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Expand Furniture Maximizes Your Home With Transformer Tables

/ 11:56 AM November 11, 2022

You can’t overemphasize the role of furniture in interior design, as it’s the first thing that comes to mind as soon as you move to a new space. And be it office or home, we need to find beautiful furniture pieces to make our space convenient and complete. Although other elements like the ceiling, floor, staircases, and columns play a significant role in how your space looks, your furniture gives your room the final touch. This is why Expand Furniture is the best choice to make the most of your home.

When it comes to furniture design and quality, Expand Furniture sets the standard for other brands. As a leading company in multifunctional furniture, the brand offers top-of-the-line space-saving furniture that will keep you happy with your space regardless of size. 

From transformer tables to sofas and chairs, this industry leader presents an exceptional furniture style while helping you maximize your space.

What are Transformer Tables?

We all know what conventional tables are, but a lot may come to mind upon hearing this.

In short: a transformer table is a table with an extendable design that fits every space. 

With easily adjustable designs, these tables can have triple-use cases, and fit into any space. They can work as a small office desk, a coffee table, and a wide dinner table at night, meaning you can tweak your space however you want.

Expand Furniture Transformer Tables

Expand Furniture Transformer tables are prominent for the versatility, ease of use, and modern vibe that they add to living spaces. 

The brand offers stellar quality transformer tables in different sizes, color schemes, and designs to deliver an exceptional experience to customers while enhancing their living space.

Some of Expand Furniture’s products range from extending tables to small tables and accents.

Junior Giant – Extending Table Transformer Seats 12

Junior Giant – Extending Table Transformer Seats 12

The Junior Giant console transforming table is a furniture design marvel. It has a revolving support leg and five extensions with built-in magnets. 

You can build it from a small console table to a 12-seater dinner table. It’s expandable to several functional sizes, making it look awesome as a big dining table or a small lunch table.

Glossy paint finish, wood veneer, and compact and sturdy design are the top features of this revolutionary table. You can also get new panel versions with different face designs. The table comes with a 5-year warranty.

*Fast Shipping with a 7-day trial and easy returns.

Box Coffee to Dining Table Transformer 

Box Coffee to Dining Table Transformer 

The Box-Coffee-to-Dining table is a unique multipurpose table. It can serve as a perfectly functional low-profile coffee table and expand nicely to become a big dining table. The leaves are carefully tucked inside the table, letting you comfortably cater to at least ten guests. 

It’s the perfect dinner table because it’s not bulky. Using its concealed locking wheels, you can also move the table around hassle-free. The wheels are built into the legs and have a gas mechanism for lifting and lowering the table.

Entertainers, people with large families, and anyone who enjoys a good dinner party would love this versatile, stylish table.  The Box Coffee to Dining Table is available in a range of wood panels and a hardened stain-resistant paint finish. Check out the detailed description of the wheels and a demonstration of how the table works in the video below.

*Fast Shipping with a 7-day trial and easy returns.

Transforming Table – Space Saver Coffee Transformer v3

Transforming Table – Space Saver Coffee Transformer v3

The Transforming Table v3 is an upgraded version that saves even more space, making it great for small spaces. 

With a sleeker design, rounded corners, a new hydraulic lift system, and leg styling with concealed wheels. You can switch from the maximum 30-inch table height to a 7.5-inch low-profile coffee mode.

This versatile table folds, rotates, and lifts into a full dinner table height. It’s stylishly simple and can seat 4-6 people. You can get glass top finishes and synthetic long-lasting wood panels to suit your taste.

The transforming table is typically delivered fully assembled and can be locked at any height you choose.

Check out the finishing options and a demonstration of how the table works in the video below.

* FREE Shipping in North America and a 7-day trial with easy returns.

Box Coffee – Outdoor Transformer Table

Box Coffee - Outdoor Transformer Table

The special version of Box Coffee to Dining Table was created to transform the way people eat outside. It has powder-coated steel legs, a high-pressure laminate that is water and weather-resistant, and wheels strong enough for outdoor surfaces. 

It’s small but expandable to comfortably accommodate ten people, making it ideal for patio parties and outdoor events. It can also be used as a stunning indoor table. The table’s integrated wheels and gas lift/lower mechanism make it simple to move the object. It can be kept outside, as it comes with protection.

Shipping: North America & International ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Juggernaut 2 – Massive Extendable Table Seats 24

Juggernaut 2 – Massive Extendable Table Seats 24

The Juggernaut 2 can alter dramatically, beginning as a conventional 71-inch table and expanding to a 189-inch juggernaut. Quite possibly the largest transforming table on the market.

The Juggernaut 2 can accommodate up to 24 people in conference style. It comes with 6 matching extensions, each 19.68′′ long, allowing you to customize the table size. For simplicity, you can store the extensions inside the table. You can also select the table top and base finishes according to your preference.

Shipping: North America & International ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Revolving Murphy Bed Bookcase with Transforming Table

Revolving Murphy Bed Bookcase with Transforming Table

The Wall bed Revolving Bookcase Table is quite distinctive and luxurious. The table folds up, and the Murphy bed turns 180 degrees while balancing books and other items on the shelf. When not in use, the enormous dining/office table disappears, and the shelving provides enough vertical storage to keep your home tidy. 

This stunning Italian rotating bed is a prime example of excellent design, craftsmanship, and engineering. It combines a multifunctional bedroom, dining/office unit, and vertical storage into one wonderfully simple, tidy, minimalistic product.

Trojan Console Table with 4 Hidden Nano Chairs

Trojan Console Table

The Trojan extending console table exudes finesse. It is a fantastic example of furniture designed with efficiency in mind. The product’s exotic design can be complex, but it will undoubtedly draw attention when you pull out four chic Nano seats from the Trojan’s core. 

When the side panels are folded away, the piece appears as an understated, tasteful console that is small enough to tuck into an alcove, den, or entryway. When necessary, however, you can easily expand this table to seat up to six people comfortably.

Shipping: North America & International ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Mini Flip – Compact Desk to Table

Mini Flip – Compact Desk to TableThe Mini Flip is a small office desk that expands to double its size into a dining table or a bigger work area. This smart-looking furniture, which was made for very small spaces, is all you need in a small, minimalist room in addition to being elegant. 

The little flip-up console table top conveniently folds against a wall or sofa for convenient use. It can also serve as a desk or a dining table. With simple swivel legs and a flippable table top, the table can quickly double in size with only a few movements. 

Switching from work to dinner mode is so simple and elegant with the Mini Flip table. The Mini Flip comes in attractive finishes like walnut or white gloss and has stunning flat silver-colored legs that indicate superb styling.

Shipping: North America & International ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Junior Giant – Counter Height Transforming Table

Junior Giant - Counter Height

The Counter Height Junior Giant Table excels at serving many purposes. A rotating support leg, an additional extension, and snap magnets inside the extensions are included. 

You can extend the table to various lengths to accommodate a range of functions, from a narrow console to a large counter table that can accommodate more than 12 people. Height is intended to fit comfortably over 35.4-inch kitchen counters.

Shipping: North America & International ~ 2-3 weeks. Fully insured for safe delivery.

Why Choose Expand Furniture?

Expand Furniture prides itself on delivering high-quality space-saving furniture. Featuring unique designs that are second to none in this industry, the brand offers high-end products at excellent prices. Expand Furniture shines among its competitors because they deliver:

Premium Designs to Accommodate Your Style

When picking your furniture, two significant points to consider are your style and how you want it to look. People tend to design their spaces according to their personalities. 

However, Expand Furniture provides a wide range of unique products that can transform your living space into something you look forward to every day. So you can shop with confidence, as quality is never in doubt.

Fully Functional Furniture Pieces

While producing multifunctional furniture that fits into every living space remains the primary goal, the brand delivers fully functional furniture pieces with good use cases to cater to the customer’s needs. This way, they solve an actual problem, save space, and deliver affordable products for your home.

Amazing Color Options

On top of the brand’s amazing furniture designs, it does not limit you to one or two colors. You get to select the colors that resonate with your personality.

From the glossy white, concrete texture, and black wood to driftwood panel, grey wood panel, and walnut, the brand offers amazing color combinations on their products.

Warranty & Returns

Expand Furniture offers 3 year warranty on mechanics and parts for most products and over 5 years on Murphy Bed systems. Considerably more than what other brands offer. Additionally, you have up to 7 days to return most products and get a full refund if the product is still in great condition (you pay for shipping). 

Custom Furniture Pieces

Expand Furniture understands that some customers want original designs directly from their imagination to reality. With Expand Furniture, you can bring your original ideas to life.

Considering the unique designs, amazing color options, and after-sale customer support, you will realize that the price is an absolute steal, as you can’t find it anywhere else.

About Expand Furniture

The team at Expand Furniture provides customers with exquisite furniture that will not only raise the comfort of your living space give your home flair and beauty in a class of its own. The brand provides premium, functional and durable furniture for customers with large and small spaces.

Expand Furniture provides space-saving alternatives that make a home look better and more organized. 


Expand Furniture’s wide variety of products allows you to pick a table that fits your lifestyle and budget. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find something for you at Expand Furniture. 

Explore their selection today – whether you’re looking for a transformer table, sofa, or chairs, you’re guaranteed to find stunning pieces at great prices.

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