Fire Dept. Coffee - Veteran-Owned Coffee Company that Gives Back

Fire Dept. Coffee: Veteran-Owned Coffee Company that Gives Back to First Responders

/ 08:52 AM November 11, 2022

Anyone who’s a first responder or served in the military knows how important coffee can be when starting your day. Having that energy boost before or during your shift can improve your focus. Fire Dept. Coffee is a coffee brand owned and operated by first responders and coffee connoisseurs who understand the importance of great-tasting coffee and know how vital it can be to get you through long shifts.

Fire Department Coffee is a veteran-owned business dedicated to giving back to fellow first responders and military personnel. They understand the mental, physical, and other serious health challenges faced by those in this hectic field of work, and have created a unique brand of coffee to help support them.

Who is Fire Department Coffee? 

Who is Fire Department Coffee?

Given that people drink roughly 517 million cups of coffee every day in the United States (National Coffee Association), it’s safe to say that caffeine is a central part of our lives. Fire Dept. Coffee has turned this need into a way to give back to those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.

Not only does the brand provide great-tasting coffee, but they also support first responders and veterans who provide the ultimate service to our communities.

How Did Fire Dept. Coffee Start?

How Did Fire Dept. Coffee Start?

Fire Dept. Coffee was established in 2016 and was inspired by the crucial role that coffee plays in ensuring that firefighters remain alert and energized throughout long shifts. 

Founder and CEO Luke Schneider, a U.S. Navy veteran and former firefighter, started Fire Department Coffee with a passion for the craft of roasting coffee beans. The company has since evolved into a coffee powerhouse – pumping out over 6 million pounds of coffee each year.

How Does Fire Dept. Coffee Help First Responders?

Firefighters and first responders save lives without hesitation or delay when people are in distress or danger. These heroes sometimes need our support as well, as some suffer physical, mental, and other serious health challenges. Fire Dept. Coffee is a veteran-owned business dedicated to this cause.

With every purchase, the Fire Dept. Coffee Charitable Foundation gives back to sick and ill first responders.

What Products Does Fire Department Coffee Sell? 

The brand’s dedicated team is comprised of active and retired firefighters and coffee connoisseurs committed to providing great-tasting coffee.

Together, they create a variety of amazing coffee to suit different types of coffee lovers. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find something you like in the multitude of roasts they offer.

Original Medium Roast Coffee 

It all started with Fire Dept. Coffee’s Original Medium Roast Coffee. The brand’s Medium Roast Coffee has a well-rounded flavor profile and a medium acidity that’s enjoyable any time. Every cup has a well-balanced, pleasant aroma.

Spirit-Infused Coffee 

Thanks to Fire Department Coffee’s proprietary spirit-infusion process created in 2016, you can now indulge in the best cup of Spirit Infused Coffee.

The dedicated team of coffee experts at Fire Dept. Coffee have created a full line of Spirit Infused Coffee. There is a roast for every spirit aficionado, including bourbon, whiskey, rum, and tequila.

The coffee beans for Fire Dept. Coffee’s Spirit Infused Coffee roasts are handcrafted with real spirits. The alcohol burns off while the beans roast, leaving behind a delicious taste.

Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee

This unique Spirit Infused Coffee is far from vanilla. Every cup from the distinctive and delectable Vanilla Bean Bourbon Infused Coffee has been roasted to perfection, harnessing the flavor of real, premium, aged bourbon. Its smooth, delicate flavor and delightful scent leave you craving more. This unique Spirit Infused Coffee is non-alcoholic.

Dark Roast Coffee

Their Dark Roast Coffee is delicious, robust, and smooth. You’ll experience a deep, rich flavor from the finest coffee beans, enticing you to drink one cup after another.

For lovers of a robust, strong cup of coffee with a smooth finish, this coffee is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Skull-Crushing Espresso 

The firefighters at Fire Dept. Coffee know how important it is to stay awake during long shifts, and they created the Skull-Crushing Espresso to keep you alert! This espresso coffee, made from a blend of premium coffee beans, gives every cup a powerful, mind-blowing flavor and is best for working long shifts.

Light Roast Coffee

Fire Dept. Coffee’s light roast coffee is one of the best. Its high-quality coffee beans from Columbia are roasted to create a unique, mild flavor with rich caffeine content. 

Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee 

This Black Cherry Bourbon Infused Coffee was created with premium bourbon and the natural flavors of tart, luscious black cherries. Take a sip to the dark side and pour yourself a cup, then another.

Decaf Coffee 

For coffee connoisseurs who enjoy coffee even when they don’t need caffeine, this is a great option. Decaf Coffee is a medium-dark roast with premium coffee beans for a robust, well-balanced flavor. When roasting these beans, Fire Dept. also uses a clean-water decaffeinated process for the best pure decaffeinated taste.

Coffee Pods 

Fire Department Coffee also creates many of their best-selling coffee roasts in pod form. Original Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and Spirit Infused coffee pods are all available.

Nitro-Charged, Ready to Drink Coffee

In addition to bagged and pod coffee, Fire Dept. Coffee also carries a collection of nitro-charged, ready to drink coffees, available in four different varieties. Their convenient ready to drink coffees are sure to get you moving throughout the day.

Fire Department Coffee of the Month Club

Fire Department Coffee also offers a coffee club that will take you on a world tour of coffee by providing roasts from various coffee-growing countries and origins each month.

Joining the Coffee of the Month Club is a great way to indulge in a delicious cup of joe while supporting a group of people dedicated to giving back to first responders!

Spirit Infused Coffee of the Month Club

Originating in 2016, Fire Department Coffee’s proprietary Spirit Infused Coffee Roasts take your taste buds to the next level. Although non-alcoholic, the various Spirit Infused Coffee roasts have hints of real spirits. Each month, you can experience different coffee roasts – from Old Fashioned Infused Coffee to Apple Pie Whiskey Infused Coffee.

Why Try this Veteran-Owned Coffee Company?


Fire Dept. Coffee is the best coffee to consume for both a good cause and a delicious pick-me-up. The brand provides a variety of coffee roasts, so you’re guaranteed to find one you like. Not only that, but you’re also able to support the essential service members in communities across the country.

Supporting Fire Dept. Coffee is an incredible way to give back to those who have given up so much to keep those around them safe. Try out Fire Department Coffee today!

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