh. Take a close look after twenty-four hours; if you feel irritated or red, you can’t use the product.

After a successful patch test, you can only use the product when there is no sign of irritation, stinging, or burning. It shows that it is safe to use and you’re free from any danger Nair might cause on the skin.

If you notice any sign of sting or burn or you feel irritated, use a damp washcloth or cotton ball to remove the product from your body immediately, and use lukewarm water to rinse the area thoroughly. Make sure you see a doctor if the irritation continues.

How to Treat Nair Burns

Nair burns can be painful, even minor or mild ones. It takes a few days for a minor burn to heal, but it may take weeks or even months for a more serious burn to heal completely. To help your burn heal fast and completely, below are the following ways to treat it.

Home Treatments

Home treatment is effective and advantageous if you can’t get medical supplies. There are different easy and quick remedies to treat Nair burns at home that would, of course, reduce inflammation and heal the burn.

You can use cold or lukewarm water to run the burn for about ten to twenty minutes before applying a cold compress. It helps reduce any inflammation, prevent blistering and remove any leftover chemicals.

Aloe Vera is also an effective remedy for healing burns. Gently apply by spreading the aloe vera from a leaf on the affected area. It helps boost the healing process and reduce the risk of being infected. 

You can add honey to the list of remedies. Its antifungal properties and natural antibacterial help increase healing and reduce inflammation.

Ensure you avoid toothpaste, butter, egg whites, and oil. Though they might be suggested for you to aid burn healing, they are not helpful and can even worsen the burn, causing the burn area to become irritated and inflamed.

Medical Treatments

Home treatment works effectively, but when the burn worsens, becomes severe, or begins to swell or ooze, you need medical treatment because you might have a severe infection due to the burn.

The medical treatment might include cleaning and removing dead tissue, using antibiotics for the infection, and using IV fluids to boost healing.

Is Nair Safe to Use on Your Face?

Is Nair Safe to Use on Your Face?

It is safe to use Nair hair removal on your face when using a product designed for the face. It is not applied on every part of the face, but it is best used on the cheeks, chin, and upper lip, while you must strictly avoid the mouth and eyes. If it mistakenly gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and visit your doctor.

Nair must be used carefully and correctly on the face to avoid burns, discoloration, and irritation. Avoid going under the sun for 24 hours. If you must go, put on a scarf, hat, umbrella, etc., so that your face won’t be discolored.

Is Nair Safe to Use on the Groin?

Yes, Nair is safe to use on the groin. Still, make sure to carefully read and follow the precautions or label inserted in the cream. You should also be aware that you can’t use all Nair products, so get a product type for your groin. And while using it, you must avoid the anus and genitals.


Dr. Monica Michel explains, “Nair hair removal creams are a possible solution for eliminating unwanted body hair temporarily. These depilatory creams break down the hair’s keratin structure, effectively dissolving the hair roots to the point that they can break off when the cream is wiped away.” 

This explanation reveals everything about the Nair product. Nair is not bad in itself; it is safe and effective. However, you need to test and ensure it is okay for you. You can also seek medical advice, especially if you have skin disorders, diabetes, or circulatory issues.

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