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Everything you need to know about slim thick body type

/ 10:41 AM December 13, 2022

The days when everyone lusted after a barbie doll’s small waist, slender legs, and delicate curves are long gone. Nowadays, the slim thick physique is a popular topic everywhere you look, including in rap songs, fitness, and the internet at large.

You may have heard of the popular body type among women. Who doesn’t desire a slim hourglass figure that speaks confidence and self-assurance? For women, in particular, our society has traditionally established certain criteria of beauty, and “slim thick” is said to be the ideal body type.

Due to factors beyond their control, some women find it far simpler to get this appearance naturally than others. But anyone can make their body appear thicker than it is. Read on to learn more about the trend and how you can achieve a slim thick figure.

Slim Thick Body Type: Fully Explained

What is Slim Thick?

The term “slim thick” is typically used to describe a fit lady with a small waist, flat stomach, and large hips, big buttocks, and thick thighs. It is used to describe a thin body with large or pronounced features.

This body type is mysterious because it blends the sexiest aspects of a slender, curved figure while avoiding those deemed undesirable, such as a fuller belly or flat booty.

The first thing to acknowledge is that the body form referred to as “slim thick” is simply one of several that are being promoted in the media today.


Everywhere in the media are the voluminous proportions and tight waist. Whether you know what the phrase means, you encounter examples of this body form daily.

How to Get Slim Thick

Beauty trends are evolving at an overwhelming speed. Now, numerous pop artists and other celebrities spend countless hours in the gym working toward the “slim thick physique.”

Only some body types can perfectly mimic every trending body form. And you may not have a slim thick body type. That said, you should consider these few things if you want to give your body this shape in some way:



You can achieve a healthy body shape with a balanced diet emphasizing whole foods. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars in favor of nutritious grains and natural proteins. 


Squats alone won’t be enough to give you a Kardashian-style backside. Slim thick workouts include calorie-burning exercises and resistance training, such as:

  • Cardio
  • Muscle-toning exercises like yoga or pilates
  • Weight training with a glute-focused emphasis

You’ll need to watch your calorie intake and adjust your workout routine for weight gain or weight loss, as your case may be.


This goes beyond merely exercising. Choose a more active route, like a walk or a bike ride. Increase your water intake to eliminate toxins, make your muscles active, and avoid unneeded hunger pangs.

What Does Slim Thick Look Like?

What Does Slim Thick Look Like?

A huge butt, a very small waist, a flat tummy, big boobs, and average-sized legs make this body type’s physique. Naturally, Kim Kardashian, the inventor of the thick skinny trend, is first on the list when you imagine what a slim thick girl looks like.

However, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have been flaunting their figures for years without the tag, so it’s nothing new. Demi Rose, Ashley Graham, and Kylie Jenner are more famous examples of the slim thick figure.

How Much Does a Slim-Thick Girl Weigh?

It is difficult to determine someone’s exact weight as everyone has different weight distribution and carries it differently.

The optimal weight for each individual varies since each person is unique and depends on several factors. Age, height, and birth sex are biological characteristics, but mental elements can be just as significant.

However, a body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 or less indicates being underweight. The optimum BMI range is between 18.5 and 24.9, and overweight people have a BMI of 25 to 29.9 or higher. BMI over 30 is a clear indication of obesity.

The Problem With the Slim Thick Trend

Like with other trending body types, the glorification of the slim thick body type means that other body shapes are typically left out. Women who don’t have the stereotyped physique will feel excluded, which fuels their inner racism and self-hatred.

Another negative effect of the phrase becoming so popular is the growth in body idolization, where people work to obtain the “ideal body” shape because of its attractiveness or social acceptance. 

We cannot overlook the danger to one’s mental health posed by striving for the unattainable “perfect body.” This should be a gentle reminder that everybody deserves love and acceptance regardless of looks.

The Problem With the Slim Thick Trend


Even though many women find it attractive, beauty standards will continue to shift; therefore, it’s impossible to predict how long the slim thick body shape will remain trendy. Women’s bodies come in various shapes, all stunning in their unique way.

Bone structure, heredity, age, fat mass, muscle mass, and way of life affect how the body looks, and we should promote body positivity regardless.

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