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Single-Use Breathalyzer By Alco Prevention

/ 11:30 AM November 23, 2022

You’ve had a long night out and you’re not sure if you’re sober enough to drive. What do you do?

A breathalyzer can be the difference between risking your life and taking an Uber home safely. Even better, they’re now available in a single-use form! These breathalyzers are compact, easy to use, and affordable – perfect for keeping in your car or purse. This tiny single-use device tells you exactly how drunk you are, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to get behind the wheel.

The Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer makes it easy for you to have the reassurance that you and your loved ones are able to get behind the wheel. It is hands-down the best choice for a breathalyzer that performs as precisely as the ones used in clinics and stations. Additionally, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants peace of mind while they’re out on the town.

Before we go further, let’s see what breathalyzers are all about.

Background of Breathalyzers 

Background of Breathalyzers 

About 10,000 people die from drunk driving every year (NHTSA). Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or more can lead to terrible accidents while also being illegal. If you’ve been out drinking and plan on getting behind the wheel, it’s always a good idea to have a breathalyzer on hand.

A breath analyzer, often known as a breathalyzer, is used for a BAC test. Blood, saliva, or urine samples determine how much alcohol an individual has in their system. However, the quickest and easiest means is just breathing on a breathalyzer. 

After consuming alcohol, the body absorbs the alcohol into the bloodstream through the stomach lining. Then, a small amount of alcohol evaporates and travels into the lungs as blood flows through them.

How Did the Single-Use Breathalyzer Come Into Existence?

Breathalyzers were first used as a device “to test a Tippler’s breath,” as mentioned in a 1927 issue of Popular Science, suggesting that housewives use W.D. McNally’s new creation to determine whether their “errant” husbands had been out drinking. 

The specific chemicals the device allegedly used to change color are unclear. However, a few years later, the first portable breathalyzer used the same technology.

Rolla N. Harger created the first reliable breathalyzer in 1931 and amusingly called the tool the “Drunk-o-meter.” It depended on a color change caused by a reaction between alcohol in the breath and acidified potassium permanganate. This process is considerably different from how breathalyzers work today. Without a quantitative scale, users assumed that a deeper purple meant more alcohol.

However, in 1958 Robert Frank Borkenstei connected a photometer to a reaction between potassium dichromate and alcohol in a subject’s breath. This birthed the current single-use breathalyzer, enabling accurate readings of a person’s breath alcohol content.

Single-use Breathalyzer for Corporate Events & Holidays

Single-use Breathalyzer for Corporate Events & Holidays

An ideal drink-driving prevention tool for your businesses! Perfect for all your corporate events: office celebrations (Christmas and others), golf tournaments, special meetings (employee departures), wine and cheese tastings, galas, banquets, weddings, and all other events where alcohol is served!

This is sure to be a thoughtful gesture that all your employees remember!

In only a few minutes, this breathalyzer will inform you if you’re over the legal driving limit.

Alco Prevention Special Pricing for Single-Use Breathalyzer for Corporate Events 

Benefits of Single-Use Breathalyzer

Benefits of Single-Use Breathalyzer

Alco Prevention Canada has been renting electronic breathalyzers, selling single-use breathalyzers, multi-use breathalyzers, drug testing, and driver assistance equipment to people and businesses. They also educate people on the disadvantages of drug and alcohol use at work.

More advantages of single-use alcohol breathalyzers by Alco Prevention 

  • Easy to use
  • Small and can be easily carried
  • Easy to interpret
  • Ready to use and does not require any technical knowledge
  • Eliminates the risk of drunk driving
  • Approved by the FDA and MADD Canada
  • Offers peace of mind

Alcograd Single-Use Breathalyzer – 100 units: $395.00

Features Of The Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer

This disposable breathalyzer is a compact device that provides precise blood alcohol readings using cutting-edge yet straightforward technology. It is very accurate and is used by thousands of promotional agents interested in the safety of their staff and consumers. 

Features of the Alco Prevention Breathalyzer include:

  • Economical and affordable
  • Very fast and provides immediate results within 4 minutes
  • No calibration is required
  • Modest and compact and fits effortlessly into a pocket or handbag
  • Long Shelf Life of 2 years
  • No need to recharge the alcohol tester

Why Use the Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer?

Why Use the Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer?

By choosing not to invest in a reliable, highly rated, and approved breathalyzer, you are endangering your life and the lives of your family, friends, colleagues, and other road users. 

The Alco Prevention Breathalyzer is very accurate and can detect even the smallest amount of alcohol in the body in just a few minutes. This individually packaged tool is useful, especially for individuals who want to drive safely. 

Additionally, a disposable breathalyzer is ideal for organizations keen on getting the perfect tool to prevent drunk driving. This tool is the perfect give-away item for all your promotional events. Even Christmas parties and other occasions, such as golf outings, special gatherings, wine tasting, galas, banquets, and weddings, are not left out! 

You can also send this breathalyzer in a box with your company’s branding and a special note to show how much you care. 

How To Use The Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer

Here’s how to use this alcohol detection tool in 3 easy steps:

  1. Get an Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer tube and press the two ends of the alcohol tester together to drill through the aluminum. 
  2. Blow into the tube for 10 seconds and wait 2-4 minutes for the BAC test results.
  3. The crystals in the alcohol tester will show white (0.00%), pale pink (0.02%), medium pink (0.05%), or burgundy (0.08%), depending on your alcohol concentration.

Safeway vs. Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer

Safeway and the Alco brand are very similar in terms of the accurate information you can examine on the devices. Batteries or pricey re-calibrations are unnecessary for both the Safeway and Alco Prevention Breathalyzer. 

The devices undergo highly selective reactions to alcohol, decreasing the possibility of false positive BAC test results because it is based on a chemical reaction that is not sensitive to any gas other than alcohol.

These individually packaged tools offer quick, non-intrusive alcohol testing at work, home, or anywhere. Multiple percentiles of the Safeway and Alco products are available to test for different levels of a person’s breath alcohol content (BAC). 

The significant difference between the two testers is that the Alco Breathalyzer is extremely sensitive. The alcohol tester can pick up 0.002% of alcohol in exhaled air.

Alco Prevention Single-Use Breathalyzer also offers 4 scales for results vs only one for Safeway. Crystals are also easier to read as they are white and turn burgundy when you hit the legal limit. 

The product is very discrete and compact in size. You can also easily discard it, unlike the Safeway brand with a display and mouthpiece that is difficult to discard. 


Alcohol can reduce a person’s ability to drive safely, especially after drinking at social gatherings. However, this tool can show users immediate results, telling them when they are too drunk to operate a vehicle. 

Although legal thresholds may differ, but generally speaking, laws prohibit someone whose BAC is 0.08% or more to operate a vehicle. People should exercise caution when drinking and make other plans to get home, such as calling a cab.

Gifting Alco breathalyzers at all of your corporate events, such as Christmas parties, is a great idea. It also ensures all your workers drive safely and let them know how much you value them.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

How Much Alcohol Does It Take To Get Drunk? 

It typically takes fewer drinks for someone who has never drunk to experience alcohol intoxication. Their size and whether or not they’ve eaten in a while can affect how soon they get intoxicated.

People drinking for the first time should be cautious about how many drinks they have because they won’t know how much they can tolerate.

Additionally, minors who drink alcohol or indulge in other intoxicating activities are linked to negative outcomes like accidents, social issues, and fatalities. 

Is Combining Drugs and Alcohol Bad? 

The NIAAA Trusted Source provides the following list of hazardous interactions between alcohol and other medications:

  • Prescription meds
  • Over-the-counter drugs
  • Illicit substances
  • Herbal treatments

A person may feel the following symptoms if they drink alcohol and at the same time consume certain medications:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Fainting
  • Drowsiness
  • Lack of coordination 

Additionally, there is a potential for internal bleeding and respiratory and heart issues.

Alcohol can also reduce the efficacy of several drugs.

You should not mix alcohol and other medications unless your doctor approves.

Are Breathalyzers a Great Gift for All Your Corporate Events?

Yes. Breathalyzers can be individually packaged and delivered to people at corporate and promotional events and in cases where a person’s ability to drive is questionable. You can then make sure people are going home safe. This gift promotes ethics, responsibility, as well as a nice corporate image and peace of mind.

The amount of alcohol in the blood and the lungs are related. Instead of a blood sample, a partition ratio can nearly quickly calculate someone’s BAC from the air they exhale. A user’s breath alcohol content to blood alcohol content is approximately 1:2,100. This indicates that an average of 2,100 ml of breath will have the same quantity of alcohol as 1 ml of blood.

Using the partition ratio, you can use a breathalyzer to detect a person’s breath alcohol content due to chemical reactions. Alcohol vapor in the breath reacts with potassium dichromate, an orange solution. When alcohol interacts with it, it turns the solution green. The breathalyzer may use the electrical current produced by this color change to calculate the BAC.

Can I get customized breathalyzers with my brand logo?

Yes – Alco Prevention can also supply their single-use breathalyzers in a package with your logo and a personalized message.

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