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Ballet: The Best Hardware Wallet for Storing Crypto

/ 09:44 AM October 28, 2022

Hardware wallets are becoming increasingly popular among crypto users to securely store their coins. However, most crypto wallets available today are too complicated for regular users, making them difficult to use. This is where the Ballet hardware wallet comes to the rescue. 

There are several different hardware wallets on the market, but one brand that has been gaining much traction lately is Ballet, thanks to their REAL Series cryptocurrency wallets. Ballet REAL Series wallets are all-in-one hardware wallets that support multiple cryptocurrencies and offer a host of features that make them user-friendly and hassle-free.


This review will discuss using a Ballet REAL Series cryptocurrency wallet and why it’s a great choice for Bitcoin and crypto asset investors.

What is Ballet? 

What is Ballet?

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Ballet is a company that makes cryptocurrency storage products. Ballet’s flagship product, the REAL Series cryptocurrency wallet, is a hardware storage device for holding your cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and NFTs. It is a non-electronic device that works with an online mobile app called Ballet Crypto.

They provide a simple and easy way for crypto users and traders to store, receive, send, buy and sell cryptocurrency. All your funds are saved offline in cold storage with no risk of electronic hacking.

Ballet: A Company Born From Decades of Crypto Knowledge

The company was founded in 2019 by Bobby Lee, a renowned expert, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He’s the author of The Promise of Bitcoin, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and the brother of Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.

Before founding Ballet, Lee was the co-founder and CEO of the first Bitcoin exchange in China, BTC China (later renamed BTCC). He managed the company from 2013 to 2018, helping it maintain a spotless security track record, which many crypto exchanges have failed to do. In 2018, BTCC was acquired by a Hong Kong investment firm, and Lee left the company. 

After his successful run as CEO of BTCC, Lee decided to build a crypto hardware asset storage solution for cryptocurrency users, traders, and digital money enthusiasts. He wanted a wallet the mainstream market could rely on for storing digital assets. This desire led him to create the groundbreaking REAL Series crypto wallet – a non-electronic hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency of all kinds. 


What is the REAL Series Wallet?

What is the REAL Series Wallet

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The Ballet REAL Series wallet is a physical hardware crypto wallet that provides you complete control and maximum security of your digital assets. It has a two-factor cryptographic private key, which is meticulously concealed on the body of the physical wallet. This key helps the wallet work as a bearer asset like cash or gold. Or, simply put, you can use the wallet like you’d use your fiat assets, digital money, or cards. 

Another great feature of the Ballet Real Series wallet is the QR code on its front side. This code is the wallet’s crypto deposit address. Without configuring or setting up any accounts, you can deposit funds into your Ballet REAL Series by scanning the QR code. 

Ballet built this physical cold wallet using open-source technology to fit the highest industry standards. Users can store over 100 crypto assets and more than 50 NFT collections. The Real Series wallet has been awarded six U.S patents and is designed for top-tier convenience and security. 


The REAL Series wallets are used and trusted by users from over 90 countries and hold over $400 million worth of crypto assets. Since its launch in 2019, the Ballet wallets have had zero security hacks or loss of customer funds. The Ballet team is continually working to maintain the wallet’s reputation as one of the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency hardware wallets people can buy.

How to Use the REAL Series Wallet

How to Use the REAL Series Wallet

The Ballet REAL Series comes in a simple box that contains a credit-card-sized physical wallet and a protective acrylic casing for storage. The box has all the user directions and diagrams, including a QR code that leads you to a guide when scanned. 

After unboxing your wallet, download the Ballet Crypto app on your mobile device. After downloading, set up the app by scanning the QR code of the deposit address on the REAL Series wallet. A virtual wallet representing the physical wallet will be added to the app allowing you to conduct transactions and monitor your assets.

The app lets you deposit crypto into the digital wallet, spend coins, and buy crypto. You can easily manage your wallet assets on the go. There are no requirements for monthly fees, registrations, or account signups to use the app.

Ballet Crypto app provides all the fundamental functions and features of a typical crypto wallet while securing your private keys offline. You can buy crypto, swap coins, check market rates, etc.

Before depositing crypto into your new REAL Series wallet, ensure the QR code sticker and wallet passphrase scratch-off are intact and untampered. If they appear to be fully or partially exposed or tampered with, do not use the wallet and contact Ballet customer care immediately.

Features of REAL Series Wallet

Features of REAL Series Wallet

The Ballet Crypto app works with your Ballet wallet to provide a safe, easy cryptocurrency storage experience. While using the app, your assets and private keys remain offline on the cold wallet. Unlike a hot wallet, the app doesn’t save your wallet credentials and cannot access your private key.

Your assets are on keep safe offline, and no malicious party or hacker can gain access through the mobile app. Other features of the Ballet app include:

Multi-Asset Support

You can store over 100 crypto assets on your Ballet REAL Series wallet, including popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tether.

Deposit Crypto

You can deposit and receive cryptocurrencies by scanning the QR code sticker on the wallet. Or, you can manually input the deposit address below the QR code shown in the text.

Send Crypto

You can send crypto via the Ballet App in 4 steps – select the cryptocurrency you want to send, input the receiver address, enter the amount, and input the wallet passphrase concealed under the scratch-off material strip on the front of the wallet. Peel off the top QR code sticker with your public address and scan the encrypted private key (shown on a yellow background). Then, confirm the transaction details.

Crypto Swap

Using the Ballet app, you can swap from one cryptocurrency to another. Select the cryptocurrency you’re changing from, like BTC, enter the needed amount, and select the crypto you’re switching to, like USDT. Input the wallet passphrase shown on its body. 

Peel off the top QR code sticker with your public address and scan the encrypted private key (shown on a yellow background). Confirm the transaction details, and you’re good to go.

Buy Crypto

Buy Crypto

You can use your credit or debit card to buy crypto for your Ballet wallet. To purchase crypto, open the Ballet app and select the wallet you want to send your crypto to. Select the coin or token and the amount you want to buy. Enter the last three digits of your wallet’s serial number. Select a payment method, enter your card details, review your order, and confirm.

Import Crypto

You can use the Ballet app to import crypto from other Ballet wallets, a private key, or a wallet recovery seed.

Send Crypto to Multiple Addresses

Using the Ballet app, you can send crypto from a Ballet wallet to multiple wallet addresses at once. 

What Makes the Real Series Wallet Different From Other Crypto Storage Options?

What Makes the Real Series Wallet Different From Other Crypto Storage Options?

Here are some reasons why Real Series wallets are a better alternative to other storage options like software wallets and online crypto exchanges:

  1. Ballet lets users of its wallet have total control of their cryptocurrency private keys by keeping it offline, unlike crypto exchanges or a hot wallet where an online hacker can steal a user’s keys. 
  1. REAL Series wallets are fully decentralized, so only the wallet owner can access their keys. You also don’t have to worry about an arbitrary government order that can freeze your wallet or confiscate your assets since they are stored offline.
  1. REAL Series wallets are non-electric, and you cannot connect them to the internet. You can only access them through the Ballet app, which doesn’t store your private keys. As such, there is no risk of hacking. 
  1. Since the wallet is hardware, it doesn’t need updates or maintenance like software or a hot wallet. There’s also no risk of software bugs that can delete or corrupt your private data.
  1. REAL Series wallets are non-electronic and need no setup. Unlike an electronic USB wallet, you need to connect to a computer for cryptocurrency transactions. You don’t need to worry about finding a secure computer for managing your wallet. Also, there are no worries about the USB wallet design going obsolete. 
  1. Furthermore, electronic hardware wallets often need firmware updates. When done incorrectly, a firmware update could damage your electronic hardware wallet. 
  1. Finally, the hardware wallets are made with excellent stainless steel for durability.

Other Options for Storing Your Crypto

In addition to hardware wallets, you can use a software wallet or a paper wallet.

Software Wallets

A software wallet is an application you can download on a mobile or desktop device. It can also be a web-based wallet that you can access online. Sometimes referred to as “hot wallets,” they hold private keys online and are available in the following three types:

Mobile Wallets

You download these wallets onto your mobile (Android and iOS) device. It allows you to send/receive crypto, store digital currencies, and “sweep” a wallet’s private keys into the app by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code. 

Desktop Wallets

Desktop Wallets

You can use these wallets on your laptop or desktop computer. You can find these private keys in cold servers on your desktop. This means you can disconnect the wallet from the internet. You can run a few transactions offline and bring the wallet back online. 

Web-Based Wallets 

These wallets are also popular as online wallets. You can access them from your mobile browser, desktop, tablet, or compatible device. A third-party entity store and manage the private keys online in this wallet. Most mobile wallets are also available as online/web-based wallets. 

Paper Wallets

This kind of wallet uses software to generate and print out your keys. It can also move your assets to a desktop wallet and send funds to given addresses. This offline crypto mechanism does not store physical bitcoin but is a method of access for crypto owners. They commonly used paper wallets in the early bitcoin years but have waned in popularity.


There’s no better choice when considering a safe and user-friendly crypto storage option than the Ballet REAL Series hardware wallet. Using this Ballet crypto product, you don’t need passwords, KYC, registrations, or account setup. This affordable cold wallet provides convenience, security, and a versatile app for your crypto needs. 

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