BeReal: Social Media But Authentic?

BeReal: Social Media But Authentic?

/ 10:43 AM October 25, 2022

Social media connects billions of people worldwide. However, it has led many to edit their content and themselves to please their online community.

That is why more Gen Z people have been joining BeReal lately. Its unique mechanics require users to reveal their authentic selves. Perhaps it is the platform you need if you are tired of social media’s facade.


This article will explain how BeReal works. Also, we will discuss why people stick with the platform. 

What is BeReal?

What is BeReal?

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French developer Alexis Barreyat founded BeReal in January 2020. It is a photo-sharing app available on iOS and Android.


What makes it different from Snapchat, Facebook, or other mainstream options? BeReal sends a push notification at a random time for each country, “Time to BeReal.”

It prompts users to take two photos within two minutes. One should be from your rear camera, while the other will come from your front camera. 

The front camera should show your face, while the back camera should reveal your surroundings. You can reshoot photos as often as you want during the two minutes. 

Hit the Post button once you finish. Afterward, you will see what your friends shared. You will not be able to see their content if you do not post images in time. 

Also, you may only take down a BeReal photo a day after posting it. Does this seem like an overly simplistic design for an app? 

Check the download pages for iOS and Android. You will see that they only share these rules in the description. It is that simple! Yet, it is all that some Gen Z folks need.

Why does Gen Z love BeReal?

Why does Gen Z love BeReal?

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According to Social Media Today, BeReal downloads have increased by 315% since the beginning of 2022. 


Consequently, it was the fourth most downloaded social media app at the time of writing. It follows the lead of Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

BeReal’s App Store page encourages users to “show your friends who you really are, for once.” That is why it gives a random two-minute period for photo sharing. 

That leaves no time to open an image-editing app to retouch your look. Also, you cannot stage your surroundings for the perfect selfie within a couple of minutes.

As a result, BeReal becomes a platform for having genuine connections with friends. Real relationships happen when you share your authentic self. 

That turns off many people but leaves the few who truly connect with you. Many young people have lost this aspect of human connection due to too much social media.

These platforms encourage people to receive likes and positive feedback. In response, people try their best to appeal to more people.

For example, they take photos of their best moments to share on social media. Most people boast about their achievements or possessions whenever possible.

Eventually, people began editing themselves with photo filters. That is why some people get confused when they finally meet their online friends for the first time. 

They turn out to be less attractive than their profile pictures. Growing up with such conditions has prompted many people below 30 to find better alternatives like BeReal.

It lets them be themselves online without judgment. After all, fellow users would also be awkward following its “no filter” rule.


Gen Z people have been flocking to BeReal as their social media alternative. Unlike mainstream apps, it lets them be authentic among their online peers.

Of course, the best option would be to go out and meet people. Real-life lets you find people who would let you “be you” and “be real.”

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