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Trial Guides: Books and Media for Lawyers

/ 11:22 AM November 15, 2022

Trial Guides is a legal media company that provides legal products and services for lawyers, paralegals, doctors, law students, individuals, and parties impacted by the legal system. The company also offers products for the public that focus on cross-examination, personal injury claims, business practices, trial preparation, and product safety. 

This legal media company’s products are renowned for their clarity, accessibility, and sharp focus on the practical areas of legal practice. In addition, their source materials are based on proven strategies and tactics from top legal consultants and lawyers across the country.

What is Trial Guides? 

What is Trial Guides? 

Trial Guides is a legal media company established in 2004 to give civil plaintiff lawyers an extra edge. The company also provides professional legal education materials, seminars, webinars, and a wealth of books and media on different areas of law practice.

What products does Trial Guides offer?

Deeper Cuts by Keith Mitnik and Damages Evolving By David Ball, Artemis Malekpour, Courtney Rowley & Nicholas Rowley

Trial Guides has a multitude of print, audio, video, and digital titles on offer. These resources are known for their accessibility, directness, intelligent strategies, and winning trial strategies.

By enhancing trial preparation or particular trial aspects like case framing, cross-examination, depositions, opening statements and closing arguments, storytelling, and other trial skills through their product resources, the company is an invaluable legal repository. They offer something for every aspiring trial lawyer.

Here are some of their bestselling products:

Deeper Cuts: Systems that Simply Work from Winning Workups to Thumbs-Up Verdicts
by Keith Mitnik

In Deeper Cuts: Systems that Simply Work from Winning Workups to Thumbs-Up Verdicts, legendary trial lawyer Keith Mitnik breaks down his successful technique with an in-depth look at creating and adapting winning trial strategies.

The book is divided into five parts: “The Process beneath the Systems, “Powerful New Tools for Trial,” “Winning before Beginning,” “Medical Malpractice—Breaking Down Barriers,” and “Silver Linings.” This book is a must-read for winning cases and trial preparation, with real case examples and bias-busting tactics.

Damages Evolving
By David Ball, Artemis Malekpour, Courtney Rowley & Nicholas Rowley

In Damages Evolving, the authors share their strategies and insights for successfully trying cases on behalf of injured clients. Discover new methods of trial preparation by strengthening your trial defenses, and get templates and examples to solve the problems in your cases—along with the reasoning behind why these solutions work.

The authors offer strategies and frameworks robust enough to give you an edge against unforeseeable changes and, more importantly, show you how and when to adapt their lessons to best tackle future challenges.

30(b)(6) Second Edition Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government By Mark R. Kosieradzki and The Deposition Handbook By Dennis R. Suplee & Nicole Reimann

The Deposition Handbook
By Dennis R. Suplee & Nicole Reimann

Written from a litigator’s perspective, The Deposition Handbook is considered the ultimate guide to taking and defending depositions.

This handbook offers practical advice for every deposition stage. It’s user-friendly and filled with comprehensive techniques for information gathering, rules of conduct, sample questions, case studies, and checklists. Every young lawyer should read this book because it’s the definitive resource for successful depositions.

30(b)(6) Second Edition Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government
By Mark R. Kosieradzki

The landscape of law has significantly changed since the first edition of 30(b)(6): Deposing Corporations, Organizations, and the Government was published. A new amendment to Rule 30(b)(6) that sets the need to “meet and confer” has been made. Multiple states have added extra provisions and amended their state rules.

The second edition of 30(b)(6): Deposing Corporations, Organizations, and the Government examines the new rule change and how to win against attempts to evade evidence disclosures you seek with Rule 30(b)(6). It also provides new chapters, updated appendices, and over two hundred new citations. The edition has been expanded to tackle jurisprudence concerning post-COVID-19 pandemic logistics.

Moreover, this book is an excellent guide to maneuvering the maze of bureaucracy and crafting a considerable record of the defense’s documents and words to hold them accountable in court.

Audio Products by Trial Guides

David Ball on Damages 3 Audiobook and Rules of the Road Audiobook: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability By Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone

Trial Guides offers a variety of exceptional audio products to attorneys preparing to win their next case. Some customer favorites include:

Rules of the Road Audiobook: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability
By Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone

Rules of the Road is one of the most innovative and disruptive books on proving liability. Lawyers have also used it throughout the country to win six-, seven-, and even eight-figure verdicts in challenging liability cases. In addition, this second edition has been honed and reworked for clarity and usability. 

Six new chapters have also been added, which cover how to tailor Rules of the Road techniques to your case themes, the differences between Rules and Principles, and how to troubleshoot your Rules. Furthermore, the book examines samples of Rules from various cases, such as insurance claims, medical malpractice, and product liability.

This audiobook version is read by a renowned trial consultant, actor/director/writer Joshua Karton. Mr. Karton has served as an instructor at law schools and has been an instructor at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming since its inception. He had prepared oral presentations of successful cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and piloted the Advanced Trial Advocacy Course for the JAG Corps.

David Ball on Damages 3 Audiobook 

In Damages 3, David Ball provides a comprehensive step-by-step on how to combine the Reptile and Rule of the Road Methods, the new voir dire techniques, and the classic Damages method into a winning strategy. 

He teaches you how to handle criminal defense “experts” and cross-examinations and how to craft opening statements. He also explains the relationship between damages and liability and how to tackle them in court. 

This audiobook, read by David Ball, is backed by real case preparations and thousands of research hours. Damages 3 provides definitive, effective, and practical techniques for pursuing damages. It provides insight into mistakes amateur, and experienced attorneys make while working on Damages cases.

Video Products by Trial Guides

More of a visual learner? Trial Guides has some of the best video learning resources available, so you can prepare for your trial date. Here are some of their top-selling products:

Trial Tactics – On Demand
By Rick Friedman & Roger J. Dodd
Guest Speakers Zoe Littlepage & Rainey Booth

Rick Friedman and Roger Dodd are leading trial lawyers who offer solutions to successfully handling civil jury trials, from case selection to post-trial motions. Furthermore, both lawyers combine their winning methods and analyze how to use Pozner & Dodd’s method of cross-examination in cases where you also use Friedman’s Rules of the Road™.

In Trial Tactics, these seasoned legal experts answer common questions like “How to deal with a client’s difficult background in voir dire and opening,” “How and when to talk about money with the jury,” and “Whether it’s better to use a constructive or destructive cross-examination.”

Zoe Littlepage and Rainey Booth, two of America’s leading pharmaceutical litigators, are also featured in this video resource. They discuss working with witnesses and using creative visual aids to win cases.

A Paralegal’s Role in Trial – On Demand
By Candess Zona-Mendola

Paralegals play a vital role in the litigation trial preparation process. That role will often change and shift as the trial progresses, so you must be on your toes and ready to jump into the action. In addition, this video is one of the best paralegal products to help you reach new heights of success.

Developing the skills for successful, intuitive paralegaling can take years. It means knowing what questions to ask, what other evidence gaps to look for, and what communication support feels like—both for your boss and their clients. Trials can be long, daunting, and stressful. Having a plan and knowing your role can help win cases, improve morale, and reduce the stress of your entire trial team.

Candess Zona-Mendola, author, speaker, and battle-tested trial paralegal, shares lessons from her decades of experience in civil litigation. Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to use critical strategies for success.

What types of services does Trial Guides offer?

In addition to many books, ebooks, audiobooks, and on-demand videos, they also have several list server communities for lawyers to join. Here, attorneys can share strategies, resources, and referrals with like-minded practitioners. They also offer frequent live webinars for legal practitioners, many of which include CLE credits. 

List Server Communities

Trial Guides Personal Injury Litigation and Maximizing Auto Settlements List Server Communities

The Trial Guides Community Groups are valuable for improving your success as a lawyer or paralegal. Moreover, being part of this legal community will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to subject-specific document libraries that you and lawyers across the country will be able to add to and download from
  • Searchable discussions with legal experts, as well as an email digest option
  • A central community center website where users can quickly read and respond to discussions
  • Archived academic papers, legal discussions, and also case studies to fortify your case as your trial approaches
  • Ample networking and co-counseling opportunities with attorneys in your area

The list servers cover topics from Brain Injury Litigation to Maximizing Auto Settlements.

Live Webinars

Live webinars allow you to connect and interact in real time with faculty members right from your home or office.

The webinars cover topics including Requesting and Reviewing Medical Records: A Guide for Paralegals, Adoption & Foster Care Negligence: Avoiding Pitfalls and Protecting Kids, The Risks of Direct Examination and the Power of Cross-Examination, and Preparing Lay Witnesses for Deposition and Trial.

They also offer recordings of their live webinars for purchase on their website, so even if you miss the live session, you can still gain access to the valuable information shared.

How Is Trial Guides Different Than Other Legal Resources?

Trial Guides offers products and services to give lawyers the skills and resources needed to win their cases. The goal is to help plaintiff attorneys successfully obtain justice for their injured clients. Paralegals, law students, and other parties within (or affected by) the legal system will also find the products and services immensely useful.

The company differentiates itself from other legal resources in several critical ways:

Unrivaled Educational Resources

The company commits to helping lawyers reach the pinnacle of their abilities. The company also consistently works to create educational resources that sharpen users’ legal skills in an ever-changing legal landscape. Furthermore, they occasionally host events where many attorneys, law students, and paralegals can learn from legal luminaries from all over the country. 

They have educational materials for various legal needs, including criminal defense strategies, storytelling and theme crafting, and handling adverse witnesses like a pro.

Once you pick up an audio, video, print, or live event material from their library, you gain knowledge that will bring your next case into sharper focus. Better trial preparation strategies mean streamlined intakes, faster settlements, and higher verdicts.

Contemporary Approach to Legal Education

Trial Guides aims to be the industry leader in continuing legal education. The products and services offered by the company will not only help you meet your state CLE programs’ requirements but will also help you find modern legal solutions to vexing legal problems. Their offerings stay updated with legal trends, from anticipating juror biases to trial preparation and framing cases. Furthermore, the company understands the evolving nature of the legal industry and ensures all its materials meet modern standards.

Practical, Straightforward Legal Resources

All authors, speakers, and thought leaders from Trial Guides have spent significant time consulting and practicing law. The company’s Product Review Board members are successful lawyers who practice throughout the country. With such practiced personnel at the forefront of this legal media company, you also have the assurance of practical value for your money and time.

Tried, Tested, and Proven

Trial Guides authors are not only top trial lawyers and renowned authorities in the legal field; they are also loyal customers. Moreover, they have tried the resources and demonstrated their effectiveness by winning nearly impossible cases and settlements.

The Product Review Board members, authors, and speakers understand the reality of denied claims and frivolous criminal defense. Moreover, they have firsthand experience with winning and losing trials and the social stigma that plaintiff lawyers sometimes face with conservative juries. 

Their authors and speakers are experts in practicing and understanding the law. In addition, their works are a testament to the value of this company’s legal resources.

Trial Guides – Final Thoughts 

If you or your law firm want to improve and grow, there’s no better place to look than Trial Guides. The company also has hundreds of products and services to help build your business, clarify your case, and win big in a jury trial.

Visit the Trial Guides website to order one of their resources and join their community. First-time customers get 10% off their orders. Enjoy free standard shipping on orders over $200, and free priority shipping on orders over $350.

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